Monaco Bay Weyr's Fall 2018 Clutch

Dam: Fuerioth
Sire: Elenth

Paths Obscured Egg
This is not an especially large egg. Rather proportional compared to its brethren. At least, it SEEMS to be rather proportional. It's a bit hard to tell really, as the outside of this egg is almost… hazy. Distorted. As if a heavy grey fog hung over the actual egg and obscured its true nature from view. As one ventures closer, the mist might appear to thin a little bit. Just enough that other colors can be discerned. A bit of shadowed green near the base, out of which rise taller, longer streaks of deep brown, up to a crown of twilight-blue skies. Or perhaps that's the mist again, taking over and hiding the crown from view.
1 A Mischievous Mind draws you in, pulling you beneath the fog and into the depths of… more fog. While dark and shadowy, the sensation is not terribly foreboding as more… teasing mystery. There's something HERE! Hiding, just beyond the tips of your fingers, somewhere in the hazy misty that swirls around your mind and obstructs the path from view. And it knows you're here, and it knows you can't see it, and it thinks all of that is just *wonderful*! It's a game, you see! A maze. And there's a prize at its center. If you can GET there! Giggling-glee resounds in the depths, bidding you forward. This way, this way! One step, two, and then… Oops! Wrong way! And just like that, you're spit from the fog and find yourself solidly on the sands of the hatching cavern once more.
2 A Mischievous Mind welcomes you, a playful presence that smugly teases. Back to try your luck again? Well, you're welcome to make the attempt, but it's pretty confident you won't succeed. Into the mist once more, with twinkling lights to bid you onward, to cast you into deceptive confidence that you've *got this*. But do you? DO YOU REALLY?! Onward you go, the path laid before you. Past the tallest of trees, the lowest of bushes. Is that the flicker of water in the distance? You're better at this than it expected, but just when you think you're there? Nope! Gleeful cackling fills your head as you're once more booted from the fog and back to the sands. Better luck next time!
3 A Mischievous Mind wonders if you believe that third time's the charm? The fog is just as thick, the path just as obscured beyond the tips of your fingers, the twinkling lights just as deceptive in leading you away from your destination rather than toward it. But you've got it this time, right? A left turn here. A right turn there, the ground stable and firm beneath your feet while the playful presence giggles and teases just out of sight. Just out of reach! And then… there it is! The light at the end of this shadowy path, a glimmer of hope in the depths of the woods, a beam of sunlight in the otherwise perpetual twilight. But just as pride fills your chest, just as your steps turn swift and confident, you realize your error. To head straight for the prize? Silly candidate, that's not the way to do it! A second before you're cast back to the sands, you realize your mistake. But even as you go, laughter once more ringing triumphantly in your mind, there's a whisper in your soul. It was a good game at least, right??
Bridge Between Realms Egg
Shades of gray gather in force upon the shell of this egg from top to bottom, leaving not even an speckle of color upon the surface. A flat, dark gray stretches upon the upper portion of the shell, like a sky stretching from horizon to horizon, interrupted only by a small, nearly white spot that may be likened to a distant sun. Here and there, pale mist begins to float in, obscuring the distance sky, and whatever may lurk there. Meanwhile, along the horizon, islands of obsidian sit amongst a sea of bead-like speckles, stretching upwards from the dynamic movement of so many round spots. Lingering here and there, sometimes alone, while other times gathered in groups, pale, cream-hue flames float above the beads, an oddity in the otherworldly landscape of this ovoid.
1 Shadows of the Mind brush lightly over your thoughts, a soft breeze that dances upon the very edge of your consciousness, a soft rustling of leaves echoing across the distance. A ribbon of blue dances around your thoughts, cheerful, playful, slipping to and fro in the wind, whirling around you. The ribbon seems to solidify for just a moment, then, hovering, brushing against you - Won't you come play?
2 Shadows of the Mind darts closer, more insistent this time as it swirls around you, soft giggles floating on the breeze that seems to accompany it. Come along, come skyward - fly with it, see all that there is to see - realize there is so much more than what is beneath your feet. For a moment, the presence seems to dart away, riding the wind, before it is reappearing yet again, resting against your thoughts. What holds you back? What drives you?
3 Shadows of the Mind leaves no room for interpretation this time, the light, dancing ribbon winding more tightly around you, pulling you along. There is so much to see, so much to do. So many people to meet, to protect - so -much- to protect. An odd strength swirls through you, encouraging you to explore, to push your boundaries, and to take the leap. And then, there is a gasp of shock, and the ribbon vanishes, taking the odd breeze with it.
A Well-Woven Tale Egg
A tangle of color winds its way maze-like across the face of this oblong egg, skeins of a thousand different colors and hues twisting and tangling in some inexplicable configuration that nevertheless seems to make some convoluted sense. As as weft weaves its way across the warp of the egg with chaotic precision, the threads trick the eye to see shapes and scenes; a deep emerald pool shimmering with power; a field of flowers alight with crimson flames; an oaken gargoyle with water streaming down his long, morose face. With each glance, the view changes - plants, people, animals - both of the familiar and the fantastic, all spun of slender, unbreakable threads.
1 Impropriety is the Spice of Life bustles forth on a mission, sweeping into your thoughts with a rush of crisp, mountain air, the faint snap of fire crackling in the distance. And here you are. The frustration humming through the no-nonsense declaration is palpable as the breeze settles about you in a brisk whirlwind. No, just why are you here? Is it because this is what is expected of you, or what you want to do in spite of expectations, hmm? Laughter, not unkind, hums, chasing eddies through your mind as it dances gleefully across the whipping winds. As long as you're not bored - but don't forget to live life for yourself, not everyone else!
2 Impropriety is the Spice of Life hurries back the moment your hand hits the shell. You again? Didn't you find what you needed last time? Impatience shimmers, accompanied by the snap-snap-snap of branches breaking beneath the weight of flames. I don't have all of the time in the world, you know. Unlike those others, I have things to do, people to see! I don't have time to just sit around and practice looking pretty. A sigh gusts heavily, bringing with it the sharp scent of pine trees and the faint tang of a wood fire. Well, go on with you. You're boring me. With a sly laugh, the wind whips away, leaving silence.
3 Impropriety is the Spice of Life is a long time in returning, and when it finally does, it's on a rush of chill air. Look. I'm certain you're a nice… person. Thing. Whatever you are. And I'm sure you're absolutely worthy of attention. Just not mine. I'm very busy, you know. Why don't you go rescue one of my far more deserving companions, it adds slyly, just a bit too sugary sweet. I'd just be a burden to you, all contrary and sideways and always so boooored. Really, go. Shoo. Be a hero anywhere but here. The wind rushes around you, a veritable ice-edged whirlwind before it shoves you away, into darkness. Go!
The Unbroken Bastion Egg
Silvery stone rises, block by rough-hewn block from base to apex, enclosing this massive egg in impenetrable defense. Across one curving side drapes royal blue, a splash of vibrant cobalt across the stormy grey shell that does nothing to soften the stony arc beneath. Regal folds are crisscrossed by scrawling golden lines; aureate etchings which march with leonine purpose across the ultramarine drapery, leaving behind the proud impression of power and nobility in unending, unbroken line.
1 Stalwart Child of the Light comes as a pale, shining light, approaching with tentative uncertainty. It knocks against the edges of your thoughts with the equivalent of a mental throat-clearing, seeking acknowledgement and entry. Within the next moment, however, it barrels forward, assuming child-like that it is welcome within the vaults of your mind. Immediately upon contact, it begins to pepper you with questions: Who are you? What are you? What are you doing? Why are you doing that? Do you know where it is? And abruptly, without warning or explanation, it flees in shy confusion, drawing the light with it and leaving you in darkness.
2 Stalwart Child of the Light announces its return with a gentle wash of light, illuminating your mindscape with its presence. Its pleasure at your return is evident as the brilliant shine encircles your thoughts, cupping your mind within its soft, golden glow. Weary, it rests against you, seeing support and comfort from your presence. The questions come again - more slowly this time, no longer asked with child-like curiosity, but rather with the heaviness of adolescent concern: Do you favor peace? Can there ever be true happiness? Can we ever work as one mind and one heart, or must there always be differences that tear us apart? Why cant we just understand? Overwhelmed by the weight of its own questioning, it withdraws once more, the light illuminating its fading footsteps until all is once again darkness.
3 Stalwart Child of the Light returns, not with diffidence, but rather with purpose, the light blazing near to blinding around it and dispelling any lingering darkness within the corners of the mindscape. Its pleasure upon your return is evident as it enfolds you in a welcoming embrace, its voice no longer infused with childish wonder, nor with adolescent insecurity. My friend. You have returned. As it withdraws from your personal space, the light dims slightly, weighed down beneath a worry that has no surcease. It is good to see you, for even so brief a time as this. I hope, my friend, that you will consider the future and your own role within. Light flares; Will you shine brightly? Then dims, fading into shadow; Or will the world tremble at your footstep? As the darkness swallows your thoughts once more, a last whisper sounds: Who will you be?
Always Straight Ahead Egg
This elongated beige egg sits heavily in the sands, what can be seen of its surface speckled with illusory dimples and irregularities, as if carved from the roughest of stones and then dropped on the sands with little care for placement or belonging. Three darker horizontal lines split the shell into distinct, if irregular, quadrants, but even they do little to make it any more interesting - in fact with the addition of a single pure black void that peeks out from the sands on one side, the whole egg seems a little out of place and, frankly, a touch ominous.
1 Waves of Warmth seep slowly out from the shell beneath your hand, wrapping you in a blanket-like hug faintly tinged with the scent of charcoal burning in the open air. Here is safety. Here is companionship. Rest a while, regain your strength. Perhaps you could tell a story? A proper one, mind, none of this leaving out details. How exactly did you come to be here? Well? It hasn't got all day for you to think you know. With a faint crackling sound the touch intensifies, rifling through your memories until it finds something it likes. That one. Tell that one. It waits, it listens, it fades.
2 Waves of Warmth return with a greater intensity this time, a greater enthusiasm perhaps, but beginning to be stifling regardless. Your own memory is recounted back to you, embellished almost beyond recognition and taken entirely to belong to the mind within the shell. Of course its is bigger, better, more dramatic. How could it not be? It's just the way things are. Some are destined for greatness, some to be swallowed by the fire. Which are you?
3 Waves of Warmth become overwhelming. A stifling, choking, heat that seeks to engulf you completely. Yet you must endure. Something insistent tugs at your mind that you have to go on, you have to get through this. If you survive this you'll never fail at anything again in your life. Weakling or warrior? Which is it to be? A surge of light accompanies this last unbearable wave of heat, blinding temporarily but ultimately leaving you standing, not in a desert as might have been expected, but there, safe, on the sands amongst the eggs.
Tumultuous Colors Egg
A riot of color has overtaken this otherwise innocuous ovoid. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for it. A burst of orange to the left, an explosion of purple to the right! But who's to say what is right and what is left? Maybe it's TOP and BOTTOM and the egg is simply laying on its side? Who are YOU to judge! Ahem, moving on. There's a flood of green that grows and twists, and a subtle little red that peeks, just there, beneath the rest. Around the edges — do eggs have edges? — shadows creep and crawl, threatening to invade upon the otherwise sunny facade.
1 A World of Wonders draws you in, the suggestion of something *interesting* just there, on the other side of your hand… You lean forward, you seek it out, and suddenly you're falling forward! With a rush, you sink *INTO* the egg you were just touching! And now you're falling! Falling fast down a dark tunnel but then… is that light ahead? Now it's around you and you realize you're not falling at all, but rather floating. Floating further and further down into what can only be the egg you were touching. It just doesn't seem to END. And rather than concern, you start to feel darn bored with it all. Seriously, egg. Can we be done falling now? The light gets brighter, the walls of the tunnel disappear, the buoyancy you felt before vanishes and suddenly you realize you've been on the sands the whole time. Hrm.
2 A World of Wonders blooms around you, bright tropical foliage blotting out the heat of the sands as you sink deeper, deeper into the egg you touch. Further and further, farther and farther, down, down, down as the jungle grows and grows. Leaves and flowers the size of your fist, now your head, now your whole body, now the entire caverns! Are they getting bigger! Or are you shrinking? Everything seems so massive suddenly, and it just keeps… going! Bigger, bigger, brighter, brighter, more, and more until details lose their focus, colors blend together, flowers and leaves and path and sky all mixing into a curious jumble of shapes and colors that bleed and mix until they are brown and grainy and oh! Oh. Apparently, you're back on the sands. Huh.
3 A World of Wonders once more comes to life around you, this time in a wash of greys. Gone is the foliage. Instead, it is stark stone that takes the stage. The floor levels out, gravel to flagstone and flagstone into sharp, contrasting squares. Black. White. A checkered pattern that stretches left and right and forward and back until you are within the center of a giant board. On one side, white! On the other, Red! A rumble beneath your feet heralds movement, giant pawns sliding forward to advance on the enemy army. Let the games begin! Except… is that an egg? Is that a person? Is that a… ah. You're back on the sands once more. Well, fancy that.
On the Eve of Rebellion Egg
Perhaps the smallest in its clutch, this petite ovoid seems to host quite the intricate landscape. From afar the colored specks that float down from the egg’s apex appear to be snow, but upon closer inspection the dots are gray and more consistent with ash. It creates a thick dark blanket upon the base. Despite the flurry on its surface it seems that a city can be seen in the far distance. Walls soar upwards, failing to hide even taller spires that create this city. It takes a significant amount of squinting and close examination to notice three minuscule figures soaring in the air above the town’s defenses, as if locked in battle. Only there, where two fight for their lives against the other, does there seem to be a reprieve from the never-ending ash fall.
1 Flames of Resistance barrels into you with extreme force in an attempt to knock you to the floor. There’s certainly no defending you from the strength of the sudden attack and soon you find yourself falling into a pile of soft gray ash. Your vision is blinded by swirling mists above you but you can feel something /sharp/ being held against your throat. Whatever is on top of you feels small and almost waif-like but it seems to have an unnatural degree of power. ‘Who sent you?’ The words are but a faint whisper in your mind and filled with suspicion. Whatever your answer, the being seems to find it at least somewhat reasonable because the weight on you lifts….but just slightly. ‘Why are you here? To help?’ Before you can answer something else lands in the ash beside you and attention is abruptly shifted away from you. The steel held against your skin falls away only to block a blow from above with a loud *clang*. ‘Run…RUN!'
2 Flames of Resistance floats down from above, lightly landing on the ashy floor next to where you stand. ‘You /returned/.’ The statement is filled with frustration and suddenly a cloud of mist envelops you. In that moment of lost eye sight the being takes a hold of you and suddenly you’re carried up into the sky in its arm only to come face to face with a cloaked figure that attempts to block your path to freedom. An unseen force pulls you two to the side, narrowly avoiding a small piece of metal that certainly would have pierced your heart. The deadly object instead falls to the ground as you escape with your lives. ‘I told you to run…you don’t belong here, leave!’
3 Flames of Resistance seems almost impressed with you when you return, though there isn’t a sense of absolute trust quite yet. The tiny form beside you continues to be hidden in the mists but you can feel yourself being examined through that haze. ‘So you didn’t run…not after all that?’ Again, there’s a bit of respect in those words but its true form isn’t something you’ll be privilege to just yet. ‘You might just have some potential….’ But potential for what? There’s a flash of images in your mind: you soaring through the air, your limbs filling with strength you’ve never known before, your reflexes suddenly equal to that of the greatest swordsman. As all of that begins to disappear from your mind you suddenly filled yourself with one, singular, overwhelming feeling….freedom. Here and now you are completely unbound and unchained from all responsibility, from all the fear and the self-doubt, from anything that kept you from truly being you. But all too quickly that feeling is gone and all that’s left is the heat of the sands.
Lured by Illusion Egg
Though this egg seems slightly larger than the rest of its clutch mates, it certainly doesn’t draw the attention that some of the others may. The darkest of greens wraps around this egg shell while streaks of brown rush across it’s mottled surface, as if the entire ovoid was encased in tree branches. While the pattern initially comes off as bleak, a closer look seems to trigger a near mesmerization. A single auburn path appears on the egg, winding through the forest maze, only to be immediately lost by the viewers eyes. Though the surface of the egg doesn’t actually shift, it certainly gives the illusion of doing so. Attempting to trace that line, to /find/ that path that seems as if it would lead to the heart of this very egg leads to no end, but that certainly won’t keep a few that are more determined from trying.
1 Keeper of Starlight arrives from the darkness, momentary blinding you with its pale light. As your gaze adjusts you feel a coolness seeping into your limbs, pulling you away from the sands and bringing you to a land where rich foliage shields you from the heat of the sun. Though no path declares itself in this dark forest you see a faint glimpse of the glowing creature through the leaves, motioning for you to follow. It seems that standing still simply won’t be an option. Time slows to a crawl and you walk for what seems like hours before finally arriving at an open clearing. It’s here that you finally catch a glimpse of what has been beckoning you thus far. Before you stands a massive creature at least two if not three times your height. It is no dragon but a furred beast standing on four legs with a face large eyes that hold your gaze. Two massive antlers spring from it’s head, both thick and deadly and snow-like fur seems to almost shimmer under the sunlight as it moves towards you. The beast lowers its head to tap against your own and at it’s chilled touch you suddenly find memories springing forth…it searches for that moment of overwhelming pride, that single instance of glory, that day of triumph that defines you, for /this/ is what you will be judged on.
2 Keeper of Starlight has found you intriguing, if nothing else. Its true thoughts certainly won’t be shared with such ease. Though you find yourself in the clearing once more, your attention is suddenly drawn to two massive doors that weren’t there before. As the beast steps in front of them, the two large panels of carved wood open inwards to reveal a vast cavern that seems entirely out of place. Tree branches snake out from in front of your feet, creating a winding pathway inside the structure. They twist and climb, creating the archways to tunnels as well as the steps to higher levels. It is through here that your journey continues, but not before the beast eyes you once more…this time expectantly. A glimmer of amusement appears in its eyes followed by a touch of smugness, for this realm belongs to it and it /expects/ you to be impressed. The creature invites you to walk at its side as you move forward, and as you do the occasional brush of fur is felt against your skin. Like before, images of your past suddenly appear…but this time it is searching for your journey. It wants to see your struggles, your moments of failure, your refusal to give up…/everything/ that led to your greatest moment.
3 Keeper of Starlight leads you into what can only be a throne room. Here, the floor glistens with the reflection of thousands of precious gems, and soon you find the space beside you empty as the beast continues forward. It moves up a pair of steps towards its seat of power. The throne itself is made of thousands of antlers, each prong coated with a thin layer of pure silver. Despite the glowing opulence of the room, your eyes find no reason to wince or look way…but the sudden voice that now echos in your head may or may not cause such a reaction. ‘What will you do from here?’ A simple question is posed to you, but as the beast stares down at you from above it is clear that your words will hold much weight. It is now that you notice an empty space beside the creature, a space left for /you/. The journey up those steps will not be easy but should you traverse them what awaits for you is a place by its side, a chance to be its /equal/, a chance to guide those around you in ways that you perhaps never imagined possible. What will your decision be? Time ticks on, but before you can answer you suddenly find yourself on the sands once more.
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