Monaco Bay Weyr's Fall 2017 Clutch

Dam: Isanath
Sire: Marzoth

Healers Hate This Egg
This egg is rounded to the point of bloating, with a brooding purple shade that darkens toward the black of recent bruises at the base and tip that only barely distinguish themselves in shape from the swell of its turgid body. Along the sides, the shadows grow translucent, stretch-marks of venous violet traced over a throbbing maroon. All in all, it looks less like a dragon's egg and more like some enormous boil transported here to fester on the sands.
1 One Weird Trick beams to you through a cloud of billowing steam, a Cheshire grin without a face. The air is full of the sweet scent of herbs, the brightness of apple cider vinegar boiling up from the cooking-pot in plumes of steam. « Bit of a mess, isn't it? » The voice comes through the dance of vapor, bright and bubbling as the kettle and utterly unapologetic even as it acknowledges the hard (and sometimes grotesque) facts of life in this shell. « Don't you worry, though! I've got an idea. » Steam roils outward, shaping into a pair of whirlwind arms that set upon your shoulders and steer you through a tour of pots and pans, herbs and spices. The voice burbles in your ear the whole time, eager to explain each component of this mad cook's alchemy lab. There's sassafras - good for earwax - and some peach pits - they're for the zits - a yogurt bath - for a tense calf - and OH NO, the pot is boiling over! The steam swirls back to tend what's cooking, leaving you abruptly alone on the sands.
2 One Weird Trick greets you with a steaming cup of tea, made with a dash of sweetness and a splash of lemon - half added before the tea, half after. It works better that way! The features that greet yours are still obscured by the shifting mists - except for the grin - but you begin to see glimpses, shapes that might be brow, cheeks… a chin? They're hard to make out, as if simply seeing them for a moment is enough to make them shift on and seek for something new. « Welcome back! » Through all the changes of features, the grin persists, warm and bubbling with enthusiasm like the cooking-pot that still simmers nearby. « You know, I've been wondering about you… » and that the segue to a series of questions, bright curiosity about your past - the challenges you've faced, the solutions you've invented, the bonds of friendship you've made. Your interlocutor seems interested in everything - at least a little - but most of all in the times you've been clever, insightful, come up with something new and different that worked… or… at the very least helped you learn something new by how it failed! Questions follow answers, seeking onward until… « Oh. » That curiosity may well be boundless, but… « We're out of tea! I'll make more… » The beaming presence slips back toward the kettle - but that shift of focus proves too much, and it fades like mist to leave you on the sands.
3 One Weird Trick has brought the cauldron to a bubble, the whole room filled with a thick haze of steam. « It's almost ready. » You can hear the glee on that voice, the eager anticipation. « I think it'll work, this time. » A laugh, wry but amused. « I know, the last one I tried didn't exactly turn out right. That's why I'm in this mess! But I've got it figured out. » An acidic scent in the air grows sharper, underscored with herbs and nose-tickling spices, and you can sense the concern even through the steam that no longer grins quite so wildly. « I hope so, anyhow. I don't want to be the ugly duckling… I mean, it's all very well as a story, very instructive and all, but there's so much more to SEE and DO than sit around being fussed at because someone's decided you don't look quite right. » The smile has faded away, hidden behind the turmoil of mist and uncertainty that's filled with so many hopes for these preparations - and so many fears, should they fail. The cauldron burbles, rolling toward a boil, and… « I'm glad you came. » The steam swirls around you, a heated embrace. « But it's almost ready. I can't be distracted. » A puff of steam against your cheek, and… the presence is gone, the only heat that of the sands.
From A Catalogue Egg
Faint traceries of grey scribe their way over this otherwise plain white eggshell, coating it in patterns reminiscent of the most delicate lace. Great swirls mimic flowers and love hearts, each fading into the next in one seamless single line-drawn pattern seemingly with no end or beginning. Close scrutiny of the egg reveals, however, a secondary patterning underneath this lacy decoration — a series of ovals, eggs within eggs within eggs, each smaller than the last until they vanish into nothingness.
1 Expression of Life doesn't know you yet, but it love you So Much. All the colours of the rainbow stroke gently against your mind as the being inside the shell seeks to tease out your every thought and emotion, cradling each as if they're the most precious thing you could have shared, but then digging just a little deeper, a little more, it has to know. It has to know You. Will you share? Will you tell it your deepest desires?
2 Expression of Life has found IT. The one thought of yours that excites them the most. It tests it, teases it, plays with it in myriad ways that rather make your head spin. A mundane thought made brighter and more vibrant just from sheer enthusiasm. This. This is.. Perfection! Do you have more like this? Would you let it explore further into your head? Just a little?
3 Expression of Life is still here but clearly tiring, or maybe just retreating. It seems that this over-exuberant mental dance you've been on has worn it out completely. If you could… maybe… would you just… Give it some time? Softly, on the barest edge of consciousness, comes a faint « Thank You. » obliterated by a surge of love that swirls all contact far away.
Good Faith Deposit Egg
This large egg seems almost too good to be true - slightly larger than all its clutch mates, not a dimple or spot mars the smooth shell, not a bump or bulge interrupting the sleek lines. Bright green creeps upwards from the base, a perfectly manicured pedestal upon which soft blues reach upwards. A cap of neat, brick red perches upon the top, the color scheme like a perfect suburban home.
1 Law and Order is waiting for you, surrounded by rich hues of mahogany and burgundy, the dark, warm hues encompassing your mind in swift order. Come in, sit down, make yourself comfortable - but not too comfortable. And even as you do, it seems that this presence has started to judge you from the very beginning - what will the first impressions say about you?
2 Law and Order seems to shift then, moving around you and examining you from another angle, a heavy-weight of will pressing upon your being. Clean and crisp, light dances across your mind then, brightening up the darkness long enough for a single thought to make itself clear. What will -you- bring to the table.. what will your strengths bring to the partnership?
3 Law and Order lets the light fade almost as quickly as it appeared, and there is a quiet mental pause before it pulls back, and the scent of klah floats in lazily, carrying a sense of gratitude with it, which is replaced quickly with one of polite, but firm, dismissal.
Marks From Home Egg
This egg is almost impossibly large, looking too big to be allowed. It's roughly spherical in shape with no noticeable physical imperfections. The surface of the egg is smooth and gives of almost a glittery appearance like it had been lightly dusted with reflective specks that had adhered to the surface of the egg. This is only an illusion though since the egg itself is smooth. As for coloring you can see lots of greens of various shades. Starting at the bottom of the egg you see a circular ring of dark hunter green and from there almost like leaves you can see rough rectangles of dark green to light green around the edges organized in a leaflike pattern all along the middle of this egg to almost the top. At the 'top' of the egg is a little squiggly line of red that flows in no discernable pattern, looking as if a child has taken a crayon to the top of the egg.
1 A Light in the Study pulls you to a different place. Opening your eyes and looking around you see you are standing in a candle lit study surrounded by dusty books and scrolls that can only be seen in the flicker of candlelight. The room smells musty and it's clear that whoever lives here doesn't clean very often. You see a desk nearby and are drawn to it like a moth to a flame. A blank paper sits on that desk and you get the impression that the paper is looking at you. Suddenly without warning words appear on the page « Why are you here? » You get the impression that something is rifling through your thoughts but whatever it is is remains unseen. As suddenly as you were there you find yourself back among the eggs on the sands.
2 A Light in the Study pulls you once more to that dusty old study, and like before the paper beckons. « Have you come to bother me again? Can't you see that I'm busy working and don't have time to be disturbed. I work better alone. » The dusty books and papers begin to shake as if a strong wind was blowing through the chamber. Strangely enough the paper on the desk is unaffected but everything else in the room is not so lucky. Books fly off shelves narrowly missing you. « Go away!» appears on the paper and the next moment you are back on the sands.
3 A Light in the Study drags you once more to that familiar study. The dust is gone and the books are neatly back on their shelves. Order seems to have found a place here. On the desk is a book. You can see your picture on the cover before it opens as if unseen hands are turning the pages. « Interesting» appears on the paper beside the book. Whoever is reading is a fast reader and makes quick work of the story of your life. «Promising but unfinished.» The paper laments. « I must think on it and will send revisions later. Off with you now!» In the twinkle of an eye you stand once more on the sands.
The Career Deserved By This Egg
It's a small egg, admittedly, and not one that's particularly striking to the eye. Maybe it got the worse end of a few deals, back inside the dragon's belly - some poor circumstances that meant it hasn't quite managed to achieve the same success as its clutchmates on the sands. There's nothing too impressive about its color, either. It's just a dappled yellow-white, like a sheepskin wrapped around the curved surface of the shell. But… just because it's not much to look at yet, that certainly doesn't mean it's going to stay that way. This egg surely has dreams beneath that dull-dappled surface, ones that can reach fruition - with a bit of help - and become some kind of a tassel to go in the squared black cap that perches atop its shell.
1 Of Course We Can touches you back with a sense of quiet confidence despite its unassuming appearance. There you are, right on schedule! Which is good, because while there's a great deal you can achieve, there's also a lot of work you'll have to do in order to get there. You've got a lot to learn over these next few weeks - which is why it'd like to start by learning a bit more about you. How better to make sure that you're learning to your strengths instead of just trying to make yourself something you're not? The outside world fades, the better to minimize distractions, and the questions begin. Where were you born? What interested you as a child? Full sentences, please, and do try to use proper grammar. Ignorance can be taught, but a lack of effort is simply inexcusable! Now then… let's continue to explore your early education and development, the lessons - from both harper songs and the real world - that helped make you who you are today. At least… until time for those questions runs out, and you're returned to the sands with the discordant jangle of a bell ringing in your ears.
2 Of Course We Can is pleased by your return. Not everyone puts in the sort of effort a proper education requires, and it appreciates that you're at least willing to explore what it takes. You may need that determination sooner than you think, because today it wants to dig into something more challenging than the simple demographics already explored. It knows about how things started, the early details of your life sketched out before it comes to the heart of the matter - at least for now. Where did you go wrong? Oh, calm down, it's not an insult. It's a simple observation. You wouldn't be here on the sands if everything in your life had gone according to plan. You'd have a craft that contented you, perhaps a role in hold management or accounting, and you'd have no reason to be roasting on hot sands and hoping for an unknown future sprung forth from a mental connection to some dragon as yet unborn. So, given that… what went wrong? Why aren't you happy with your life as it stands now? Was there some key moment where it all began to fall apart? Do you know your mistake, or do you not even comprehend how it slid out of your grasp? Time seems to stretch interminably, the flaws in your answers pointed out and reviewed over and over until, at long last, the vision fades with the jolt of the bell that returns you to those sands where you - and those unborn dragons - roast.
3 Of Course We Can welcomes you back to its presence. You've learned so much already about how you came to be here and what challenges may await you. Are you ready for further lessons? Well… perhaps. There's a question of scheduling to be worked through, a few issues regarding who will make the best match of teacher and student, what classroom size will best assist in education… but it has faith in you. Whether you do it by large group instruction, private tutoring, or even an independent study, you'll keep learning and growing. You've already figured out how you went wrong - and that was you, not this growing dragon inside its egg. It's your knowledge that you carry with you, and what you've learned that will be your guide in the future. For now, it's time to graduate from this egg, to move on from your sharing of this dragon's mind and expand your education in new ways. If you just keep an open mind and keep learning to do better, you'll do great - eventually!
One Lettre Off Egg
There's something not quite right about this egg. It's beautifully oval, wide at the bottom, pointed at the top, exactly as it should be. Even its colouring is fairly plain and simple — mostly white, apart from the large red 'M' shapes that overlap across the shell. It's not even spectacular in size, neither small nor large, just average. Everything about it is, in fact, completely average. So why does it just seem… wrong.
1 Wisdom Begins where you least expect it - not rifling through your mind, but instead prodding at your other senses. Each part of you is tested in turn, each cog in the great machine that is You tested one after the other until it finds the truth it was seeking. How does a certain scent make you react? What about sound? If it makes you twitch just like… This… interesting! Yes indeed, you could be very interesting.
2 Wisdom Begins to finally rummage through your mind, seeking something that it cannot find at first. That. That cannot be true. Sorry, there is just no way. Why would you lie about something so obvious? It's only a dragon in a shell but you, you're already out there, if you cannot be honest with it… with yourself… then really, what is the point. You know what, never mind.
3 Wisdom Begins lurking, just lingering there in the back of your mind but not making real contact. Or are you just imagining it? Was this all meant for someone else? Time passes, then suddenly, « Oh! » Had it really just forgotten you were there? At least it feels apologetic. If an egg could blush it probably would have. Even so it simply meanders off into the distance, lost in its own thoughts. It probably didn't mean to be rude.
Enlarge Your Egg
Not the biggest egg of the bunch, this generally pale peach ovoid is rather unremarkable - but not necessarily for lack of trying. Swirls of color here and there around the base of the egg make it hard to follow the curve of the shell - light pink and cream intermingling as they dance upwards. And with each passing spiral of color there is a brief moment of illusion - did that egg just.. throb?
1 Dramatic Style and Flair is there, but not there, as suddenly the lights go low and an orchestra strikes up in your mind, the music building until suddenly there a single spot of bright - and there is no doubt as to who is the star of *this* show. Attention, over here please, yes - you! Colors and lights ripple around you - are you ready to join it on stage?
2 Dramatic Style and Flair flashes brightly, catching you up in a sudden mental dance number, twirling you around and potentially leaving you feeling rather disoriented. And then, just as suddenly, the music stops, the stage lights disappear, and you are left alone. But then, there is a swirl of glittering purple, and it feels like you are being observed carefully - What do you have that makes you different?
3 Dramatic Style and Flair continues its enthusiastic swirls, tugging gently on your mind. Are you ready for excitement? For adventure? To go and just.. have a good time? And then, there is a distant sound, a flash, and you feel the attention drift away quickly - some new, novel entertainment drawing its focus instead.
ATTENTION: Your Unpaid Taxes Egg
Deep navy blue enshrouds the surface of this smooth ovoid. It sits upright on the sands, almost as if standing to attention. Even from afar this eggs gives off the impression of being rock solid to the point that it may take several dragons to move it. Only one other color that races across this smooth surface: pure silver. It carves itself into this pristine canvas as a shimmering line that splits and curves in an intricate pattern. From afar it is difficult to tell what exactly this hopes to accomplish, however it becomes increasingly clear the closer one gets. A shield-like outline brands this egg with an avian-type shape perched proudly atop it. Its eye is marked by a single dot that stares down all that approach in an almost judging manner. Do you dare?
1 Cease and Desist enshrouds you in a cloud of darkness. You feel a chair bump against the back of your knees, forcing you to sit down on it. Cold hard wood presses against your back almost as if trying to make you comfortable. There is no soft cushion or welcoming pillow on this seat. Just a general unpleasantness. Long moments tick by in the darkness for a sudden spark of light is shined straight into your eyes. For a moment it almost seems painful. « So….we’ve finally caught you. »
2 Cease and Desist returns with an ominous clanking, as if a bat were being hit against a metal fence. The sounds grows louder as it approaches and again that painful spotlight is pointed at you. « You thought you could get away with it didn’t you? » No warmth comes from these words and even worse, the air around you becomes frigid. Silence falls and again seconds tick by before you feel a breath against your neck. « Well you can’t. This is the end for you.»
3 Cease and Desist knew you would return. After all, you had no choice. It would have dragged you back kicking and screaming if it had to. There’s no calm approach this time or terrifying noise to precede its arrival. Instead it rushes you all of a sudden, forcing you to stumble backwards and fall to the ground. It crouches in front of you and though you can’t see it, you can hear a scowl in that voice. « How /dare/ you? How COULD you? This is it. This is the last time. You will NEVER…skip paying your taxes again! » A clipboard is shoved into your hands along with a pen. « Now if you’ll write down your full name, where you live, how many marks you currently own and where you keep them this can all be behind us. »
To Aide my Kingdom Egg
A dark red engulfs the apex of this egg, fading to a soft orange and eventually a single pin point of white that is quickly hidden by the sands. It would seem almost akin to a sunset if not for the patterns that race across the shell’s surface. From top to bottom distinct black patterns are divided into five circumferential rows. The first: a simple band. The second: interlocking triangles. The third: soft waves. The fourth: solid diamonds. And finally the fifth: a series of blobs that look draconic in shape. However, as this last row marches around the egg it seems to change form, beginning as a dragonet and ending as a fully grown creature to be feared.
1 A Gift For You arrives with a great amount of pomp and circumstance. The fanfare of an upbeat tune along with deep drum beats thrum in time with your own heart. The melody gives off an almost tribal feel and you find your foot tapping along with rhythm. It seems that there’s a reason for the grand welcome, and that reason? « I have a proposition for you! » What proposition you ask? Well it seems that you’ll simply have to wait and find out. For now a red carpet rolls out from some unknown location, stopping just in front of you. Will you follow?
2 A Gift For You is delighted that you’ve decided to follow the path set out before you. « You certainly won’t regret this. In fact, after this you’ll simply be rolling riches. You won’t have to worry about a thing! » The same music from before continues to play but rather than letting you enjoy it, A Gift For You continues to talk. « Now you see, I have a very large sum of silver that will require transporting. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in this horrid shell so there isn’t a way for me to get to it. You though…/you/ can get it. You’ve got legs after all. » Of course decisions can’t be rushed. « Take a moment to think about it, I shall be waiting. »
3 A Gift For You knew that you would return, it had an irresistible offer after all. « Now, I can’t simply /give/ the information for free of course. You might betray me in the end. I’ll require a good faith payment. » No, that isn’t a joke. « Now if you can provide me with 10 of the total value as a deposit I’d be more than happy to provide you with the information. I can’t have you running off with my things! » Nevermind that its a dragon still in an egg, that doesn’t mean it’s lying. There’s a jovial laugh before the next words. « You’ll easily make up the sum once you retrieve the marks, it shouldn’t put in a dent in your savings at all. » Do you protest? Agree? Whatever your reply it falls on deaf ears. « SO, there it is! Our deal! Now go on, retrieve the required payment and soon we’ll both be rolling in riches! »
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