Area Help: Building

Building onto the weyr at this point is something we wish to take with careful consideration. Not saying that you can't add on to public areas, in fact in many cases this would be helpful. If you wish to do this, please let us know and get ready a proposed map of rooms, the description for the rooms, and why you think they are needed and @mail it to staff. Some things to note about this weyr's setup and plans: Less is more. While you could dig a room for every pool, every nook, every cranny, this doesn't always add to the RP ablitity of a room. Think about what sort of RPs would be taking place in these rooms. Would people be talking to each other from one portion of the room to another? Can someone just as easily pose diving into a pool rather than having an actual pool object with added spam? Remember, you can always pose in what is supposed to be there, but posing around clunky code and excessive rooms is a pain.

We have code that will change the location of a person in the room and the description they see without having to make extra rooms or having to make a person walk through alot of exits to get there, let us know if this is what you would prefer to use.

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