Summer 2011 Clutch - NPC - Arolaeth X Fenrith

Dreams of Ravens Egg

What may have first appeared to be solid is but an illusion that is played upon the eyes. Metallic greens and blues shimmer against a surface of midnight and in the heat creates an illusion of movement. Not even the iridescent black itself is a solid hue, but instead is striated lightly and creates the appearance of onyx feathers that surround the shell of the rather small egg. Two round spots shimmer like obsidian next to the only spot of true color, the merest hint of intelligent orange amongst the flurry of sable.

Designed by K'nan

Sad Little Raincloud Egg

This small little egg is the penultimate in diminuativeness among all the rest of the clutch. Only one other egg is smaller, and like that one, this egg is more grey than black. The shades of nebulous cloud grey whisk about its surface, somewhere between black and white, and yet neither and both at the same time. Tiny little speckles fleck its surface, like the drizzy, drear dots of a winter's rain, or the tears of a lonely, love-besotted teen, perhaps hinting to some tendency of the occupant inside. Or perhaps it's all a rainy day fantasy, ephemeral and tissue-thin.

Designed by Syra and Ur'con

Are You The One For Me Egg

Sitting slightly apart from the others, this egg is the largest of the clutch, but only marginally. And like the rest it is dark, shades of black upon shadow upon ink, though glossy in comparison to most. Sleek and with a healthy sort of sheen like that of a big black runner, it is as if handsome muscles and flesh and blood and bone lie beneath the surface, ready to spring into unanticipated action. And yet, it lays still, motionless, lonely in its own way. One spot, bigger and rounder than any stallion's eye rolls red as freshly ripe cherry, and stares out sightly into the Sands, as if begging questions: do you approach? Do you come to its side, to hear the questions it asks of you? Will you come, and be the only one for it? Or will you cut the cord, go away, forever regret having set it free in order to follow other paths?

Designed by Ur'con inspired by KT Tunstall's "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree"

Dark of the Night Egg

A smallish egg, though the absolute median among this sombre clutch, it sits amid the black sands like the memory of a dark, moonless, starless night. Dark as it is, it is not without texture: one end seems to be ever so slightly less black than the other, and in the intermediary between them, there are hints of what can be seen when the light is no longer there. Hints of trees, brushed by a caressing night breeze. The outline of a watchdragon with his rider, a blacker shadow against the midnight sky. The masts of ships, dark straight lines and twisted, draping swoops, almost rocking on a still, waveless sea. The sooty shape of a wher, an inky black mass lurking within a just slightly less sable den. The silhouttes of lovers, standing side by side with arms entwined as they look out over their own little patch of ebon paradise. While the other eggs wrestle and struggle with the depth of the darktide, this one lays calm and waiting to see what dreams may bring.

Designed by Syra and Ur'con

Painted Black Egg

Black as night, black as coal, it's as if someone blotted Rukbat from the sky and yet still expected, somehow, that the artist could, would still retain some strange semblence of the world as they know it. There are shadowy shapes in the swirling paint strokes, layered on thick and thin in places. A door, once vibrant, is now a steely dark yawning hole into a lighter shade of darkness. A group of young, vibrant Holder's daughters, once a lovely bouquet of the brightest hues, are now wraithlike echoes of themselves, sketched in charcoal against the unforgiving gloom of a volcanic winter. A trail of mourners, making their way to the final resting place of a young love, creeps up along the side of the egg's curved surface, and vanish into a plutonic abyss; a broken heart all sooty and burned lays ripped asunder, bruised in the dimmest shades of oil-tinged sea-green and stormcloud night, bleeding a murky, spoiled shade of dark maroon down the widest part of the shell itself, yet even these colors are muted, and almost fancied as if by a blind man remembering the sunlight world he once knew.

Designed by Ur'con, inspired by The Rolling Stone's "Paint it Black"

Sinister Beasts Egg

Already small in size the swirls of soot cause the egg to appear even smaller, and yet it seems to almost grow. Twists and turns of charcoal coelesce into a herd of demons, savage runners that tear across a sea of blackened grass. Faint specks of red glisten, fiery eyes that peer into the soul, burning with an evil gleam. There's something sinister seeming as if the ebon form as taken on an aura of such thick inky darkness that permeates the very air around it. And yet, in that sea of darkness likes the faint hint of blue, like the single ray of light in a sea of storm clouds.

Designed by K'nan

Nobody Knows You Egg

This tiny egg, smallest of them all, lays like a disjointed Turnover in the middle of the coldest winter in memory. Bewildered, it is not nearly so large or dark as its bretheren; it seems disoriented, as if forgotten. No one knows it, and its fellows lie in the pleasure of slumber and do not remember it. Alway from the reign of light, it lies forgotten, like a trinket lost amid weathered stones. The surface of the egg's shell is really no more comforting than its forlorn air: grey, it is like the soot of a burning pyre, smearing their dreary message across a steely, stormy sky. One mark, slightly brighter than the rest, is round…and white as the sun behind those gathered clouds and smoke; it drags a smaller, weaker splotch along in its wake, as if Rukbat dragged Timor or Belior across the sky like a dim echo of itself. Below all those marks, towards the lower half of the egg, there are marks like scars, like the shattered remains of buildings and the detritus of a lost, broken civilization scattered among scrubby, withered trees and choking weeds.

Designed by Ur'con, inspired by Mark Strand's "Winter and the New Year"

Unseen Marvel Egg

There are stones in the ocean that no one has seen, and this egg is much like one. It is not that it has no color, it is simply that it has been robbed of the chance of displaying its markings by a lack of light and a crushing sort of pressure that drives the frail surface dwellers away, keeps them from knowing its mysterious wonders. Here and there, a flash of color that is not quite black darts along its surface, like a weird fish. Amongst the illusory swimmers, a scattered galaxy of tiny bright marks, brilliant disks of blue, and of red, and of unearthly green, of white so pure that it can only be dreamed of in the surface…and behind some of those lights, danger, full of teeth and an unspeakable, lightness hunger.

Designed by Ur'con, inspired by Mark Strand's "Winter and the New Year"

Impressionistic Sketch Egg

Soft, pastel shades of dark grey smear together, with hatchmarks here and smudges there, a little white erased area over here, a darkened, heavy handed shadow there. This small dragon's egg looks more like a sketch, done in dark black charcoal against heather grey paper. The heavy tooth of that background shows through any artist's marks, resulting in a pebbly, textured surface that is both irregular and evenly patterned: pleasant to the touch, if one is brave enough to stroke without damaging the quick pencil marks that formed the ovoid in the first place.

Designed by Ur'con

Chunk of Cromcoal Egg

Squat and chunky in proportion to the other eggs, this fat little thing is almost perfectly round, save for a suspiciously flat area on one side, as if it'd somehow gotten misshapen in its making. The odd area isn't its only distinguishing mark, because unlike the others, its surface seems almost crumbly, dry, brittle, with streaks of darker and lighter areas that could easily be mistaken for the strirations of a chunk of prime cromcoal. Some areas look almost velvety black, as if they'd be sooty to the touch, and others are hard, and almost glittering, irridescent sheens of blue and black and green and purple that haze and delude the eye when any bit of light at all hits it.

Designed by Ur'con

Strange Matter Egg

This egg is the strangest shade of BLACK… no… grey. Definitely grey. Can grey ever be black? Graphite… like the graphite sands of Eastern, this egg's shell seems to soak up the light into itself, it's matte surface pebbled and yet smooth in turns. The shape is perhaps a little bottom-heavy, but it rests on the sand beneath it as if it is gravid, ready to change, to take the step from a ovoid graphite black to something strange and wonderful within it. One wonders if it will not burst open in a glorious blast of all the light it now seems to draw into it, releasing at last it's joyful newborn energy.

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