Monaco Bay's Winter 2017 Clutch

Dam: Fuerioth
Sire: Sindrieth

Betwixt the Trees Egg (Red Riding Hood)
This egg sits right in the upper mid-size, a perfect ovoid shape that crests just faintly shorter than the largest eggs and a fair bit larger than the smallest. Enrobed in inky blacks that start with thick lines at the bottom and shoot into thin tendrils towards the apex, they're set upon a background of pristine snowy white. There's a bronzen lining along the edge of the trees that's barely noticeable from a distance, but from up close appears raised to the touch and offers a glimmer of brightness to keep it from falling entirely into a nightmarish landscape. Within the sketchy looking forest of lines, there's a single splash of color on one side: red, which if one were imaginative, might look like a small figure running towards the horizon. On the opposite side: a splotch of grey, dark and slinking amongst the black barked trees.
1 Untamed Predator steals you from the sands the very moment your hands touch upon the shell, and delves you straight into pitch darkness. The scents that fill your awareness are those of soil and leaves, the very aroma of the end of autumn when they've long fallen to the ground and started to decompose. It's not an unpleasant smell, instead it's one that reminisces of times spent playing in piles of raked leaves. There's a draft of cold wind that causes a shiver despite the heat your body is experiencing. In the distance there glints the brilliant hue of bronzen rimmed gold - a pair of eyes, one suspects, though they peer straight through your soul and into your very being. « You. » The voice tremors distantly, haunting and somehow remaining so the gender of the speaker is indiscernable. « What have you brought me? »
2 Untamed Predator vanishes, or at least, the pair of eyes seem to disappear into the darkness once more. No matter the answer of what was brought, it hardly seems to matter. Silence. Enough to clearly hear your own heartbeat as you wait for the next sound. The next flicker of color in the darkness that surrounds. Just when it seems as though what lurks beyond has lost interest, there's a flash of sharp white teeth that appear illuminated by an unseen moon and a rustle of leaves so close that can make one's heart skip a beat. « Are you frightened? » There's barely a pause long enough to wedge an answer before it continues, « You ought to be. »
3 Untamed Predator is a steady presence for what seems like longer than it truly is. A snap of the beasts maw and a glare is given to the interloper that's intruding upon its space, before there's a flippant sounding, « Leave. I will only consider the strongest. You have some work to do. » The voice begins to trail off at the end, a clear sign that the being is growing weary even if there's still threat in its tone. Suddenly the chill of the autumnal space starts to grow heated, the darkness starts to give way to the brightness of the hatching grounds and the sudden realization that whatever of your body is touching the ground is suddenly feeling super-heated from remaining still. Now you know what an egg feels like when it remains too long on one side.
Completely Wholesome Egg (The Completely Wholesome Adventures of Skeleton Bob)
If there were one thing to be said about this egg it would be that is it pink. Or rather… it is PINK. It's certainly not one to get lost in a crowd, and from the vague patterning that covers the otherwise unremarkable shell it should be quite cosy inside - after all it's not every day that an egg looks more like it has been hand-knit rather than laid. It even looks as if someone has already given in and is trying to pet it as a small yellowy white shape, well more accurately a child-sized boney hand shape, seems to be reaching up from the sands on one side.
1 Just a Bad Day perhaps, though how that could possibly happen to a developing dragon is an egg is anyone's guess. Maybe one of your fellow candidates upset it. Maybe it's just grumpy today. But it's there regardless, worming its was into your mind in search of… something. Oh, right, brains. It's looking for brains. Wait? What??
2 Just a Bad Day is spreading, enfolding you in its grumpiness and sweeping you along on a tide of itchiness and a smell rather reminiscent of old meat. Perhaps it's this discomfort that makes it so grumpy. So willing to order you to report to it. But report what? You'll be waiting a long time for an answer to that as something distracts it and the presence stalks off.
3 Just a Bad Day is exhausted. There, that /must/ be why it's so grumpy. The brief scent of soil in the rain seems to stir it from its repose for a moment, long enough to tell you to get on with it. It? Perhaps another egg will be more forthcoming, this one now seems to be snoring. Loudly. In your mind.
Bleeding Heart Egg (Grimm's Rapunzel)
At first glance, it seems that something has gone horribly wrong with this egg. There is no smooth surface or nice oblong shape. Instead the shell ripples with outcroppings, like thick vines squeezing whatever poor creature might be inside. The faux foliage twists and winds, tangling itself into a large misshapen ball on the sands. Jagged points thrust out from the brambles, like sharp thorns that may draw blood at the slightest touch. Periodically dark ichor oozes out from between the thick bands, running down the ovoid and soaking into the ground below. However, beneath those demonic briars is a spark of color only noticeable to those who scrutinize the egg carefully. At the very top, between the thinning vines, miniscule streaks of bright yellow shine through the darkness.
1 Into the Darkness appears as a pair of milky eyes. They stare out at you from the blackened world of this egg, and yet…they see nothing. A tortured keen resounds in the walls of your mind before you suddenly find yourself surrounded by smoke. « Is….is anyone there? » The slender whips begin to run up your arms and legs before circling your torso and eventually washing across your face. However, there is no acrid smell of smoke or hindrance of your breathing. Instead, a gentle washes over both your body and mind. Almost as suddenly as the presence appeared however, it is gone.
2 Into the Darkness washes over you in a flood of warmth once more. « Is it you? The one I've searched for? » The words seem almost muffled, almost too difficult to make out. There are no sounds to prove it, but it seems almost as if the creature within is trying very hard to keep from crying. A tinge of panic suddenly enters your mind, though it's unclear whether it originated from you or the creature. But one thing is certain….something is very very wrong here. The vapors around you have condensed to liquid and now the smell of iron fills the air. Perhaps it's your eyes adjusting to the darkness, or perhaps it's the brief pulse of light from somewhere out of vision range….in any case you are finally allowed a glimpse at this mysterious substance only to find it is blood you are drenched in. And that blood certainly isn't your own.
3 Into the Darkness is surprised you have returned, especially after all that. The eyes stare at you once more, and though the being within may currently be blind, you find yourself utterly judged. « Will yours….» The question goes uncompleted and instead you find something flicking through your memories. It searches for all those times of hardship, followed by all those times you let down your hair and simply enjoyed life. As soon as the presence arrived however, it disappears, taking the previous things it learned with it. But unlike every other time you have touched this egg, you aren't transported back to the heat of the sands. Instead you find yourself abandoned in this black hole. There is no smoke or dark ichor to warm your body. Instead you find yourself chilled to the bone. It's unclear how much time passes. Seconds? Minutes? Certainly not hours. It can't be. Then, without warning, the question is finally completed « …be the tears that save me? » With that, you are free.
Pure of Heart Egg (Disney's Rapunzel/Tangeled)
Smooth. Elliptical. Near perfection. This ovoid is the complete opposite of it's twin, the Bleeding Heart Egg. Pastel pinks whisk across the surface, embracing the being within. The colors seem increasingly saturated as one looks from the top down, until they have faded into a pale lavender. Behind this array of gentle shades are rare streaks of dark brown, dispersed seemingly at random over the egg's surface. The single spark of vibrance this canvas boasts is a circlet of pure silver at its apex.
1 See the Light bounces forth in a glow of sunshine and warmth. « A visitor! A visitor? You…that's what you call someone that comes to see you? Or hear you? Right? » Statements. Questions. General bubbliness! A stream of light seems to swim around the air in front of you, and you find it lifting your arms and examining your hair, and even inspecting your shoes. There's no doubt that this being is absolutely fascinated with you. « I've never seen anyone that looks like you! Are there a lot of you? Are YOU what they call a human? » So many questions, but so little time to answer.
2 See the Light seems just a tad pouty this time around. « You left! » It doesn't really matter that you had no choice. To this creature, the mere seconds you may have gone certainly feels like an eternity. And yet that stubbornness doesn't last long. There's so much to see, to learn! It can't stay mad forever. The being zips into your mind, bouncing around the walls of your mind in a poor attempt to learn EVERYTHING about you. The movie of your life plays out before you in what most certainly isn't the right order. But suddenly….everything stops. A single reel is projected forward. There it is, the worst day of your life. The day you felt pain like you never had before. The day that you keep locked within your heart. The day you tell very few about because it hurts. It hurts so very much. « I'm…I'm so sorry. » A sad keening reverberates around your mind and within moments See the Light as retreated.
3 See the Light returns, and with a mission! You find that ray of sunshine engulfing you. It isn't trying to drown you. No, instead you find yourself being squeezed in a slightly uncomfortable but certainly well attended hug. « Together! » Together what? In all the excitement here, the being doesn't seem able to formulate a full answer. Instead, it ripples in the air before you. Pure yellow rays turn to pink and lavender. A spark of gold turns to a deep brown before your eyes and suddenly you find yourself staring into a pair of large green eyes. It tugs you forward, bidding you join it on an adventure. But before you've gone more than a few steps the being stops short. « Not yet. » No, not yet. It turns to look at you and feel a hand carries your cheek gently. « But everything will be different….the moment I see you. »
Unless Egg (Lorax)
he shape of this egg is more cylindrical than spherical and it sits upright with its base nestled beneath the sands like a root. A pale pastel yellow accented by black stripes can be seen climbing up the egg as it emerges from the sands into the light of the cavern. It almost looks like it has a rough bark like consistency, though you could never say for sure without touching it. This simple pattern is interrupted as it reaches the domed top of the egg. Cloud shaped pastels grace the top of this egg. There are wisps of purple, orange and yellow, with hints of pink mixed into these fluffy whirls of color.
1 Person Like You immediately draws you into a swirl of soft pastel colors that move and dance around you. As the purples, blues, greens, and yellows dance and bob in your field of vision you are aware of an intelligence somewhere out there in the vast sea of color. It probes and picks at your mind, scurrying silently through your memories as if it were looking for something. The field of colors dissolves leaving you in near darkness. A bright orange splotch appears on the horizon. It hovers there, so far away you can't make anything out. Then in instant you are being shown your life's dream. It plays like a movie in your mind. All the most important people in your life are there. Coming unbidden from deep in your heart comes a feeling of hope and promise. Just as that feeling threatens to overwhelm you the intelligence that caused it pulls band and away and you hear a whisper, « I speak for» Whatever the intelligence was going to say is drowned out by the rushing of wind and a feeling of being pulled back. You open your eyes and are on the sands once more.
2 Person Like You draws you back once more. There you stand in front of an image of yourself. Your dream has been achieved. You seem so very happy. Those feelings of hope and promise are replaced by feelings of triumph. Your heart thumps in your chest fit to burst. Then that funny whisper from just behind your ear chimes in again, « What more. » A statement? A question? You turn but find nothing. The vision begins to change. Those people important to you in your life one by one begin to walk away their faces falling. One by one they go until you are left all alone. The vision darkens and the world takes on a grey coloring. Wisps of smoke curl and dance before your eyes as your dream quakes and dies. You are once again jerked back to the sands and the egg falls silent.
3 Person Like You pulls you inside and your nose is met with the acrid smell of smoke. The world you had previously seen lays desolate before your eyes. There is nothing left. Just you and the whisper. At least you think you can feel its presence somewhere out there. « Unless. » The whisper comes from just behind your right ear. Once more you turn to find nothing, just more desolation. « Unless. » comes from behind you once more, a little louder this time. The voice is neither masculine nor feminine. This time when you spin around you see a shadow. It's shape is that of a very young dragon but beyond that you can see no clear detail. The little insubstantial dragon shadow stares at you and as it does so a beam of light breaks through the dark, roiling clouds, and falls on the shadow which doesn't vanish within the light. In that moment an earthquake shakes the ground and the dragon shadow is raised in the air without flapping its wings. As the beam of light takes it to the sky in the distance you once more hear the cry « Unless. » The light vanishes leaving an indentation and circle of stones in the ground where the shadow once stood. In the next moment you are back on the sands safe and sound.
Bovine Identification Egg (Where's My Cow)
Bright primary colours and childish finger painting combine to bring life, and a rather confusing decoration, to this rather elongated shell. Splotches of colours mix haphazardly making it difficult to decide on any particular shape. There's one splotch that looks vaguely like a dragon, but then that would be expected. Another could be some sort of giant pig, or perhaps a rather deformed cow. One particular splotch could be a hand, possibly, another some sort of crustacean. All in all its possibly best to not stare at it too long. Or just make up your own decision of what the pictorial context should be.
1 Chalk and Steel vie for dominance in the mind of this young being - two distinct paths twining and merging as they stretch off into the eternity that quickly threatens to swallow your mind whole. Stars move. The planet turns. But yet there is a kindness there - the faintest stirrings of loyalty that keep you grounded and safe.
2 Chalk and Steel come together once more with a crash of sound and light. There you are! Both seem to have been searching, but was it truly for you? They seek knowledge, their purposes aligning for a time, myriad questions thrown at you all at once before the stars once again swirl the mindtouch out of reach.
3 Chalk and Steel split at last, the gruff sharpness of steel taking over. Who are you? Why are you here? A faint thread of cynicism colours the touch, but slowly fades as tendrils of green and white move in to wrap the questioning in the hands of chalk once more. The questions don't stop, but there's a brief feeling that it already knows the answers before the stars move and the entire presence spins off into the distance leaving only one thought. Which is the true personality? Perhaps both. Time will tell.
Egg of Unusual Size (Princess Bride)
Certainly, the most notable attribute of this egg is its size - Large. In fact, not is it just large, it is incredibly large - and not merely exagerated by storytellers. Various shades of brown and gray fight for dominance over the shell - lighter, sandy hues claiming the majority of the bottom third of the shell, while streaks of darker brown arch upwards. As the streaks of brown continue to spread outwards as they climb, sudden a bright spot on the side of the egg may catch someone's attention - a flare of fiery orange.
1 As You Wish is merely.. there. Perhaps it has been there for a while, perhaps it just appeared, but you slowly become aware of the fact that you are no longer alone. It continues to watch from a distance, like wind whistling through the forest, a cool touch that brushes across your mind. Slowly, then, it draws closer, twisting around you, examining you, before curiousity wins out and there is a gentle tendril of thought that brushes over you. What do you live for?
2 As You Wish continues to linger, turning your response over and over, letting it hang between you for a long moment, before the thought dissolves and is pushed away with a firm gust of wind. Whether the answer seems satisfactory or not, the presence gives no indication - instead it begins its slow circling again, a light tendril brushing against you as it spirals. What is love, to you? Do you know love? Will love win? These thoughts seem to be touched with a brush of sweetness, drawing your attention to them in another way.
3 As You Wish slowly begins to draw away then, as if pulled by something stronger than itself, brushing against your mind briefly once more. The touch vanishes for a moment, leaving you alone before there is a brief surge, and it returns, stronger than before. A sharp wind sweeps over you, and the presence seems to cling for a long moment, before it is pulled away again. Do not fear, do not give up - Good will win!
Light in the Darkness Egg (The Tale of Princess Kaguya)
Rich and verdant greens make up the primary color of this medium sized egg, with straight lines of forest green rising from the dense thrush foliage that comprises the base. Uniform streaks rise from the bottom, with tiny leaflike appendages scattered here and there along the edges of the lines. Depending on how the egg is turned, there's a single bright white streak on one side, limned in gilded gold. The line seems to suffuse that side with bronzen light, penetrating the overall dark forest green that surrounds and drawing attention to the bright white stalk. The opposite side appears darker in contrast, so if the egg is somehow placed between the two sides there's a gradual darkening as though the bright stalk were the only source of light.
1 Moonlit Reflections allows you to enter, rather than drawing you inside. It's a tentative allowance, curiosity piquing as the sands start to feel distant and the darkness of evening starts to claim the skies overhead. Bright sparks of light pierce the heavens and a full moon illuminates the surroundings in cool silvered light. « Do you belong here? I don't. » The voice murmurs quietly, the musical tones of it similar to that of wind chimes upon a summer breeze. Ethereal and beautiful, wisps of pale blue glimmer into being and flit around curiously in an attempt to inspect. The feeling of 'otherness' is obvious as this presence mulls about, searching through memories and thoughts as though trying to understand where it is that you're from.
2 Moonlit Reflections remains silent, though the surroundings are enchanting in their own right. There's a tranquility here, a feeling of serenity that could very well make some just want to spend days lounging in it. For others, the quiet and seclusion might be too much to bear, but it doesn't remain so for terribly long. « Would you protect me? » The voice inquires, the pale blue light luminescing to a brilliant cyan that outshines the moon and the stars above. There is a hint of something, something gleaned by the being when it was mulling about your memories that makes it seem as though it's drawn an interest in you and where you come from. « It will be worth it. » It assures, though one might wonder how they could protect a dragon - perhaps this being doesn't know what it's to be born as?
3 Moonlit Reflections returns to the form of swirling pale blue lights, slowly growing dimmer as time passes and weariness starts drawing in. « I will see you again. Yes? Find the highest place and look for me, I will be watching. » The chimes tinkle in an invisible breeze, bright and inviting before a hint of distraction takes hold. « I can hear them calling to me. » It murmurs quietly, distant chimes starting to draw the voice away, a deeper tone than that of the wind chiming sound of the azure lit presence. Darkness slowly starts turning to day, the sky above brightening until all the stars and the moon get swept from the sky and your realization returns back to the sands with your body lingering on them.
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