Elisith x Redwallth Fall 2008

Delicate Field of Pinks Egg

Spots of Grace brushes against your mind, like an animal testing the area for danger. A fuzzy picture comes to mind of an open meadow distantly surrounded by trees - or what you think are trees. This picture holds no distinction or real color to it. After a few silent moments spots dance into the meadow like fairies dancing a reel. Soft and emitting a faint glow yellow, blue and green dots float and swirl in a graceful whirlwind as multiple emotions drift across the link between minds. Anxiety, contentedness, and even happiness.

Spots of Grace pauses in its merry dance around your mind, pausing and seemingly coming closer to the edges of your consciousness for a closer look. Violet creeps up from the corner of your mind's eye as it seems to dig in the foundation of the meadow, scratching at the top of your memories - the ones you tend to remember most often. It does not press, but the fuzzy spot of purple does take a very intent look at this memory before tenderly putting it back in its place. And the violet dot then delves deeper into your mind gently and with care.

Spots of Grace relishes in the memories it brushes against, never being too intrusive in your mind as the speckles of violet, blue and green dance merrily around the non-descript meadow. However, something sets it off, and the specks of colored light soon flash into reds, oranges and yellows, depicting its fear and anxiety at something. With care and grace the colors explode into a frenzied tornado formation, rushing out of your mind and out of the meadow it created to play in, which slowly fades from your perception as well.

Mysterious Vines Egg

Slithering Toxins brushes against your mind cautiously at first, an extremely dull roaring of flowing water teasing at your senses, while the corresponding water seeps into your mind in slick pools of oily brown, a sheen of green, blue or even purples and oranges peeking through the oily mess. For a moment, the mind halts all sound, and the oily swirls reduce to a near stand still, as if evaluating your mind to see if its safe to continue on. che

Slithering Toxins resumes its movements in your mind, the shimmering oils swirling gently through as it brushes the top most layer of your thoughts and memories, ones that are not buried deep within. It absorbs these thoughts, these feelings with an almost frightening intensity and the roar of flowing water increases, the colorful sheen of the oils sparkling all the more as it realizes how much it enjoys this information. Without any warning, the swirling oils turn violent and choatic as it presses into the small crevices of your mind as the roar of water becomes almost painful to the ears, extracting memories with care though not with any reguard as to WHICH memories it pulls.

Slithering Toxins freezes in place once more, in the middle of taking another memory from the recess of your brain. The oils shimmer in excitement, but the swirling is only residual from the frenzied invasion of your mind, as the roaring water also receeds down to a tolerable level again. A tendril of oil snakes off from the main body, the greens and blues twinkling as it brushes carefully and almost tenderly against your mind again to make sure that your mind is not hurt. As softly as the tendril brushes your mind, it replaces your memory in its slippery grasp back where it belongs before it leaks out of your mind, leaving a slick trail of oils behind that still shimmer even as its presence fully disappears, not even the humming of water left.

Timeless Guardian Egg

Interwoven Eternity reaches out gently towards you, the mind moving along slowly, slithering and prowling forward. Not menacing, just curious. Forever curious and probing, gentle feelings with sharp edges touching your mind.

Interwoven Eternity probes deeper, curious and stronger. It takes a hold in a startling grip, surveying everything that it sees, wanting to know everything about you. Who are you, why are you here, where are you from, what do you want?

Interwoven Eternity finally lets you go and retreats, the presence that had been active with some effort returns within, always… always patient.

Delicate First Sprig-of-Spring Egg

Flitting and Floating bounds out to meet you with a shocking barrage of colors and sounds. Of course, being an egg, these are limited. The colors are more like those colors you can more sense than see, like closing your eyes after looking at a sunset. The mind is forever moving, never stopping, chaotic and frenzied.

Flitting and Floating does not slow down or pause in its barrage of questions and feelings. Nothing voiced, of course, but it wants to know everything now right now and its excited and sad and nervous and scared and hungry and all the emotions it's gleaned from other people around the eggs and it wants to know everything everything everything NOW!

Flitting and Floating suddenly halts. It's such an abrupt departure it's unnerving. The mind is gone, suddenly vanished.

Creeping Danger Egg

Lurking shadows lap at the periphery of your subconscious, cool and dark. Soft waves gently crash, building up as the presence within the egg stirs, becoming aware of you. As the cool shadows slosh against you, there is a rising hint of curiosity.

Lurking shadows settle into a gentle rocking motion with the occasional swirling eddy that brings with it a rush of something alien and strange and a faint hint of copper. The mood shifts quite abruptly with a mighty splash that threatens to drown in cloying darkness and then quickly the liquid shadows recede, an almost playful feeling broadcast from them.

Lurking shadows calm into a gentle rocking once more, and then the dark shadows slowly coalesce into something a bit more tangible. The retreat of the mind is less like the ebb of a tide and more like the dragging of cloth through dirt.

Primitive Jungle Egg

Feather-light caresses swirl around you in a lively burst of downy gentleness, the soft hues accompanying the sensations alternate between a gentle blue all the way into a soft rosy pink. In a cyclone like motion the gentle touchings are swept up into a single sensation of soft silky fabric blowing against your face in the wind.

Feather-light caresses wave gently to some unseen breeze before suddenly disintegrating into a thousand smaller fragments. As they dance away there is a faint tinkling much like tiny silver bell. Before long all is swept away and the heavy presence of the youngling's developing mind is quite definitely gone, leaving nothing but memories of the sensations it treated you to.

Feather-light caresses dance to a soft beat, almost as if it were attempting to replay a melody through color and sensations alone. This attempt doesn't last long and is abandoned quite suddenly, in a manner completely at odds with its previously graceful and soft mannerisms. To distract it offers a heavy leaning weight against your mind and tickling touches, accompanied with the sensation of bright laughter and happiness.


Violent Vibrations lunges for you out of nowhere, catching your mind in a vise. Won't get away from me that easily! An onslaught of questions follows, demanding your name, age, favorite food, favorite color, favorite animal, favorite time of Turn, what you like to do….nearly overwhelming, and a deep, oppresive black covers the surrounding area, blanketing all sensation much like Between. Seconds drift by, seemingly lasting hours, as the questions cease and there is a feeling of sensory deprivation. Gradually, however, you notice a warm feeling welling up, with undertones of satisfaction. The darkness remains, however.

Violent Vibrations swells to the fore once more, suddenly blasting the black away and replacing it with a flash of teeth, seemingly crashing together an inch in front of your face. Immediately the black returns, though it's a more comforting darkness. Or perhaps it just feels that way in comparison? Your mind is rifled through, feeling as though a handful of your thoughts, desires, fears, and dreams are grabbed up at random, sifted through, and allowed to fall with no care for whether they return to the order they were in originally. A slight pulse of red swirls through the black, fading once more in thoughtful retreat. Almost as if to make sure you know it's not done yet, the feeling of being watched is felt, akin to a hand hovering right behind your neck. Turn as you might, though, nothing it seen.

Violent Vibrations suddenly expands on the feeling of almost being touched from behind in a sudden, startling grab, snatching you up into the air and grabbed in a rough, squeezing hug that leaves you breathless. The mind has a feeling of delighted playfulness now, and also of relief and a curiously happy feeling. I like you! You're not so bad after all! You're gently set back down on the ground, the blackness lifts, and the mind departs with a fond farewell.

Paradise in an Egg

Blazing Golden Reflections shows nothing but clouds, billowing up as far as you can see. Not fog, mind, it is more looking down on clouds from on high, with the sun behind you and shining down on them, with not a hint of sky or the ground below. Suddenly, bursts of color, rainbows arching here and there with not much rhyme or reason, and the sweet sound of a harp is playing. Or maybe it's a bird singing? The most delicious smell in the world, tailored to your thoughts and memories, seeps out with a gentle inquiry. Introduce yourself, please…

Blazing Golden Reflections enfolds you in its grasp, lifting you lightly as if buoyed by those same soft, fluffy looking clouds. Unlike real clouds, these aren't wet at all, and support you towards the sun. A different kind of warmth, not the scorching heat of the sands, surrounds you. A delightful, fuzzy feeling, Turnday parties, Gathers, free days, vacations to the beach, meeting your friends for some good old fun… Nice to meet you. Can I join you, perhaps? A wistful feeling draws a dark blue streak among the clouds, quickly dissipating.

Blazing Golden Reflections almost seems to hum, inaudibly ringing in your head. The colors which had vanished previously have now returned, sparkling off into multivaried hues as the feeling of being uplifted continues. Suddenly, the colors seem to shatter, and there is the sudden feeling of being dropped. « Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! » it's not so much the words that you hear in your mind as the feeling of shamed mortification at having made a mistake, and you're quickly caught again, wrapped in many layered blankets of all colors, like being surrounded by rainbows. There is a brightness everywhere, the colors seemingly too vivid to be real. An apologetic feeling, an offering of recompense. There is some sifting in your mind, and suddenly your favorite memory is replayed for you in perfect detail. Gradually you descend, the feeling of being surrounded fades, and when the memory ends, it too fades away, leaving you alone in your mind, once more on the ground.

Sacred Purity Egg

Divine Intuition sleeps comfortably, nestled in the cool and dark recesses of your mind. There's no motion taking place within, no shadows or faint glimmers of light. Only the sound of a heart beating slow and steady, within a rhythym of it's own. It will not be bothered fully just yet, there is no limit to time.

Divine Intuition begins to stir, radiating warmth with every pulse coming from within this endless darkness. The warmth clings to your skin, seeping deep throughout your veins, into your muscles and down to your bones. To your inner core where it finds your heart and searches through it for another warmth like it's own. Is it there? The one to radiate brightly along with it? It sooths your fears, it brings forth comfort before it fades back into the darkness.

Divine Intuition radiates it's rising warmth throughout the darkness, growing hotter with every pulse coming from the disembodied beat echoing around you. A faint light in the deep begins to glimmer above your plane of view, glistening like the waters surface when viewed from below, tainted with rich rosy hues dancing brightly like the moonlight, only the reflections don't come from above. Looking down, there is only darkness and the violent mental shove that draws you back to the surface.

Evergreen Aesthetic Egg

Refining Growth suddenly awakens, blinding your eyes with dancing hues of olive and evergreen that mingle in the sunglight. There's a warmth here, curling through your mind and heart as it begins to gently lend it's own strength to courage that hides within, bringing wisdom to ideas left untended without taking away the very essense of the holder. Strength and power is what it wants within this small form and it expects to seek it out later. For now it settles in the light, dozing off and resting. Go now, grow.

Refining Growth covers your eyes with darkness, sending the scent of wet soil and fresh rain to your senses. Tingling begins about your ankles, something smooth sliding across your skin as it crawls higher to where your eyes should be. Is there something above to see? Is there, is there really?! It clings to your inner being tighter, not allowing a single thing wrench free from it's grasp before sending you back numb to wence you came.

Refining Growth clings tighter as it's presense climbs higher and higher. It begins to seek through your mind, going over your habits and inspirations, pruning away this useless fear and doing away with that inner turmoil. Unnecessary things! Rotten things! Things that are inhibiting, yes, they should not be here cause they only get in the way and block out all the peace that should be filling those places. Slowly that strong will wrapping tightly about you begins to twist and contort, bending you slowly and carefully to it's will before it stops. Rest comes now, what remains will come in time.

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