Monaco Bay's Summer 2014 Clutch

Clutch 1: Dam: Pyrith & Sire: Tebinth
Clutch 2: Dam: Ceresth & Sire: Sindrieth

Fields of Blue Egg ()
Over a brilliant field of deep harper blue are sprigs of greenery decorated with a bounty of colors that seem to move in an unseen breeze upon the well rounded sides of this average sized egg. Blurred creamy splotches seem to be tiny flowers that give the idea of fluttering while tucked beneath delicate leaves are hidden treasures. Tiny minty green spheresare found here and there, giving hints to other better things still to be found. Shadows that play in odd places turn out to be burgandy and deep blue berries that beg to be plucked from their hiding spots and consumed. Towards the base of the shell rises the the shapes of graceful yellow and white winged butterflies, that dance in joyous delight.
1 Prestige of Nature brings you to struggle in the darkness, no where to turn and nothing to be seen. Suddenly, in a flash the world is washed in warm, bright light. The scent of fresh cut grass and distant blooms are carried into the cool wind, winding across your clothes and through hair. Glistening beads of crystalline glass begins to form on your skin, reflecting the vibrant hues of tall green fields swaying in the breeze. Those fresh lights flicker, trailing down to fingertips before falling back to the soil beneath bare feet. Who? Who are you? The ground itself reaches out to your senses, reaching up to gather your attention. Are you listening?
2 Prestige of Nature roots in deep, shedding old layers of pain, of worries hidden deep within your the depths of your hardened core. Each bit of your past and agonies float away, dried leaves drifting off in the sharp updraft blowing against you and you're helpless to stop that. There has to be room for new growth! To mature and bloom, the world demands sustenance and sustenance it did take.
3 Prestige of Nature takes you in your rawest form, the weight of the weary world has been discarded and now greater things demand you. Pulled from the safety of the soil youre cast out into the world, laid to watch the rest of the world go by. Quickly, those soft waves of green flash into death: a crackled brown as the wind blows. Remnants of what they once were and the scent of blooms is gone. The cycle continues and it's time to transform. Your being is thrust into the dark once more, loud and unforgiving. An eternity passes, and your emergence brings about new life. Nothing of your past self remains as you stand new. Before the world flashes before your eyes, everything you see is washed in a uniform harper blue. Perfection. Darkness.
4 Prestige of Nature is nestled and cozy, safe and sound, sleep it wants and sleep it needs. Gently it guides you back into the big world.
Lamiaceae Dreams Egg ()
At first glance the egg is simple, almost plain though if one was to look closer there is something different about this egg. The base color is cream which someone has whitewashed across the whole surface. A slight line is seen across the curve of the egg that is just a pale shade of green that allows it to stand out while it slowly curls and weaves its way across the egg, causing faint shadowy pathways. Along those tendrils can be found the faint pattern of what looks like little flowers. These flowers are not large and the only thing that makes them even 'look' like flowers with be a bit of very faint purple splotches that appear here and there across the egg. If one was to stare at it long enough they may be able to pick out the pattern that is well hidden.
1 Bounding Whispering Fields flutters against your mind as soon your hands touch the egg. You are unsure where you are as there is a faint purple fog that drifts through one's mind. It soon starts to slip away and one finds themselves within a vast field of flowers, flowers that range in color from purple and blue, to white to pale yellow in some areas. There is something out there in the bushes of flowers moving around and causing the bushes to sway this way and that. There is a moment of something, the color is unsure but it has a smooth hide and what seems like a soft giggle is heard echoing through your mind. As soon as the giggle is heard everything goes black.
2 Bounding Whispering Fields offers a sense of surprise once you have returned. What is this? Back for more? The fog is there once more, drifting across the fields of flowers, there is a scent in the air, one from the flowers but not a normal flowery scent and you find yourself becoming more relaxed the longer you spend time around the fields of flowers. A soft giggle is caught once more, but before you black out you are able to follow them, there is moving towards a small pond that is surrounded with the same flowering bushes, the water is faint lavender which could be thanks to the purple bushes that are around the pond. If you are brave enough to step forward a glimpse into the pond will show your own reflection. Questions slip through your mind, why are you here? Why do you linger? If there something you search for? Before you can come up with an answer the giggle is heard and then a slight splash, but if you should look up you find once more that you are back on the sands surrounded by the others.
3 Bounding Whispering Fields is amused now that you have returned. The fog is ever present and swirls around you now, tickling and pressing as if it had a very life of its own until you are back in that field of flowers. The pond is gone, in its place is a simple little stream that stretches on for miles at a time from the looks of it. If you attempted to follow it you would find yourself not moving far from that point where you have started, and ever present would be the flowering purple bushes that line the stream. Petals from the bushes dance across a warm breeze that is found flowing into the area, the petals form different shapes in the air. The shapes can be any number of things, but are things near and dear to the one that is touching heart. The giggle is heard, louder than in the past and something brushes up against you, curling and snuggling close as if someone ha tucked an arm around you (or perhaps a leg, or tail). Soon enough you're back on the sands.
4 Bounding Whispering Fields offers sleepy fog to enter your mind, the same flowery scent is caught, much stronger then before and lingers now even if you lean away from the egg. The one that rests within this egg seems to be sleeping, and that same snuggling feeling is felt while someone is almost purring in your head once they found a cuddle buddy.
Conquered and Triumphant Prismatic Egg ()
With an explosion of colors that churns and twirls in patterns all over this mottled egg, it remains nestled securely within the sands. The tendrils of green that wrap around from tip to very bottom it entices you to approach closer for a greater appreciation of its beauty. As large as the others it seems to vie for attention in comparison to the Lamiaceae Dreams Egg that is very near to it. A large splotch of yellowish brown is tucked neatly under the woven vines to cover the tip and drip along the sides in dark yellow lines. These colors mingle and blend into an paroxysm of large five petal flowers blooming in a very pale blue color. Each pedal sports a dark red dot centered exactly. These flowers cover the entire egg all through the vines and within a sea of brown and green swirls that seem to dance along the egg in movement as if a breeze were constantly surrounding the mottled surface. Barely seen within the green fields are pale yellow seeds to represent where the pale flowers bloomed from.
1 Rebellious Charlatan gives little warning before the ground beneath you seems to tremble the moment you touch the sand warmed egg. Suddenly from all around you a wind whips across and nearly through your body until it feels as if you're cradled gently within its embrace. Slowly everything around you fades as it feels that your simply sinking down through the ground and away from the Sands. You can no longer feel the heat nor hear any of the murmurs and whispers of your fellow candidates around you. No longer can you even feel the mottled egg beneath your hands. You now seem to stand at the end of a long, dark tunnel. Clearly underground there is a light and warmth at the end. An presence is with you and encouraging you to travel down the tunnel It's encouraging you to be brave to discover the source of the sounds now clearly heard. These sounds echo all along the slightly damp but otherwise fairly clean tunnel. Metal on metal rings along faintly. Will you continue down to see what waits for you at the end? Within a blink you are suddenly back with the heat and sounds returning to your awareness. You have a fleeting impression that the occupant within is waiting for your return.
2 Rebellious Charlatan offers a sense of relief. You've returned! Acceptance and overtones of approval wrap around you briefly before floating away. Immediately once your choice is made to stay you are promptly returned to the tunnel. The lights and sounds are that much louder as that presence urges you to continue your journey towards the end. The flickering of the torches, cause shadows to dance along the tunnel walls. Whilst the tunnel seems empty the presence hovers at your side as if showing off their own masterwork within this tunnel. More inquisitive this time there are questions posed to you. ?Who are you? ?What do you do? ?Have you treasures within you to share with it? If you are willing enough the dark presence over your shoulder will rummage through your thoughts to learn more of you. Not ruthless in its quest it simply seeks simple answers to its questions. Very little of itself is shared as you get the feeling you'll learn more of what makes up this presence once you reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Just before you reach your destination though everything fades away slowly until once more your awareness is returned to the sands. One lone whisper reaches your ears. "Will you return to finish the journey?"
3 Rebellious Charlatan hums softly inside your mind. Within a blink of an eye the sands retreat once more from your awareness as you're returned to the edge of the tunnel. It opens to a wide, cavernous room in which a festivity of activity assaults your senses. Fire surges in forges, hammers strike metal and light glitters off mounds of treasures piled high through all the room. All around you the sounds of deep, husky voices clang around the hall to surround you in a cocoon of noises. Inevitably the presence wraps around your mind in a reassuring gesture. Don't be worried. You're not alone. If there is a joining of your two minds together you are assured that you'll never be alone again. You simply must have the patience to wait…slowly the scene fades away though the feeling of a warm comfort around you lingers long past the time you've stepped away from this egg.
4 Rebellious Charlatan offers a sleepy rumble only with a hint of irritation for being disturbed one last time.
Sweeping the Firmament Egg ()
What strange accident happened to this egg, causing it to be elongated and twisted as it is? None would be the answer, as closer inspection finds that it is all a clever optical illusion. Tendrils of brown creep up from the sand covered base, twining together as they enfold the shell in a myriad of tough woody braids that twist and squeeze towards the sky, leaving little room for anything else. From a tip crowned with a barely visible flash of bright blue, valiant tufts of green fight their way downwards, battling for dominance against the twisted vines that bind the shell, but ultimately held at bay far from the sands below.
1 Twinkles from the Underdark flicker on the very edges of your vision, always remaining tantalisingly close but just out of reach, vanishing completely should you try to focus your attention on them, slipping silent around you as the being inside the shell watches carefully from afar. It would be easy to feel afraid, like prey being stalked, but for all this shelled creature's careful studying there comes with it a feeling that it means no harm, for now at least.
2 Twinkles from the Underdark remain distant, but it seems that you are deemed worthy of at least a more careful examination. They linger longer now, but melt like icicles should you try to concentrate on them, leaving only a vague chill. The gentle susurration of leaves bring with it an enquiry, a wish to know who you are. Not your name. The real you. There's something almost bestial about the way the thought circles your mind, but still it seems to hold that in check, its priority to find out why you are there and just what your intentions are.
3 Twinkles from the Underdark shine brighter and all of a sudden your vision clouds, a fleeting black and white image of a tiny dragon appears. It lies, curled in its shell, staring right at you with dark eyes that could penetrate your very soul. Almost as quickly the twinkles return, blotting out the image and returning your vision to the sands and the egg that lies under your hand. A feeling of satisfaction seeks to enfold you, and if somehow youve been found worthy of at least that brief seconds glimpse of what the future might bring.
4 Twinkles from the Underdark flicker slowly, sleepily, as the dragon within tries to stay alert for danger but is soon overwhelmed and falls to rest.
Exquisite Agony Egg ()
Thick at the bottom and pointed at the top, this particular egg appears to have been created with a sadistic touch to make the dam uncomfortable. Large, unwieldy and unforgiving, this egg seems as though it's sparsely covered in dangerous brown spines which are dipped in a torch-lit bronze so they are especially visible from a distance. However, if one gets past the outward appearance, there is a glistening blue backdrop which these thorns are protecting. Whorls of mostly pale azure and dark sapphire blues are swept with tinges of crimson red, telltale signs of sacrifice and blood lost in the struggle.
1 Doombringer does not welcome intruders, that much is apparent from the barrier that appears to be in place at the first touch. It's not curiosity that draws the presence to allow entry, instead, it is morbid humor that weakens the veil and allows you to go within. The sands all seem like a bright memory in this dark place, the heat and light being sucked away and replaced with cold darkness. There are no questions, only examination of your inner worth and strength. Stripping apart the layers, this is no gentle hand that caresses your mind. To pull away may cause pain, even if that isn't the intention.
2 Doombringer is the master of the domain in this dark chasm, the only winking illumination from lights under its own command. As layers are stripped away from your mind, it's exposing the weak spots to see beneath the facade presented, to see if you are the person you think you are. It's not dark, in the manner that darkness means evil, it's dark as in the manner that it doesn't care if you are wanting to expose your weaknesses or not. It will find them, and it will exploit them - and in the end, when all of them are exposed it will make a decision on your worth. Your word will not do, for words can be lies. It will know your true form, whether you like it or not. The only way to escape judgement is to flee, and the veil remains thin.
3 Doombringer is the judge, jury, and executioner in this realm. Lines of power are in its command, you have a feeling that if you are not strong enough on your own - having this ally will make all the difference. However, Doombringer does not deem the weak worthy: there is a certain amount of strength that is required to befriend this being. A strong, powerful presence requires one in kind, in many ways an apprentice to the master of the realm. There were no questions, only an examination - cold and unforgiving and then after completion, there's an escort out. Through the cold dark veil and back to the hot heat of reality on the sands. Permeable as the barrier might be at the moment, once through, the barrier is sealed and no further intrusion is allowed.
4 Doombringer doesn't quell any longer, energy spent and all resources drained in the examination. Its strength is still present, however, thrumming like a heartbeat.
Lesson in Uniformity Egg ()
Sharp white flows down the front of this egg which is perfectly shaped in every fashion. From the top of the small cone towards its tip to the slight bulge about its center, it stands as testiment to all the other eggs on how one should appear. The egg is totally white except for darker creases towards its center and a row of smaller circles that follow a line down the front of the egg, reminding one of buttons on a shirt.
1 Master of Music strums a simple tune that spins around in the darkness of your mind. Not much here, is there? Well, that is alright, here, how about this? You find yourself whisked along with the music until the darkness seems to vanish and things start to materialize out of the darkness. Bookshelves full of books line rows upon rows of a great and impressive library, it's almost as if any book at all could be contained here. A gentle and comforting warmth comes from a fireplace just in front of you where a chair sits and a shadowy figure can be seen gently strumming a guitar. It almost feels as if this a place of great things where anything is possible. There, that is better, isn't it? Now, what is special about you? What can you bring that no others can bring? Are you a good singer? Perhaps a brilliant strategist. Do you face up to danger with a bravery that is unrivaled? Don't be shy, everyone is a Master in their own right, they only need the potential to realize it.
2 Master of Music seems to smile as you come back and it warmly welcomes you back to its library where the warmth fills your bones with reassurance and endless possibilities. Ah, you are back. Fingers seem to fly over the guitar as it strums a simple and easy to remember tune that you almost find yourself humming along to. Books slowly fly off of the shelves, allowing brief glances at a life that could be, might be, but will it be? One book flies in front of you, showing a great gathering of dragons that stand over a dying man, or is he? Another of a man being held captive and forgiving them, even in the face of adversity. Stories? Or realities? It is hard to tell. The Master of Music seems to turn its attention back to you, studying your reactions to these tales. Are you a disbeliever, or can you accept the unacceptable? Will you rise triumphant or will you fall? It fades away, seeming to await your response.
3 Master of Music welcomes you back with a soothing tune that lifts your spirits as it fills you deep to your core. Jubilant, joyful, it rejoices at your return. It is here that it proves that it is indeed the Master of Music as sweeping melodies fills the emptiness that you might not have realized you had. They fill the air with powerful but easy to remember music that leaves one humming for days on end. You have returned and this time there is no judging, there are no flashes of a life that might have been, only acceptance of who you are and who you might become if only you had the chance at greatness. It shows you a brief glimpse at that life, you and it standing side by side with everything at your fingertips. And then it is abruptly gone, a life yet again winked out and simply awaiting the future and what may be.
4 Master of Music hums a sleepy tune as you return, it tries to bring the library back to fruition but it just seems too sleepy to recall and soon it falls back to sleep. To dream. To wait. To be.
Gleaming Iridescent Egg ()
Smaller than the other eggs surrounding it, this mottled egg is appears to be pure white. From a distance, there’s little to tell it from the rest of the clutch other than its size and the fact it has an almost gleamingly pristine white color. It’s not perfect in angles, it hasn’t got distinguishing marks, it’s utterly plain. However, coming closer, you start to grow more uncertain that this is the case. When light hits the shell, a pale hued iridescent patchwork of all the colors of dragons becomes visible, however the colors don’t carry far. .
1 Lord of Breaking Traditions snaps at you in quick succession: stand straight! Tall! Tilt your head up! The very force of will pushes your body into position, sharp stinging permeates across the skin where errant limbs ventures. Discipline and poise is what this one wants, you are representing the world, you must be greater than it. Oh, but this part of you, this part of you will not do. Small, frail, weak, it shouldn't be nurtured or allowed to thrive. It should perish for the greater good…
2 Lord of Breaking Traditions is against that foolish small force by your side but by your side it remains, strength and confidence leans against your legs as the world changes before your eyes. Fear, outrage, uncertainty fall from the grey sky overhead like drops of rain. As they hit the ground, they whisper: failure. Failure? No! This one's will is strong and through the storm it sends it's courage surging through you as though you've been struck by lightning! Together you are formidable, a force to be reckoned with.
3 Lord of Breaking Traditions bows down in silence acquiescence before you. You and the strong essence of life that stands by your side. The storm subsides and the brilliant beacon of light spills forth, casting everything you see in an array of brilliant hues. The endless depths of the sky to take wing, onto bigger and better things. The vibrant grasses of the land your feet will touch and rule. The rich earth in which to grow new beginnings. The rise and fall of one day to the next. The world is yours and yours to take, with this will intertwined with yours, only destiny awaits.
4 Lord of Breaking Traditions has had enough of a grand adventure for one day. Now it's time for sleep, shoo, off now with you and tomorrow we shall see what the future brings.
Frothy Mound of Foam Egg ()
Cunning, grace and power from the depths of darkness formed the crystalline shell of this mineralized ovoid form. Under the rough dull surface, fissures of shadows appear to shift with the changing of the days light, giving little flickers of the sky and rising sun throughout the shells smoky unrefined surface. Mottling of faint iridescent flecks glisten, small patches of smooth shell that seemed polished from the shifting of the very sands cradling the vessel, pooling at the round base of this otherwise rough deceiving egg. The apex of this egg is smooth and almost polished to the touch, providing the only hint this may be no stone at all.
1 Thief in the Night engulfs you in pure black, slowly awakening in your consciousness where it stalks it's prey from everywhere and no where all at once. A hint of curiosity begins to pull within the darkness this one resides in, a flicker of light shimmering to draw your attention closer. Closer. The chill of frigid air permeating into your skin down to the core of your bones. Not a remnant of warmth or breath of air to join you in the deafening silence. Just a sense of presence - an essence of power slowly circling, prowling. Perhaps you could be something useful…
2 Thief in the Night slowly glides in, warm silk in the dark working away the chill of the cold. It couldn't be all that bad, could it? You cant be that weak, are you? A shimmer of light emerges, radiating an array of colors against your skin and clothes, illuminating your fingers like the jewels of many rings and adornments. A taste, a touch of greater things to… Do you have it? Is it in you? The warmth in the glow envelopes you, cradling you close. Predatory and seductive in it's possessiveness. You will give in to it's wishes and demands.
3 Thief in the Night has been patient long enough. The chill and deafening silence return, slicing into your skin like hungry fangs, drawing out anything and everything of value. Flashing before your very eyes are things long since forgotten: greatest hopes and most violent of nightmares play again in quick succession as its devoured by greed. Your glimmering lights, the warmth vanishes and you're left with nothing more but the empty dark. For a moment, all is still, then a faint touch of warmth touches upon your cheek before youre violently thrust from the depths of this egg. You have served your purpose for now. Discarded.
4 Thief in the Night is appeased for now and doesnt require you any further. Begone and let this one slumber in silence…
Smooth and Even Egg ()
White pure as High Reaches' snow envelopes the surface of this egg. No other color mars its surface, just a smooth, white expanse. It's so smooth, in fact, that even sand cannot stick to its surface. Even light seems to glide off of it like so much water.
1 Irresistibly Impish Insights appears with a flourish, suddenly there without question or demand, just stopping you. Howsit? Whatsit? Who're you? It doesn't give you a chance to back out, pushing for more and more. It's not subtle in the slightest. It takes your hand and tugs, pulling you forward. Images flash past like a rapid mosaic of color and sound. It's almost overwhelming, yet somehow still structured, and beneath it all comes the steady beat of a drum. thump tumtum thump.
2 Irresistibly Impish Insights returns with a flourish, the steady beat of drums growing stronger, and this time it questions you. Questions you don't have a choice but to answer. Where are you from? What do you do? Who do you want to be? What do you feel when you ride a runner? Question after question after question as it tries to understand you. And the more it gains, the more the drumming picks up a rhythm, a pattern that conveys a meaning all its own.
3 Irresistibly Impish Insights is slower this time, subtler, though no less invasive with its steady beat with that catchy, unnameable rhythm. This time, it's not about you, but about challenge. Can you hack it? Harsh cold assails you, then desert warmth. Then, you can almost feel the squoosh of marsh mud between your toes, seeping up into everything. Even the smell is there. Wait, no, that's not marsh, that's… boiling numbweed! The voice giggles as it recedes, leaving you alone again.
4 Irresistibly Impish Insights is quiet now, the gentle rhythm like a sleeping heartbeat. tump tumtum. Sleeping now. Come back later.
Blank Canvas Egg ()
A field of white is all this rather largish egg is, from the tip of it's apex right down to where it's settled into the sands. One thing can be said about it is that in shape it's not exactly shaped like one would expect an egg to be shaped, for this one is a little more square then normal. While it does have corners to it, they are rounded but overall this egg looks as if it's been smooshed and reshaped by pressures unseen leaving to look unique and very different from all the others around it.
1 Keeper of Secrets pulls you away from the heat of the hatching sand into a safe void where there's oh so much to see and learn. It swirls around you, teasing you with snippets of things of the past brief blurred images of what could be Landing without buildings. It wants you to know more, it tugs you to come deeper into it so it can share with you all that was, is, and very well could be. Do you have what it takes to come with it? To come back for another visit so that it can share more with you? Slowly you are released, but the one within the shell tries to leave behind the tempting want to come back.
2 Keeper of Secrets comes forth with ease, cooling you from head to toe so that there is no need for you to rush away. There are images of what very well could be Fort Hold, and the sound of so many instruments and voices carrying tunes. Somehow you know that it wants to know more, to learn about places and these sounds so that it can record it all for later reviewing, for the knowledge of it to be shared with others in time to come. Can you help it? Do you know of places and sounds, and more that it can learn from and about? It doesn't beg or plead, but it leaves you with its wistful wanting as it returns you to the sands.
3 Keeper of Secrets is adamant that you pay attention, flickering images come faster and faster, a rush of info that it seems to know but want to know more about. Soft music, the scent of foods of all types march through your senses. Please help it, there's so much to get into record, so much that has to be saved right? The sound of a distant storm is there only to be replaced by the crashing of waves which gives way to the soft sound of rain of a roof. All of it, it wants to know it all. Help it please.
4 Keeper of Secrets reaches out in a gentle caress, it doesn't whisk you away from the heat of the sands. It's so sleepy, the images are more and more blurry, music fainter before it slips away from you as it's exhaustion overwhelms it.
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