Another One Takes the Sands

Another One Takes the Sands

17 Mar 2020 04:00


Posted By: Jazhira

Usually, Szetamirath's flights are a production that draws the whole Weyr to watch - but apparently this time, she opted for a quiet, off-Broadway production with a limited cast. Only those actually participating - a handful of bronzes and browns and the Star herself - were aware when she took to the skies. After a short, furious flight, ending with the leading lady twining necks with one of her favorite leading men, Ysgieuth, the pair went about their business.

This particular production proved to be a slow burn - you know the type, hits the theaters without fanfare, gets a few good reviews, then BAM! Eggs on the Sands! Eyes in the Galleries! Joining her daughter Kiyaszaeth on the Sands, Szetamirath laid a clutch of eight bright orange and purple eggs, politely setting stage on the opposite end of the Grounds of the other queen.

Things are quiet again, with the two queens sharing the Sands without too much bickering. Jazhira is about as happy as usual about being Sands-bound - which is to say not at all, but she's managed to set up shop with some of her more portable tools and has been turning out a few trinkets for her shop in the Resort.

OOC: Another Monaco queen on the Sands, another NPC clutch. Feel free to chatter about the garish nature of this latest clutch!

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