NPC Clutches

Gold Arolaeth by Bronze Fenrith: Sept 5 2011

Light and Moonshadows Bronze Inferth impressed to Z'rtlef (Zertlef)
Sand-Stained Sky Blue Habooth impressed to Gl'is (Glervis)
Milky Jade Green Chryth impressed to Aiden (did not shorten name)
Green Sevinath impressed to C'lif

One blue and 5 more greens are available for @poseable NPCs from this clutch. If you claim one, let Ur'con know!

Gold Svetlanath by Bronze Imaonth: 30 January 2011

Pork in the Treetops Bronze Henrith impressed to T'fri (Torfrin)
Fighting For Money Bronze Richarth impressed to S'kar (Selkar)
Vile Betrayer Brown Geoffreth impressed to Hirali
Dastardly Lord Blue Johnth impressed to M'ny (Moranny)
Power Behind the Throne Green Elannoth impressed to Ishrai

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