Monaco Bay's Spring 2016 Clutch

Dam: Isanath
Sire: Marzoth

I'm Not a Snowman Dangit! Egg (Winter)
Oh Blistering cold with frigid white encase this rather unique seeming egg. No gloss touches any angle, though shadows play havoc giving the shell the appearance of being three speres instead of one. A circle of darkness rest upon the top beneath a swirl of paper like bits. Softened by a fog or perhaps a sweeping blizzard of shimmering flecks are coal dark markings that give a blank stare paired with a lopsided grin. In the center of it all is a glowing splash of orange, lighting the way through the cold.
1 A Fight for Survival is strong, knows that there are trials coming at it that have to be faced. Peace or War? There is so much around it that needs to be explored. It digs through your mind, pulling useful bits of things out into the open to be used. Images of plants, fruits, all things that can be used for the good of all flicker through you thoughts. It wants to know and learn about you and all those around it, but there's just something out there that walls need to be built up against. It quickly sets about creating a safe haven for you and it, protecting you both from all that's out there that is unknown. Don't be afraid, it will always be here in one way or another.
2 A Fight for Survival is ready for the fight that is coming, it wants you to be too. The sounds of the forest now surround you, the young mind with you moves with silence, leaving you to follow it. It's hunting something, that thing that wish harm for what you would explore. From the heat of the sands to the stickiness of a humid forest, sweat makes your clothing sticky and clingy. A branch cracks near by, the sounds of arrows and spears thunking into trees sounds out. Today it's War against all that rises up as a threat. It follows the rules, Can you?
3 A Fight for Survival shows you that there is so much out there if you're just willing to give peace a chance. War is not the option, so many get hurt. It trudges onward, sweeping you along with it. While you may have to run from time to time, there will be a time to quiet and rest, safety and relaxation. It drifts with you for a time before slowly backing away. It releases you back onto the sands with things to ponder. It's ready to close its eyes and go over each and everything that you showed it and it showed you. Come back for more…it leaves you with that lingering hope.
Scenic Sunrise Egg (Spring)
A wild landscape of colors encompass the large egg. Running rampant through the wild foliage colors race to create such an illusion perhaps better placed within a painting. Rays of golden yellow fuse; melding with streaks of oranges, pinks and even a hint of amethyst hidden away within the clouds. As your eye travels downwards pale blue mountainous shapes emerge from the golden light to reveal their pointy, snow covered peaks. Young, budding green leaves cover the brown skeleton like trees at the base of the mountains. Flying high above the tree line are small shapes, perhaps birds enjoying the beautiful morning. As your eyes travel to the base of the egg the picture continues in its beautiful, vibrant colors to bring forth bright, happy colorful flowers also budding new to bring beautiful life to the egg that holds a brand new life.
1 Burning at the Center of Time is ready for you. Perhaps waiting for you? Faintly a sound is heard in the distance of your mind expanding so quickly there is little time for you to react. Abruptly you are surrounded by what appears to be a single room. Standing at the bottom of several stairs you can take them up to the center of the room. A large circular console dominates the large yet not large room. Where are you? Before that thought can fully form a voice echoes across from the back. « Finally you've come. I've been waiting » despite this welcome there is a wary feeling to the unseen presence as they watch and judge you. After an indeterminable amount of time you find yourself back on the Sands with no warning whatsoever.
2 Burning at the Center of Time brings you back to the same place only this time you are briefly on the outside. A small container perhaps it doesn't look even remotely capable of holding the room you were just in. Once more you are yanked abruptly inside with a bewildering feeling of being in a strange yet familiar place. Clearly it is larger on the inside than it is the outside. The decor is different this time, different colors and different yet still the same large circular console in the center of the room. Again the presence is there with a considerable difference. Gone is the wary watching. Instead in its place is a hyper and outgoing personality that demands to know everything about you. Questions assault all of your senses from all directions. Fast as furious they come to learn everything from your childhood to what you had for lunch yesterday. Regardless if you answer or not suddenly you are gone just as fast as you were there.
3 Burning at the Center of Time reaches out to metaphorically grab your hand to energetically pull you back. Once again the place is the same yet different. Wildly different in the decor dark color splash the walls and the console centerpiece is all wooden material as opposed to the unknown materials before. There are no questions this time. Along the rooms you get pulled along by your hand with an eagerness that can't be denied. Needing no words this time the unseen presence merely wants to intrigue you with varies items or pictures. A trinket here, a drawing there, they show you many things before releasing your hand. Wrapped in silence you're sent back once more with an unspoken invite to perhaps return just one more time.
4 Burning at the Center of Time draws you back once more with the feeling of your hand being taken before suddenly you are dragged away from the sands so quickly your stomach drops to your toes. A noticeable difference yet once more, shadows hide the room just enough to blur any details. This time the unseen presence is right there in your face. Ruthless in their questions they want to know personal details about yourself and everyone you hold dear. It demands to know your intentions. Are they good? Bad? Finally after mere seconds or hours your hand is dropped. No longer are you invited to linger. Your key is taken away and the doors close behind you with an audible click before you find yourself back on the sands in a rush of sounds and colors flashing around you. No answer will be given should you chose to linger.
Drip Drip Drop Egg (Spring)
Pale crystalline blue coast this oddly elongated shell, glittering damply regardless of time spent on the sands. Splotches of other colours, reflections of those around it, dance across the shell - changing and moving with the angle of view - but close inspection reveals a secondary hint of bright sky blue near the pointed tip, with just a hint of cloudy white crowning the very apex.
1 Messenger of the Sword is apparently asleep, that's certainly the overwhelming feeling that is given off, but theres something else behind it. Its almost as if it's faking, waiting to see what you're going to do or say.
2 Messenger of the Sword pounces, scattering thoughts to the four winds as it rampages through, laughing all the time. The sudden ferocity is once again replaced with a gentleness, and a feeling that perhaps it's proud of itself for having tricked you into being so open.
3 Messenger of the Sword soothes where once it trampled, though there's a brief chuckle now and then as it remembers. Plans? A faint taste of blood, metallic and surprising, is quickly washed away by the smell of salt water and the complete retreat of the shellbound mind.
Crystaline Sharpness Egg (Winter)
Perhaps just this once a miracle of miracles has placed an ovid made of glass upon the sands. Slick and wet is the surface, casting light off it at every angle. Instead of round and squat, this egg is sharp to say the least. Sleek sides taper upward from the thick base that's nestled in the sands to the near needle sharp apex that reaches upward to make this egg taller then others around it by far.
1 In Search of the Truth marches into your mind without a second thought, letting you know its time to grab your gear there's something out there that needs to be solved. Away from the sands you swept, the heat vanishing and you are standing on the beach, the crashing of waves sounding out behind you as the young mind begins showing you things that just don't add up. Sand with deep grooves leading towards the dark visage of the jungle, speckles of something that stand out where the ground is torn up. What happened here? Make pictures to look back on, gather up all that matters to be studied later on. Yes, you can do this can't you? You have what it takes to follow the rules and see things through correct?
2 In Search of the Truth surrounds you, pulls you into its inner sanctum, the sounds of computers clicking and droning along plays across your thoughts as background noise. Gone is the strictness of before, this time it's more energetic nearly over caffinated as it begins digging through all that you've seen and more. It takes it all apart, all the while whirling around you in excitement. Flashes of scenes at the beach race around you, then it tugs you towards something else, only before the something soft and fuzzy brushes across your thoughts accompanied by aloud Buuuurp! Before it releases you and sends you back to the sands, to let you process it all and see if you have what it takes to come back for more.
3 In Search of the Truth smacks you across the back of the head, not hard enough to hurt but enough to get your attention. The smell of fresh cut wood plays across your senses as the sounds of someone shaving wood plays in the background. You've done some good work today, gave it your all but do you have what it takes to keep coming back and help it more? Sounds and small retreat further into the background of things, leaving you with the knowing that you aren't alone but you still have a mystery to solve and much to resolve. The mind wavers, tiring making you feel a bit drained and ready for a rush of Klah or something to get you up and going again.
Red Sprite Egg (Summer)
This elliptical egg could be said to be roughly average size for a dragon egg. It's not it's size that makes this egg stand out it's the vivid colors that grace it's shell. The rounded bottom of the egg is shaded in the swirling grays and blacks that could be seen in a storm cloud, but that isn't the stand out part of this egg. Above the cloudy whirl tendrils of vivid red and dark blue snake upward, intertwining as they climb. Behind these red streaks is a background of utter darkness. The blue is quickly lost in what becomes a sea of bright blood red as the tendrils completely cover the presumably dark expanse beneath. At the tip of the egg the color becomes a more bright reddish orange.
1 There Is A Hole In Your Mind draws you away from the sands and surrounds you in darkness. You can discern no visible light, as if you were hanging in a starless expanse of open space. A weightless feeling washes over you as bob and float through the void. You can feel a wind on your face but can see nothing. Soon enough memories begin to bubble up from your past. Sad memories, happy memories, and even more than a few embarrassing memories. And unspoken question hangs just on the other side of the darkness: Who are you? Soon enough the mind draws away from you and the fountain of memories seems to stop flowing and you find yourself back on the sands.
2 There Is A Hole In Your Mind once more pulls you up and out of yourself. This time you find yourself standing in a sea of white light. Out of the corner of your eye you catch a slight movement that with a whoosh flashes across the room behind a fabric screen. You can't really make anything out distinctly but you can see a light hovering there. Just as you feel a pull to speak up the room is suddenly filled with different treasures. It hits you like a bolt from the blue that these are all things you have wanted at some point in your life. The light behind the screen watches to see what you will be drawn toward as an unspeaking voice declares the question: What do you want? As you find yourself moving toward your heart's desire it fades from sight and you once more find yourself standing back on the sands.
3 There Is A Hole In Your Mind yanks you roughly through a small tunnel at blazing speed. You can feel sides of this tunnel brushing against you as you are compelled forward. You emerge from this tunnel with a pop in your ears as the young mind digs deeper within you than it has previously. You find yourself standing in a candlelit room surrounded by people. Lots of people. You recognize all of these people. They are people that you have known throughout your life. As your eyes focus one of the individuals you see that the features of their face seem to morph and change in perpetual motion. You can see out of your peripheral vision that the faces of all the people are dancing and changing and the same rate of speed. The question that rings through your mind in unspoken words is: Who do you serve and who do you trust? The room begins to dim and you lose sight of the faces but the multitude in the room reach their hands out toward you as they close in. Just as they are about to touch you the vision fades and you stand once more on the hot sands.
Something Wicked Egg (Fall)
Colors are splashed across this egg, at least it seems that way at first. Though when a closer look the colors are more painted on with a steady hand an a thick brush. Dark umber brown flows across the surface, with splotches of yellow and orange starting at the top and slowly working down one side a sprinkling of white and black is found peppering one area as if jutting out from the egg itself from the simple angle the colors take. The rest of the egg is a dirty brown and red color, splash of black rest across the bottom of the egg as if something was on the sands and the egg just happen to fall in it when laid. There is a rough texture found in certain areas as if something was attempting to push out from inside the egg, yet the thick shell of this large egg keeps everything in place within.
1 Rotten Funk Of Your Dreams pulls you in and all at once you find yourself lost, the sands are gone and it is dark, so dark that there is not a speck of light to be found. Sounds start first, a creaking groan, which soon turns into a low moan, there is a new scent something of earth but something with a tinge of cooper. When the light starts to shine through you find yourself in a room, which slowly turns into a field, fog is rolling in front the tree line and there is something at the very edge. Something seems to be watching you, unsureness is running through you, fear starting to tingle in the back of your neck and a low moan is heard suddenly behind you. When you turn to look you find that nothing is there and instead you are backs on the sands.
2 Rotten Funk Of Your Dreams here is quick movements once you are pulled back into the darkness, crackling of leaves is felt and heard underfoot, something smacks you and it seems to be a thin tree branch. Suddenly there is light, the darkness is lifted and you find yourself in a forest of thick trees, leaves and the sudden smell of smoke. If one looks up then there is a dark black cloud drifting up into the air, a fire is perhaps burning somewhere nearby. The sounds of groaning is picked up once more, the smell of something more then earth a bit of rottenness creeping up and perhaps from the direction from that fire itself. Movement I heard and there is a shadow just at the corner of your eye, and when you do look over it is just smoke slowly drifting inwards. There is a path found and one should start to follow it from the looks of things. Once you start to follow that path it leads through the forest,and all the while the crunching and turning of leaves and underbrush is caught, but it is not your movement causing this. The fear starts to creep up into you now, and it is for certain that something or one is following you. You start to run, branches snapping around you another swat to the face and yo find yourself about to fall, right into a pit that is opening up in the ground. Your eyes close and instead of falling into that hole you actually find yourself falling down upon the hot sands.
3 Rotten Funk Of Your Dreams this time your not whisked away to some forest, no instead you are on the sands but all around you are broken and cracked eggs. Someone or something has went through and broken them all, bits of mush and goo rests in puddles across the sands here and there, perhaps the hatching has already happened? Did you sleep through it all? Fog starts to roll in, the faint moan from before is heard and your heart starts to race, something isn't right. A shudder is felt, but it is not you instead the sands are moving, and something is under you. You scream, and fears rolls over you before something is curling around you, something is seeming to protect you. Whatever just happened isn't out to hurt you, no a warmth suddenly floods you of happiness, and the feeling of finding the one they was looking for. Perhaps it is you? Though in the end it is all just something in you mind, and your back upon the sands, nothing is out of place, none of the eggs our broken and everything seems free of chaos. For now.
Sweltering Summer Sun Egg (Summer)
Glaring, bright yellow engulfs nearly this entire egg, unrelenting hues clinging to the over-sized shell. Here and there, spots of green struggle to appear, framed by brown as they wilt beneath the Rukbat-hued rays. Each area where a bit of color attempts to thrive is quickly snuffed out, the hot hues burning it into oblivion.
1 Echoes of Excess swirls around you, deep reds of a rich cabernet, and then the crisp golds of a cool chardonnay, leaving shadows in their wake as the colors fall away. An odd sound - was that a hiccup? - and the presence leans against your mind. Where to now? Is it time for a change of pace?
2 Echoes of Excess loses the rich, clear hues of wine, while the bright colors of a outdoor market shuffle around you, delicious aromas wafting around you - spicy scents mingling with sweeter ones, roasted meat tying it all together. A gentle tug, and you are pulled deeper into the mayham.
3 Echoes of Excess disappears into the mayham for a moment before a sound catches your attention, and it is leading you along once more, a splash of this, a taste of that, a strong smell - all rushing past you in a moment. And with each moment, the presence seems to weave a bit more, to stagger a bit more, before suddenly it falls out of your mind and you are left alone back where you started.
Colors of the Wind Egg (Fall)
A sea of red and orange stretches out across this perfectly oblong egg. Strands of green and brown crawl upwards from the base before erupting in an explosion of vibrant colors. Yellow makes its way into the mix, adding richness to the hues. An airy breathe seems to be whisking the colored dots from their branches, throwing them into the sky in a hazy whirlwind. Eventually they seem to find a home on the gleaming surface that is the other side of the egg. Crystal green stretches out along this aspect of the ovoid, the color shimmering constantly as if assaulted by ripples from each falling speck of color. By some illusion a structure seems to be rising in the hazy distant. Gray stone spires soar upwards, providing a majestic touch to this picturesque egg.
1 Hello Love… I knew it was only a matter of time before you cam for a visit. A sea breeze blows forth from the darkness, carrying with it a shadowy figure and the rich sent of leather. The presence comes closer, it's pace nothing more than a leisurely saunter. /You aren't too shabby at first glance./ Without warning you find your memories being rifled through. /Boring. Really, is that all you have to offer? I was expecting a bit mo-AHA! So this is your most embarrassing moment./ Your ears are abruptly assaulted with the boom of cannon fire and blinding flashes of light. Confusing as it may be, you soon realize that this attack on your senses is a form of laughter. /Is that a flush on your cheeks? Don't worry….I'll help you with that./ Wave upon wave floods your mind, cooling the fires of humiliation. When the water recedes, you find yourself alone on the sands once more.
2 Hello Love… you couldn't get enough of me, could you? /It's alright, I'm rather found of you too./ Shadows swirl around you, wrapping you in the comfort of a tight embrace. Your chin is lifted upwards and a soft breathe falls against your cheeks. Its lips are just a hair's breadth from yours when the presence suddenly pulls away. It stands back and though you can't see it you can /feel/ the smirk directed towards you. /Were you looking forward to tha-/ *Tick Tock* The words that echoed in your mind are suddenly cut short and the air begins to fill with an ominous sound. *Tick tock…tick tock* Black clouds begin to form overhead, threatening to swallow you both. /GO!/ Voiceless words are tinged with panic. *Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock" The sound grows louder and nearer. The sky begins to swirl, creating a tornado that threatens to sweep you both away. /Run…I can't keep you safe, not from this!/ A hand grabs yours and you find yourself being tugged forwards. Together you sprint as fast and as far as you can, but it isn't enough. *Tick tock…TICK tock…TICK TOCK!* /I'm sorry./ The hand withdraws from your grip and moments later you're pushed to safety. You're forced to watch as the heinous smog descends on the presence, and deep inside you feel the playful being drown in the vileness. In the end all that remains is that horrid sound. *Tick….tock*
3 Hello Love… we really have to stop meeting like this. /I thought I told you to stay away./ Is this the same being you met before? It has the same appearance, but something else seems to be controlling it from within. Your skin crawls with a burning chill, but it's several moments before you realize the source. A metal hook curls around your neck, the sharp point digging in uncomfortably. The scent of blood fills your nostrils and a sanguine drop of fluid rolls down your nape. /I told you to run…Now there's no escape./ Pain shoots up your spine as the hook digs in deeper, but somewhere in the back of your mind you realize you aren't the only one suffering. While your pain is physical, its pain is mental. Red flashes before your eyes and you can feel the anguish in every utterance directed towards you. /Why did you come back? I tried to save you!/ You can sense it fighting against the evil, just barely preventing it from taking full possession of its body. Anger and loathing wash over you followed by the undercurrents of regret…and love. The pressure at your neck suddenly disappears and you sense the presence holding back the dangerous hook with the one limb it's managed to keep control of. /I can't hold it back much longer. GO!/ *Tick tock* Like tears, drops of sea water being to fall from the sky. /LEAVE!/ *Tick tock, tick tock, tick…* Everything goes wrong all at once. The wickedness claims that pure heart and the rain from above freezes into deadly spikes. Just as the villain-controlled being lunges towards you, just as the hook is about to pierce your heart, just as the ice touches your skin you find yourself on the hot sands once more. It could have all been a dream if it weren't for the words echoing in your head…./At least one of us will be able to live happily ever after./
4 Hello Love… is lost to the abyss. For now. Only you can save it from the darkness, but not now. Not quite yet. The right time will come soon and when it does you have one thing to remember….evil never wins.
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