Stop, Hey what's that Sound?

Stop, Hey what's that Sound?

17 Mar 2020 04:00


Posted By: Tanit

In the time following Monaco's absorption of Half Moon Bay's Riders and queens, Tanit had done her best to be a decent house guest. In as much as one can be a decent house guest with a rather unintentionally destructive queen cavorting about in typical feline fashion. The damages had been reasonably kept to a minimum, a roof there, a cottage here - with repairs swiftly completed within days of the damage. The pair even avoided taking permanent quarters for over a turn after their arrival. But there was nothing quiet or unassuming in the way Chauth took to the skies over Monaco without warning or blooding in the early afternoon hours. The disastrous flight resulted in several injuries to local bronzes and browns, ranging from wing strains to lacerations where a few met with the gold's claws. In addition, several buildings were stripped of their rooftops and at least three huts were completely demolished when the queen floundered. Tragedy was narrowly avoided thanks to Ysigieuth's quick catch, but the dragon healers suspect it will be a small clutch if there are any eggs at all. With two of Monaco's queens already on the sands, and Chauth's territorial reputation, how much sharing can be reasonably tolerated remains to be seen.

One question remains however, Just what exactly are they putting in the water at Monaco Bay Weyr?

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