Not so Lucky Winner!

Not so Lucky Winner!

27 Aug 2020 04:00


Posted By: Reya

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs! Just as Monaco's sands empty it seems that another clutch will soon take its place. Though Fuerioth's hide had been glowing of late, she took to the skies much sooner than anticipated. Not that Reya minded, though does she ever? Surprisingly, it was a bronze who just /recently/ stepped off the sands that caught Monaco's Senior and in the process Elsvruth has landed poor I'aija the position of Weyrleader. Who needs a break from the hatching cavern heat anyways?

OOC: A big thank you to R'en for serving as our Weyrleader at Monaco, it has truly been enjoyable! And of course a big welcome to I'aija as well! Though R'en will be stepping away as staff as well, please feel free to @mail Reya, I'aija, Wendyn, and Jazhira with any questions or concerns you may have at Monaco. :)

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