Area Help: Candidacy

At Eastern we've begun to have a new approach towards candidacy. During one candidacy, there was a problem with the hatching sands after an earthquake, and so the clutching queen was forced to journey to Telgar to lay her eggs. As a result, it made little sense to confine candidates to Eastern for the sole purpose of doing chores, when they needed to go to and from Telgar for the eggs. Thus came a new form of chores and work - rider shadowing. As a candidate, you will be expected to accompany riders as they fulfill their duties transporting cargo, delivering messages, ferrying people, and carrying out diplomatic relations. These experiences are designed to help candidates understand what being a rider at Eastern will entail as far as work and time are concerned. However, chores may be dished out as punishment if candidates prove to be disrespectful of authority or behave inappropriately.

The usual rules for candidacy are not going to be loosened, however. While you may travel outside of the weyr (presumably with an NPC rider on a mission/job of some kind), you are expected to behave as a representative of Eastern. Additionally, the following rules apply: candidates may not engage in public intoxication or criminal behavior. While sexual relations are discouraged, it is not prohibited. Likewise, pregnancy and the impregnantion of another individual is highly frowned upon. Candidates are not required to wear any particular uniform, but must wear a single white loop as a knot to indicate their status.

If you have any questions or concerns about your candidacy at Eastern do not hestitate to ask any member of SearchCo. We don't bite and would like you to enjoy your experience to the fullest!

this is subject to change as we re-open.

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