Taste the...Eggs?

Taste the…Eggs?

27 Sep 2020 04:00


Posted By: Reya

True to Fuerioth's usual fashion, when she finally took to the sands to clutch and it was in the middle of the night. Any poor soul, /including/ Reya who dared intrude on her was quickly blasted away with a fierce roar and a mental wave of icy chill. A lady's got to have her privacy guys? But, come the next morning, all will be welcome to see 7 eggs on the sands. Rather than the usual oblong shape they appear more round than usual, and each bright shell is dyed in every color of the rainbow. Each one has a wonderfully glossy sheen and honestly, they look more like /candy/ than eggs. It…is a bit difficult to tell from afar but it seems that there might be a letter branded on each one. An 'S' perhaps? It seems that people will have to wait until the shells are hard enough to touch to verify that from close up!

In the meantime, Elsvruth will be doing his due diligence as clutchsire - which does include sizing up likely candidates, as well as side-eyeing those upsettingly unorthodox obscenely bright eggs with something akin to suspicion. Expect more beachside barbecues in the near future - and may the eggs harden quickly!

OOC: Taste the rainbow! Actually don't, they'll probably be really mad if you try! ;)

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