The Edges of Fury Green Airaloke

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Hatchling Name and Description

The Edges of Fury Green Hatchling
Crimson edges wrap around emerald fire, created the illusion of raw and tattered lines to this slender firelizard. She looks completely feral, dipped in blood that slides along her eyeridges and dribbles down the hollows of her cheeks. She is sharp lines and fierce angles, her head long and pointed, her muzzle coated in sanguine. Her throat is a smooth column of velvety lime green that passes along her underbelly. A splash of red decorates the strong muscles where wings meet body, and the trailing edge of each wing spar is tinged in blood. Each talon is black, fitted neatly into her dark green toes. Red decorates the back of each angular knee and ankle joint, and the tip of her tail looks like she dipped it into blood as well. The rest of her is a deep, unwavering green like the underside of a leaf, smooth and without cessation.

Personality (RP tips)

Airaloke can be calm and content, but push her the wrong way and she'll reveal her sharp edges in a hurry.


The plant Grom's Blood, from Warcraft lore.


Name Airaloke
Dam Gold Sheba
Sire Bronze Piyez
Created By Xelleen
Impressee A'ran
Hatchsecs 1218148850
Ierne Weyrhold
PernWorld MUSH

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