Maze Fort

Maze Fort

07 Apr 2020 04:00


Posted By: Reya

A Maze Fort has been built in none other than The Lunar Shoals Pier. The structure consists of tables, chairs, and pillow walls. Challengers may enter and those lucky enough to make to the end will find themselves…at the bar! One free drink will be awarded for their troubles. (Normal drinks can still be ordered via the waitstaff, but that's less fun!) Anyone that tries to cheat will be given a penalty herb drink. This expertly built structure, thanks to Xh'vyr's well thought out plans has 4 dead ends!

1- A room filled with fish related items. Of ALL KINDS!

2 - Various items found lost at sea

3- A haunting pirate themed room

4 - Tentacles. Nuff said!

Dare you enter? Dare you challenge? It'll be up for approximately a sevenday!

OOC: Just some random fun!

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