The Quarantini Clutch Hatches

The Quarantini Clutch Hatches

06 Apr 2020 04:00


Posted By: Wendyn

With Kiyaszaeth and Elsvruth being the longest residents of the sands, obviously their clutch of 7 golden-hued eggs were the first to hatch. As the eggs started rocking, almost fourty candidates were shuffled onto the Sands and crowded into the corner that the youngest gold had claimed for her own - and somehow there were only minor injuries as the dragonets hatched and found their lifemates, despite the lack of space. In the end, 1 bronze, 2 brown, 1 blue, and 3 green hatchlings found their partners and and the rest of the candidates were returned to the barracks to await the next clutch to hatch. The new pairs are settling in the barracks as well, and all seem to have a certain warm-tint to their hides that cannot be attributed simply to oil - perhaps they are a bit of pirate treasure after all.

For anyone interested, the clutch results were as follows:

Long Island Ice Tea Bronze Chaith and H'tan (Hatten)
Where's the Rum?! Brown Parowsth and J'ak (Jatak)
Black and Tan Brown Stouth and P'ter (Porter)
Hawaiian Sunset Blue Ombreszaeth and Neiima
Absinthe Dreams Fairy Green Carth and S'rac (Sazerac)
Minty Cool Grasshopper Green Credementh and Coco (Coricoa)
De Lime and De Coconut Green Zacoatlth and Q'zal (Qertzal)

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