Monaco Bay's Spring 2015 Clutch

Dam: Tzavayth
Sire: Draukaith

Something Dead Egg ()
There's just something about this ovoid that sets it apart from it's siblings. A mottled mess of wet, glossy, sickly grays, pearly whites, and deep clots of maroon cover the shell in no apparent patterning - except for those areas where grays stop abruptly, ragged edges present as if a large bite was taken from the surface, clotty reds spewing forth to fill the gap. Rising up from the sands, the base gathers pale creams while jagged, broken lines careen towards the rest of the shell.
1 Just a Little Nibble drags itself into your mind with the distinct odor of blood and noise that has no rhyme or reason its just noise that can't be sorted out. Its hunger rolls through you as it searches and seeks. While calm at first it slowly begins to tear through your memories, ripping them apart as it soaks it all in. You can feel it's underlying need, a soothing hand to bring it back under control but can you do it? Are you worthy to find a cure for what drives this one to the brink and perhaps beyond? Are you strong enough?
2 Just a Little Nibble comes in like a proverbial wreaking ball, wreaking havoc once more. Its strength has grown and it is a force to be reckoned with. You can hear the gnashing of teeth as it pushes and pulls things apart. It seeks and seeks, eating at the choices bits of your thoughts as it pulls you along with it. There is no escape as you find yourself whisked away from the sands and plopped down in the middle of a whirlwind. It spins and spins around you, peace and war, hunger and fulfillment. It uses your memories to try to show you just what it wants and needs. Do you see it? Can you help?
3 Just a Little Nibble is slowly tiring but that doesn't mean it has given up. IT.MUST.FIND.THAT.CURE. So lost it clings to you like a second skin, wanting and needing, still searching deep within you to feast until it can hold no more. Bite by bite it eases off you, releasing you from the whirling storm that it is. The noise, oh that Chaotic noise eases off until it's nothing more then gentle static that soothes you at the back of your mind. Like a child it curls against you, now full but not content. In those last moments you can feel how lost it truely is, how it needs a guiding hand. A soft nuzzle against your mind and it slips away to rest, so tired, so very very tired it is.
A Lesson in Breakfast Egg ()
There's always that egg that seems lumpy and bumpy, that perhaps sits a little off kilter and to top it all off it's coloration makes it more then just a little bland. Here sits a squat little ovid, all covered in a flakey combination of tans that swims upon a sea of rippled white that washes the lower quadrant of the shell. A brilliant streak of silver marks one side of the shell, diving downward along the curve to disappear into the glossy sea. To literally top it all off is a big splatter of creamy marigold that oozes over the flattened apex.
1 An Elegant Mess arrives with the clatter of dishes, the demand to be feed, the gentle sound of conversation that's more like a hum in the back of your mind. Royal reds and golds surround you, the hunger for things yet to come invades you to the very core. No longer are you over heated on the sands, you are surrounded by things that tug at your heartstrings…your own memories and thoughts flash around you, though only the good things come forth like a library that you can't wait to explore. Just as this young mind shows you this it pushes you away, dropping you back on the sands with a crash very much like pots and pans falling to the floor.
2 An Elegant Mess pulls you forward, the scents of breakfasts past surround you and you feel as if part of it is sticking to your face as you try to gorge yourself as quickly as possible. You feel the shock of the young mind you are with, it gently offers you something to wipe it all away before tugging you away from all that. From the warmth of the sands, to the cool of a winters day. Around you are the sounds of laughter…was that something hitting you, flakes of ice splattering your face and hands. SO full of life and playfulness as it pulls you around, showing you all sorts of things but it's all from your memories. Will you help it build it's own library? Teach it? Love it for what it is? Take it for all that it still hides within? Leaving you with all that to ponder it pulls away to leave you once again upon the sands.
3 An Elegant Mess crashes around you like a tornado. There are somethings you must not touch! A darkness surrounds you, anger, frustration, the feeling of being alone its all there and nearly enough to drown a person. It storms around you, colors flying in a vast blurr as tantrum goes on. No longer is it a mind that seeks out knowledge, it's dark and beastly, growling and throwing things left and right…DUCK!!! Off in the darkness a faint light is glimpse, something it tries so hard to protect, a warmth, a brightness, a secret? The slamming of a heavy door rattles your senses as it pushes you away. It's tired, it needs to rest, it's not always like this…please come back but on another moment in time.
Use Your Imagination Egg ()
This egg is, frankly, egg shaped — rounded at one end, pointed at the other, nothing special, just an egg. Consider instead its colouration. Across the shell cauliflower dances with coconut, and trails of marshmallow flirt with meringue. A cresting of whipped cream flows into just a hint of salt, while sugary sparkles seem incongruous when placed next to peeled potato, brie, and garlic. Let's be honest here… it's white, but it /could/ be those other things. Maybe. If you squint.
1 Scent of a Thousand Summers brushes against your mind, a gentle tease before rushing off to see how far you'll follow. It returns more insistent. Come away. Come and play. A burst of child-like laughter echoes in your mind as the conscience in the egg rushes off a little too far to properly keep track of leaving a lingering sense of longing. Of need.
2 Scent of a Thousand Summers returns in a rush, frolicing around your head with sheer joy at you being there. Somewhere a faint reedy pipe begins to play, the tune indistinct but the feelings it stirs are very real. Oh won't you come away and play. The tune continues, worming its way into every fibre of your being. Happiness. Joy. The urge to run and jump, to dance and sing, to play tag on the beaches and hide and seek in the forests. But all too soon the summer is over, the presence retreats, and a feeling of loneliness takes over.
3 Scent of a Thousand Summers sneaks so softly into your mind that it could almost be missed. Gently, carefully, it beings to tidy up the mess it left before. Thoughts are dusted off and tucked away, happy thoughts polished, sadness soothed. The occasional memory is caressed gently, prized and lingered over, before being carefully placed in its proper place. Tidying complete the presence does not retreat, it lingers hopefully as the faint sound of pipes becomes more noticeable, yet this time they're different. Sad. Oh will you come and play again? The presence retreats slowly, reluctantly, its time here over for now.
Pearway to Heaven egg ()
This egg is unusually wide and flat. A thick band of silver wraps the entire bottom half of the egg, actually glittering in the light. Above that glittering palette is a seething bass of color. Beige and green and brown war together in a lumpy miasma. Vague shapes are barely visible in the colors, circles and triangles and everything in between. Over that is a thick, flaky lattice of beiges and browns, doughy bars holding the sweet center miasma in a prison of tastiness.
1 Sweet on the Surface approaches cautiously with naught but a gentle tap against your cheek, sending a soft jolt of electricity through you as colors suddenly bloom around you, bright and bold, punctuated heavily with yellows and reds. Then the mind that seemed so soft goes into overdrive, peeling questions out of your mind as if there's a time limit on your conversation. While it focuses on its search through your recent memories, there's a gentle, rhythmic clicking in the distance, perhaps the timer the presence of the egg is trying to beat. All around you is the heady scent of fresh fruit, then the presence is suddenly gone, as if shoved away.
2 Sweet on the Surface returns, brighter than before, but alongside that sweet, fruity scent is something darker and mustier, like dead fish washed up on the beach. It's subtle, but it's there. This time, the presences is gentle, stepping into your mind like a ballerina. The same ticking continues, but it seems unconcerned as it traverses not your memories, but your dreams and desires, caressing each one gently like so soft a blanket before turning to the next. A few, its most favorite, are left a bit to the fore. Happiness. Adventure. Exploration, this is what it seeks, but at the same it is caution. Too much adventure can be dangerous, too. Suddenly, it's pulled away, leaving you on the sands once again.
3 Sweet on the Surface seems to tower now, not from being tall, but from being larger than life. It's actions are quick and brusque. Unneeded memories are shoved aside as it focuses on risks and danger. It doesn't seem especially risk-seeking itself, but instead like it's trying to find out what happened to you. And all through it that ticking continues, this time accompanied by the rattling of marks. Jerk. Tug. Then a moment of clarity, a bright light that goes suddenly dark as it is shoved aside, a more forceful poke to the cheek expelling you! Back to the sands and boring reality for your.
Slimy Yet Satisfying Egg ()
The shell of this egg seems to have a sheen too it, and almost looks like it would be wet to the touch. If you were to touch it you would find that it is dry as any other egg laying on the sands. The shell itself is satisfyingly smooth to the touch. To say that this egg is colorful would be understating the case. This egg has it all. There are ovals of black with red spots, chevrons of green with dark stripes, diamonds of yellow and blue, and fat orange blotches that give the appearance of wiggly worms. These shapes and colors cover the egg in no discernible pattern, almost as if insects were creeping, crawling and slithering over the eggs surface at random intervals.
1 Putting Your Past Behind You comes to you as sound more than anything else. You hear a gentle thrumming, almost like the beating of a heart. The thrumming sound comes closer and closer until you can almost feel the air vibrating around you. Just when you think you can bear this no more the thrumming dies away leaving only a slight raspy crackling sound in its wake, like the sound of leaves being walked upon in the autumn. The mind within the egg then pulls back leaving you where you were standing upon the hot sands.
2 Putting Your Past Behind You comes to this time as smell. It is the smell of life. Your nostrils are filled with the scent of vegetation. The sharp scent of new grass, the smell of leaves after rain, the odor of a log slowly rotting away to nothing. All are present and accounted for. Other smells surround you as well. Musky scents of creatures that crawl through the jungles, and dry acrid smells of skittering bugs. You also sense that something is sniffing you in return. When it has had its fill it returns you to the sands.
3 Putting Your Past Behind You comes to you once more, this time as sight. Suddenly you are surrounded by colors. Reds, greens, and tawny golds swirl before your eyes. What they might belong to stays out of focus, just on the edge of your sight. You get the impression though that something is looking at you, considering you, ready to pounce at any moment. Then as quickly as it came it is gone and you find yourself once more back on the sands.
All Starting To Melt egg()
This egg is different, not huge, but not small somewhere in the larger side of normal if one wants to lump it into a size group. It is smooth to the touch, not a bump or scrape to be found. The color though it what sets it apart. One part is a rich chocolate, the center is a pale pink and the last is a pale yellow, all three colors are in different amounts with the edges seeming a bit fuzzy where they smoosh into another color. There are pale 'drip' like marks running down the sides of the eggs, chocolate runs into the pink, and the yellow runs across them both in different size drips. There is a rainbow of colors across one rounded side of the egg, it looks like someone dropped a bunch of little dots here and there, these dots are starting to slowly run into the main colors. There is also one splotch of red that seems to be sliding down across the egg in a sense as there is very faint line of pale red seen across one curve of the egg.
1 Always Finds a Way is there creeping as it were into your mind the moment your fingers touch the egg. You find yourself not on the sand, instead in the middle of some jungle that is covered in darkness, save for a dim light that seems to come from above. There are trees, thick branches, large leaves, vines and a soft trickling sound of water somewhere in the distance. As you attempt to get your barrings of this strange place there is a moment you feel fear, it is almost stomach churring as you are certain someone, or some thing is watching you, yet you have no idea from which direction, or how giving the state of this place. Though that moment quickly passes as the one within pulls away, seeming to dear you in returning.
2 Always Finds a Way is surprised at your return, there is amusement there at the edge of your mind from the one within. The scene is set still in the jungle, the dim light is still to be found yet the forest doesn't seem as dark now, as if there is something 'lifting' so one can get a better look over the area. Movement is caught, something in the corner of your eye that disappears just as quick as it appeared. There is a sound though that is caught, a twitter, or a croon, or perhaps a combination of both that leaves the sound echoing in your head but also makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. As if that sound alone reaches a point in you that stir's up fear. Even if you don't pull away the one within promptly ends the moment and drifts back asleep rather quickly.
3 Always Finds a Way is not surprised now, instead there is joy that you have returned once more. To the point that the jungle isn't dark anymore, no there is light that lets you see the area nicely. A stream slowly curves and turns not that far away from where you stand. The trees are rather lovely, large old growth trees and plants with huge leaves, swinging vines. Birds are found fluttering above head, different colors all right and full of life in a sense. After a few moments of the peace and quiet though that same sound from before is heard, this time a lot closer, as if right behind you even. It is a crooning crackle of a call, as if 'something' found you, the call echo's across the jungle now and there is movement, so much movement as the sound of taloned paws hit both the jungle floor and trees. Then in an instance when if feels like something is behind you moving n for a grab you find yourself back on the sands, seems the one within this egg is a bit of a trickster and every jokester needs to rest.
Here's To Swimming Egg()
This egg is strange looking, different is one word for it the color is all wrong, and are those bumps across one edge of the egg? The size of this egg is almost hard to figure out as it seems to 'drip' and 'run' almost as if flowing with a natural wave of the colors across this egg's surface. The color is not appeasing at all, it is a burnt orange-red mix that makes one think of paint, or perhaps someone splashing a bucket of colored water. There is a slight slickness to certain parts of the egg, and these places also have a shine or a glimmer to it when light hits it just right. Along one edge of the are small bumps, the first few are small and then get a touch bigger within the center before they disappear upon the other end of the egg. A flash of blue and white is caught across the bottom long half of the egg that is settled in the sand, almost looking like a slight roll of a wave.
1 Show Me The Way To Go Home greets you warmly, at least that is what it seems to be warmly, though at the same time there is an air of dampness felt as if mist was hitting you, yet at the moment no wind is felt here upon the sands. The scent hits you, it s the sea, a rich salty smell as if you might be on the beach but instead it I all around you, as if perhaps you might actually /be/ in the water instead of on the beach itself. Where a moment ago you could not see anything now you see blue, different shades of blue, light, dark, Bluegreen, sparkling blue as if someone was trying to find the right color on a tray of paint. White appears and is 'floating' by you, though as you reach out to touch it you find nothing but air. Then something seems to be near you 'swimming' is a way to describe it as it goes floating by only to turn sharply and head back towards you. Just before that form is close enough to appear you find yourself back upon the sands, the one in this egg seems done with you at the moment.
2 Show Me The Way To Go Home the air is hot now, so very hot, and yet you feel wet, there is a spray that hits across your face and as you look around you find yourself in the middle of the ocean. Fear creeps up into you, running down your spine and making your stomach churn as something just isn't right. How did you get here, how will you escape. There is no land scene in any direction, not a boat or even a dragon found. The sun beats down on you from above, no clouds seen an yet there is a rumble off in the distance as if a storm was coming. As you look around the slowly rolling waves a shadow is spotted under the water, something /was/ there you are sure of it, yet it is gone just that quickly. There is a breeze from no where and on that comes the smell of something rotting, like meat left out in the sun to long. Something floats by you in the water which looks a lot like a fish head before it sinks under the water which has turned a bit of red. The shadow is back and there is a splash, a slight shape seen but your sure hat your mind is playing tricks on you as it looks like a gray triangle. Before the fear starts to take over again you find yourself back on the sands the water gone.
3 Show Me The Way To Go home the one within seems surprised that you would dare return. Though they will give you a show if you wish it. Once the surprise feeling washes away your once more out in the ocean, bobbing up and down while the rough waves slam into you. The spray hits you pushing you one way and then another. The thick scent of the sea is filling your mind while fear is there. Something swims by, and then it returns only to grab hold of your leg and suddenly drag you downwards under the crashing waves. As you kick and fight the hold upon your leg releases and you break the waters surface gasping for air with a half scream perhaps escaping you. Fish are floating around you now, bloody, dead and somewhat rotting, a gift perhaps? A way for the one to say 'sorry' for scaring you, or perhaps you are now part of this monsters meal and they are waiting for you to get weak for another grab to finish you off. Though before anything happens the one here falls asleep, a rush of anger felt at the very end to hopefully make sure you do not return.
And Away! Egg()
Vibrant blues and rosy hues intermingle with tangerine patches and minty greens to form a cluster of brilliant dyes that engulf the shell of this innocent ovoid form. Sunshine and violets join the fray, the shades scattered each in a spherical foray. As if bound by some invisible force the brightly colored globes press together, vying for attention as they are drawn skywards. Flecks of silver shine through the gaps, glimmering gently each time light taps upon this smooth glossy surface. One little patch - a lonely speck of out of place yet perfectly shaped square of sand, calls this egg home. The final finishing touch: a flawless stream of rich, flowing milk chocolate that pools at at the wide base of this iridescent shell.
1 Are you in Need of any Assistance? appears at the doors to your mind, rapping on it forcefully. You barely find a moment to register before the rapping begins and the being suddenly pushes its way inside. It tumbles face first, falling amongst a pile of your memories that are suddenly thrown up in the air and scattered before your eyes. Oh! Rather than apologizing, it snatches one from the air and then another. Your happiest moments play before your eyes as it begins to rifle through them one by one…this one! This one! It thrusts the memory in front of you, your first friend, your first pet, the first person outside of your family you held dear. What happened to them? Where are they now? The curious mind probes for answers, but before you can answer it's gone with a loud pop and burst of shimmering colors.
2 Are you in Need of any Assistance? raps at your door once more, asking if it may come inside first this time. Whether the answer is yes or no though, it apparently won't be leaving. There are far too many interesting things in here, it can't just walk away from them! A small rectangular bar wrapped in silvery foil is tossed your way, some kind of food perhaps? The sweet treat inside is some small attempt to keep you occupied as it continues to rifle through things. Before you can stop it, your most painful memory is brought to light. That time you broke your arm, that one cold that simply wouldn't disappear…it's suddenly thrust to the forefront of your mind, forcing those same miserable sensations on you once more. The being, small round and now a vibrant mix of yellow and orange, wavers uncertainly. It…it didn't mean to! It begins to tremor and fade, tiny popping sounds accompanying it as it hastily retreats.
3 Are you in Need of any Assistance? approaches timidly this time, gently pushing open the door to your being. Are…are you alright? It's sorry, it really is. Can you forgive it? The bright colors are dulled now and as it steps through your memories, it does so carefully. The being winds through the library of your mind, weaving among the stacks until it finally arrives at what it has been searching for this entire time. It enjoyed the memories that brought you happiness and feared the ones that brought you pain, but this…this memory, this time when you were brought to the breaking point, when sobbing couldn't begin to convey how much you hurt inside, when you felt like you couldn't move on…this is the memory that it watches. The scene unfolds before you, drawing you into those emotions once more. Just then, at that moment when you find yourself almost fully immersed in that heartache, you feel several warm droplets on your shoulder. Tears, but not your own. A toasty glow envelops you, drawing you away from that sorrow and flooding you affection. Are you in need of any assistance?
Grand Mosaic Depicting Historical Glory Egg()
Gloomy crimson wraps in tightly coiled ropes of off centered rings around and around until the entirety of the crown is encompassed. Murky grays cover the remainder of the mottled shell, intermingled with wisps of white that look like fluffs of hair. Hints of black swirls are seen within the smokey grey. The churning, swirling colors are so tightly coiled upon the dappled shell that there are no clearly defined lines as one color fades to the next. Slowly though as more time is focused on this morose egg nestled securely within the sands, an image floats to your conscious mind in that of a vague face. Certainly those hints of black swirls could be watchful eyes.
1 Silent Watcher is there almost instantly from the moment contact is made against the mottled shell. There is an uncomfortable feeling of being watched. Subtle glances around you won't reveal the watcher though the feeling intensifies with every breath you take. The feeling of another mind pressing against yours, seeking to learn everything about you is there. While you still feel the heat of the sands around you and the feel of the egg under your touch there is undoubtedly someone inspecting you. Perhaps even judging you. Eventually the feeling fades and leaves you wondering what more there is to be learned of the occupant.
2 Silent Watcher is there again once the decision is made to stay with this egg. The sense of another mind with yours is there instantaneously. Sensuously it wraps around you with light caresses running along your arms. It coaxes you away from everything around you to fall with it at a breakneck speed. Down, down, down you fall until you land with a splash of water. Rushing down at breakneck speed you loom closer and closer to a quick running waterfall. Questions barrage you rapidly increasing in speed and intimacy relentlessly until there can't be possibly anything else that can learned from you. With the last question still ringing in your ears your stomach drops as you fall right off the edge. Abruptly you return to your senses and find yourself warm and dry on the sands.
3 Silent Watcher is there like a flash! No longer on the sands, you are returned to the breakneck rush towards the brink of oblivion. There is a sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach as you return to the fall right off the edge. Cascades of water seem to fall right alongside you but once more you are no longer alone. The presence is merely comforting this time with no barrage of questions just the feeling of camaraderie in that no matter what bad happens there will be someone right beside you. The impact is forceful but by no means painful as suddenly there is the feeling of floating peacefully down the river. Just past you a robed figure watches your progress. There's no telling if this figure is male or female but you sense a feeling of trust of them to you. They know you will do what is right to help those in need. It is with this feeling that is with you as slowly your senses of the sands return. The occupant inside slumbers now, this you can tell. However they are waiting. For you.
Excitingly Delightful and Jubilant Ecstatic Egg()
Hot pinks, fluorescent greens, blazing purples, vibrant yellows and bright white swirl in happy colors dancing a conga along the hardening mottled shell. Perhaps one of the brightest eggs being warmed upon the weyr sands, it's certainly one of the smallest. Where it lacks in size it makes up for in happy colors. If eggs could dance this one certainly would shimmy and shake to the unheard music. Quite often small tremors ripple across the colorful shell for the occupant inside is eager to escape these small confines. Slashes of pink make outer rings with green, purple, yellow, and white continuing respectively until they all merge into a large splash of neon blue at the very center of the egg. This pattern duplicates through the entire shell until your eyes cross from the crazy explosion of colors.
1 Schooled in Life pushes against you once contact is made upon the colorful shell before everything around you starts to shimmer. The other eggs, people and the sands under your feet take on an unreal feel as if everyone but you were part of a drawing. You can hear distant murmurs indistinctive though they sound echoey as if coming out of a long tunnel ahead of you. Darkness slowly encompasses you with the feeling of moving slowly towards those murmuring voices. Wrapping around you is a clear, sweet smelling, almost creamy aroma that momentarily soothes your mind and envelops you in sweet bliss. The contented feeling is neatly shattered with flashing, strobe-like white likes that completely take over all your senses.Spinning quickly over your head on each side and even under your feet are images taken from your youth that flash rapidly. A parent. A best friend. An enemy. Abruptly everything goes completely dark once more and you are hurled back to reality and the heat of the sands once more penetrate your awareness.
2 Schooled in Life knows immediately once your choice to remain is made. You are whisked off the sands in a whoosh that leaves you breathless and reeling. As you regain your equilibrium you slowly become aware of a growing light in the darkness. Happy and sad pictures from your life flash rapidly ,some too quick to get more than a mere glimpse while others appear and linger. Jumbled words of singing emerge slowly into your conscious understandings. Some are shouted so loud you must cover your ears to block to sound while others are bare whispers to make you strain to understand. The white flashes of light continue, merging into pinks, blues, greens, yellows, purples…all the colors also found on the outside of the shell. There's a sense the occupant wants you to face all your memories, the good and the bad. It's at this point you realize the presence of another here with you. It's inquisitive and eager to learn more of you and to ensure you know you are not alone. Slowly you fade into the reality of the sands around you once more.
3 Schooled in Life sends you whisking away from the reality of the sands of Monaco to arrive upon a small sailing vessel. No more sounds or lights assault your senses. Instead you are wrapped within the blissful aromas of sweet chocolate and fragrant candies with only the pleasant feeling of another accompanying you upon this small vessel. Slowly you are floating away with an unspoken promise of never being alone again. The scene fades but the memory lingers still.
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