Meeting Adjourned

Meeting Adjourned

22 Mar 2020 04:00


Posted By: Suriya

Early into Monaco's hours, when good sleeping before good breakfast is supposed to be had, Seyunestudath decided she needed to conduct a little Human Resources meeting over the skies of Monaco Bay. Thankfully, she had enough sense to conduct said HR meeting in the feeding grounds because who wants to get up and dirty without some snacks?! Though the flight was smooth with no casualties, put to an swift end thanks to the prowess of Qhatiratrixth, it's hard to say if the new addition to the hatching grounds will share the same outcome.

« Don't worry, Suriya. Once I dump this load onto those hatching sands, it'll make Chauth's eggs look like a pile of turds. »

OOC: It's honestly been a long time, and I was a little (alot) rusty throughout it all, but let me tell you all one thing. I was so happy for you all to come out, it meant alot to me, especially while RL has me eyes deep in many stressors. It was difficult to pick a winner, and while Seyu wouldn't have an issue bathing in males, there could only be one. Special thanks to Z'tan, I'aija, K'vir, and our winner A'she~ This is result in another NPC clutch. :)

Also: RIP Z'tan, because it's still gonna be his fault. ;)

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