Kazarenth x Angelesth Eggs - July 2002

Cirrus Minor Egg

By: J'em

Bohemian Rhapsody Egg

By: Gwen

Rotten From The Inside Egg

By: Espera

Ziggy Stardust Egg

Set somewhat apart on the ebony Eastern sands, in its own little mound, an egg rests; cocked at a slight angle to the side, it seems to veer away from the rest of its clutch. Its apex is a whirl of twilight blues, reminiscent of tumultuous skies. As the eye descends from there, color dims to a wash of jet black, with the occasional fleck of silver alluding to stars in the open expanse of outer space. A flash of vermillion breaks the chilling pattern with intensity, zig-zagging haphazardly on the smooth shell. Several similar bolts of burgundy and indigo combine sensuality with power, drawing the eye and the mind in deeper and deeper, commanding attention. Subtle curves of rose and crimson appear, occupying a ring around the base of the egg, and are soon swallowed into darkness once more as charcoal-gray spider-like creatures emerge just below. And, where the tilt allows a view of the underside, a dead nothingness is seen, none of the mythical design of above daring to pass so far below. While in shape it is quite obviously one of the rest of the clutch, its appearance suggests something… alien.

By: Danae

Champagne Supernova Egg

By: Xe'n

Foxy Music Egg

By: Zaria

Les Yeux Sans Visage Egg

by: Yu'i

She's A Rainbow Egg

Wisp-like strands of spun gold, the royal light of Rukbat's rays are captured in a thread, then starched over the curved surface. The glorious blues of the sky are tied together in thicker loops, the still water surface reflecting the sky's expanses. Flecks of fair white cascade across the blue sky, negative freckles on the endless yarn. A rainbow spatters over the surface, the droplets capturing the colors of the sunset: burnished gold, flame red, autumnal orange. Yet, the remainder of the colors are tied in, speckles here and there, uncontrolled over the surface. Vibrant greens collide with deep blues, fuchsia erupting like molten lava. The colors are everywhere, hanging in the air, dusting the ovoid shell.

By: Susia

Peace of Mind Egg

By: L'rien

Bloody Sunday Egg

Brilliant crimson ravishes across rounded sides, spreading darkened ruby all the way around the ovoid, enveloping all save the smallest patches of purest alabaster. But that is not all — nay, for littering across the surface of this lurid little egg are various scenes, patterns of onyx and peach figures that carouse together, mingle together, and ultimately perish together. Up at the very apex of the shell, where a particularly large patch of purest white lies, the figures are the most at peace, resting together in calm oblivion. Slowly, however, as the line of gaze travels linearly down from the apex to the wide base, the chaos grows and the patches of alabaster dwindle, eventually leaving the very base as naught but violent, angry red. Indeed, the figures of black and peach begin to clash, shapes of all sizes roiling together in palpable fury as stick-like limbs are frozen in mid-motion of kicks and punches. Finally, however, even the rage must ebb, as it does at the very base, but it is not a pleasant ending; none of the peace evident in the apex shows here, except the peace of the final repose.

By: Syra

Seething Anarchist Egg

By: D'lon

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