Miyareith x Willowith Eggs - February 2001

Foretold by the Showers Egg

Brilliance reigns in the form of tiny flowers, dotting across the smooth surface of this egg like a multi-colored carpet, a riot of hues in petal'd form. Scarlet roses, golden buttercups, lavender primroses… the carpet of blooms spreads from apex to base, broken only by a ring of delicate, silver-white flowers, about the center, each blossom upon the stem a tiny bell. Lilies of the Valley, foretold by the showers which brought forth the fury of life abounding upon this springtime egg.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Sh'ai.>

Solar Flare Aurora Egg

Crimson lights mix with amber hues dart along the surface of this shell, racing until the entirety is engulf in colors. A strong yellow flame jets from the dark red surface, looping itself around the upper sections of this egg. Dancing, flitting about, so many words describe the array of colors that dapple and brighten, and move about with their own inner light. A white hot cream rests on the very tip of the egg, in a great contrast of the deep red flowing on the bottom, and the swirling ember around the mid-section. This looks just like a sun, liquid movements as they soar from the surface.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by D'ce.>

Sleepy Pastel Rainbow Plush Egg

Plush and luxuriously soft in appearance, this pale egg sits in the sands; a perfect oval pillow missing from the nursery. When the light shines down, layers of pastel pink, blue and turquoise shift across the delicate surface of this egg. Each faint color covers a large area, the design unplanned and fluent, like a watercolor wash. In some areas the light pink extends over the blue and becomes lavender. As you come nearer, a sleepy quality thickens the air, making the surrounding sands hazy and blurred. Or maybe it's just the heat. Who knows?

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Nimway.>

Shining Molten Silver Egg

Shimmering, glittering it shines, uniformly metallic through and through. From apex to curved bottom, silver gleams, newly-poured from crucible's hold. Warmth shines through the chill exterior, as though the brilliant shell were still newly forged by loving hands, folded into ovoid shape and delicately molded until no traces of formation remain. Smooth, seamless, it fairly glows with an internal light, blindingly perfect.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Sh'ai.>

Wavering Flame's Heart Egg

Fissions of heat create a hypnotic dance of ethereal haze above the shell of this scalding vision. Scorching flames of fiery red lick along the perimeter of the ovoid as if lit from the sands below. Pulsating, angry orange swims within the interior border of the fierce red only to burst forth in a violent bid for freedom. Brief the freedom lasts, for even as angry orange tendrils attempt to creep nearer the center, a new flame takes precedence. Visceral cobalt blue, the color that should imply cool and gentle, yet the massive heat of this conflagration is dangerously imminent. And now, the heart of the prize, a focal point of pure, true white is born. It sears the unwary eyes with its heated potential, burning with promise for the future.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Katlyn.>

Entrancing Sparkles Egg

There are some types of sparkly objects that you need a certain amount of lighting to really enjoy. But this egg just always seems to be in the perfect light. And it's most definitely sparkly. The background is an iridescent pearly color, which shimmers with faint hues of blue, green, purple, and gold. But then there are the thick explosions of brilliant sparkles that accent random spots on the egg's surface. Silver sparkles, to be exact, which stand out boldly against the aforementioned iridescence of the egg's shell. 'Tis very pretty in its sparkly-ness.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by L'iam.>

Dramatic Domino Chaos Egg

Alright, your guess is as good as mine where this one came from or if it is even an egg. Apparently it just showed up one morning… or perhaps was rearranged after its unfortunate incident with a paintgun filled with black ink. Once a beautiful ivory, this egg was in its perfection, gracing its lovely siblings with its smooth and silken shell… but now it is possibly the biggest eyesore in the cavern. Spotted like a domino gone bad, this poor defenseless egg has been trotted out for the entire world to see its disgrace. What horrible person could do something like this to a poor little egg?

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by V'ncent.>

Fields of Pink Egg

Maybe this egg is like a dream you once had. One of those dreams that you woke up from, and then wished you were still asleep for. The brightest, clearest, yet softest of pinks glazes over this almost-perfectly round egg in streaks of inconsistency, suggesting wind-swept stalks of long-grass, though the scene is perfectly still. In random spots, there are little smudges of lighter, pastel pink, as if someone came up and added their own effects on the shell with a paintbrush in an attempt to add flowers to the 'field'. A thin, faint ring of iridescent opal encircles the egg's middle, separating the ovoid into two perfectly equal halves.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by L'iam.>

Slow Rolling Clouds Egg

A light baby blue tinges the outside of this large dragon's egg, acting as a base color, smooth to the touch. Only a base layer, a soft fuzzy white color lulls across the middle and lower section of the egg, playing into many different little shapes, either a runner here, or a canine there. The white grows fuzzy around the edges, the white concentrated at the very bottom, and deserted towards the top, the remaining white climbing up into soft rounded mountains that fade into the light baby blue, leaving the blue base tip of the egg top to face the open air.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by N'andi.>

Blinding Heaven's Glory Egg

Radiance swarms across the sands, coalescing into a tangible form, one of soft brilliance yet harsh light. Silvery white though the base may be, swirls of opalescence in the form of palest turquoise, soft violet and even a touch of canary yellow mists over the surface of the perfectly round ovoid, making it appear far more fragile than, in truth, it is. Not an imperfection, a hint of darkness, dares to mar its smooth surface, to destroy the picture of heavenly serenity it presents. Indeed, heavenly it might seem, for runes and swirls of misted over gold swirl over a section, forming a sort of barrier to prevent all those unworthy from the contents cherished within.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Syra.>

Nature of Life, Laughter and Delight Egg

Brilliant wisps of light streak across the leafy surface of this egg, leaving trails of starlight in their wake. This egg is painted like an enchanted forest - with trees and branches and emerald leaves so thick that you can barely make out the blue-violet sky behind them, allowing brief glimpses of stars and plants and a luminous moon that adds a hazy glow to the forest floor. The ground breathes with life, covered in green foliage. Tiny green tendrils push up into the light, fairy wisps darting by and leaving kisses on the blossoms. Moments later, the flowers burst into blooms of cream white, robin-egg, and lilac purples. The tiny wings of light blink by and away, in between the leaves, to the sky, leaving a beautiful wash of sparkles that rain across the scene.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Nimway.>

Perfectly Powdered Marshmallow Egg

Crystalline sweetness in its softest form seems to coat the fragile shell of this lighter than air confection of an egg. Perhaps it is just that? Daring one to take a taste, to bite into that hot spongy middle and savor that almost creamy airiness of delight. Whispering soft swirls appear in the surface the closer you come to the shell, swirls that seem to echo a lively dance of pleasure in life. Perhaps it is poetic that the sweetness be hinting to the good things in life, or perhaps it is ironic. Who is to decide?

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by V'ncent.>

Heaven's Prophecy Egg

"For he on honey-dew hath fed, And drunk the milk of Paradise.."

Pure as a newborn baby, soft as an angel's wings, and bright as the light of heaven; this small egg is a pure and unmarred white, glistening as a thousand stars, calming as a mother's touch. A soft cloud sent from the sky, to rest in the golden sands. This small egg glows with a heavenly aura, as if birthed straight from the angels themselves. Bright, for sure, this egg is definitely bright and soothing, as if the only softness in this hard world to which it was laid.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by J'em.>

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