Hatch The Rainbow!

Hatch The Rainbow!

06 Oct 2020 04:00


Posted By: I'aija

It's a fine, fine morning at Monaco Bay Weyr that finds a pair of clutch parents rousing the entire Weyr with a full-throated song of welcome.

The seven eggs in their lurid, glossy, and candy-coated glory finally burst in a magnificent shower of shards and egg goo. The resulting dragonets proved to be as energetic as any toddler on a sugar high and were quick to find their matches among the assembled candidates. While the lot of them suffered an epic sugar crash nap, the rest of the Weyr was able to indulge in another beachy barbecue. All in all, a successful hatching by all accounts - and woe to the Weyrlingmaster and his staff for the high-energy beasties they'll have to wrangle.

The Sweeties:

Salted Toffee Bronze Toffeyth and S'dox (Sendox)
Creamy Caramel Brown Ramelloth and Nerla (Nerelea)
Cookies-n-Creme Brown Hershth and Q'ro (Qaro)
Blue Raspberry Blue Poproth and Haya
Grape-a-licious Blue Dummudth and Pia
Sour Apple Green Airhaeth and Kheno
Lemon-Lime Green Jolyranth and Bi'ri (Biltiri)

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