Yeah I Can Fly Green Zhimbarceth

Dragon Description

Yeah I Can Fly Green


The small body of this tiny green is covered in a green gold that stretches across her body like greenish gold flowers covering a field. It’s a lovely color that compliments her beautiful, if small form. Her face looks delicate and is more golden in color than the rest of her body giving the impression of wearing a golden mask. Her eyes are set the perfect distance apart and are wide and swirl with color depending on the emotions that she is feeling within. Her neck is long and serpentine, moving gracefully as she turns her head this way and that. Her wings and legs match her body’s small stature, but much like everything else about her they seem to be in perfect proportion. Her neck ridges are gently curved. There is no sharpness to this green, only gentle curves and well-proportioned beauty.

Egg Name and Description

Slimy Yet Satisfying:

The shell of this egg seems to have a sheen too it, and almost looks like it would be wet to the touch. If you were to touch it you would find that it is dry as any other egg laying on the sands. The shell itself is satisfyingly smooth to the touch. To say that this egg is colorful would be understating the case. This egg has it all. There are ovals of black with red spots, chevrons of green with dark stripes, diamonds of yellow and blue, and fat orange blotches that give the appearance of wiggly worms. These shapes and colors cover the egg in no discernable pattern, almost as if insects were creeping, crawling and slithering over the eggs surface at random intervals.


Putting your Past Behind You comes to you as sound more than anything else. You hear a gentle thrumming, almost like the beating of a heart. The thrumming sound comes closer and closer until you can almost feel the air vibrating around you. Just when you think you can bear this no more the thrumming dies away leaving only a slight raspy crackling sound in its wake, like the sound of leaves being walked upon in the autumn. The mind within the egg then pulls back leaving you where you were standing upon the hot sands.

Putting Your Past Behind You comes to this time as smell. It is the smell of life. Your nostrils are filled with the scent of vegetation. The sharp scent of new grass, the smell of leaves after rain, the odor of a log slowly rotting away to nothing. All are present and accounted for. Other smells surround you as well. Musky scents of creatures that crawl through the jungles, and dry acrid smells of skittering bugs. You also sense that something is sniffing you in return. When it has had its fill it returns you to the sands.

Putting Your Past Behind You comes to you once more, this time as sight. Suddenly you are surrounded by colors. Reds, greens, and tawny golds swirl before your eyes. What they might belong to stays out of focus, just on the edge of your sight. You get the impression though that something is looking at you, considering you, ready to pounce at any moment. Then as quickly as it came it is gone and you find yourself once more back on the sands.

Hatching Message

The Slimy Yet Satisfying Egg finally begins to twitch and bounce in place. After a few good twitches that multi-colored shell cracks and begins to give way. The dragon inside seems to be having a hard time escaping its confines, but then finally *smash* the shell breaks apart revealing the dragon within.

Hatchling Name and Description

I’m Going To Have To Ask You To Exit The Doughnut Hatchling

Colorless Description
A teeny, tiny dragonette crawls from the shattered remains of its shell. The inside world of the egg was dark and it seems to mirror what is happening out in the rest of the world now. In the darkness its impossible to tell color, or gender. The only thing that can be seen in a tiny shadow moving in the darkness.

Impression Message

The sights, smells, tastes, and touches of the jungle enter your mind with a whoosh. « Wow…» a feminine voice says in your head, « There is so much to see in here. » she says as she begins to peek through your mind, « Well Red. I’m Zhimbarceth and there’s lots to do, but first I’m famished. Let’s hit up some dinner shall we?»

Mindvoice Name and Description

Echoes of the Jungle

The gentle brush of leaves against leaves, the scent of warm sunkissed air, the sounds of small creatures skittering through the underbrush…these are the backdrop for Zhimarceth’s mind. It’s a place or a state of being that revels in living things be they small or large. The light will dance gently through the jungle canopy touching all those thoughts, big and small, that grow in her mind.


Her voice itself is gentle and feminine. A pleasant alto it is. It falls upon it’s hearers like a warm and gentle rain. If the mood strikes her it can become sharper and less pretty, but only if the situation calls for it. She may not always pick her words carefully, but at least those words always ‘sound’ good coming from her mind.

The jungle can change its appearance depending on her mood. If she is sad it can be drenched in rain.


It can be bathed in warm sunlight in the moments when she is happy.


And it can rock with a storm when she is angry.


All the forces of nature come to bear on her mind and she is an expressive dragon who can make her point clearly.


Red let me be the first to welcome you rider life at Monaco Bay Weyr! We are so very happy that you decided to give us a try and look forward to where you will be going in the future! I hope that you will enjoy Zimbarceth and I have no doubt that you two will be a joy to watch grow up and take your place in the weyr.

The clutch theme this cycle was ‘Food in Entertainment’. The Slimy Yet Satisfying egg and mindtouches had their beginning in the Disney movie ‘The Lion King’. I’m sure you know the story well. The film follows the life of a young lion cub as he struggles to make his way in life. Simba as a cub is brash and willing to take risks, but after his father was murdered by his uncle and he had to escape his lands to survive his attitude changed. He was taken in by a warthog and a meerkat whose “Hakuna Matata’ philosophy and friendship helped Simba make it through the darkest time in his life. Eventually his past caught up with him and his childhood friend Nala found him and encouraged him to face his past and return home. He defeated his uncle and took his place as king.

The mindname of the egg ‘Putting your Past Behind You’ comes from the film when Timon encourages Simba to turn his back on the world and begin a new life. In the touches themselves I wanted to focus exclusively on the senses, in particular sound, smell, and sight. The mindtouches, for me, were more about an experience of the world. The egg itself was focused on the bugs that Timon and Pumba caught during the Hakuna Matata sequence of the film. I tried to capture the colors, shapes and textures.

Now you can’t have a female dragon without a feminine touch. I looked around and decided to go with Nala. She is a lady of poise and beauty, but she isn’t afraid to get in there and mix it up when she needs too. While she may hide it better than Simba there’s a brashness streak in there somewhere.
This brings us to the next great inspiration for our little green: Tony Stark. Being a huge geek I was so happy when I read your questionnaire and saw that you wanted a bit of everyone’s favorite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist included in your dragon. I thought the combination of Simba and Tony worked very well as a character fusion concept so I ran with it.

As I’m sure you know Tony Stark as a character has a very long history. The characters first appearance came in 1963 and his presence in the Marvel Universe has been consistent ever since. He’s had his ups and he’s had his downs. He’s struggled with alcohol, other superheroes, and perhaps most importantly he’s struggled with himself.

Zhimbarceth’s name came very early in the creation process. I tried to include all the letters and sounds that you said you enjoyed and I thought it worked perfectly. ‘Zhimba’ harkens back to the original inspiration of ‘Simba’, and ‘barc’ (In my head I pronounce this as bark with a hard c) sounds very much like ‘Stark’. There is also the ‘arc’ in there which is a homage to the famous ARC reactor that Tony had in his chest.

Zhimbarceth is yours to take and mold as you see fit. I cannot wait to see what incredible adventures await. Excelsior! – S’dny


Personality (RP Tips)

I am Iron Man – Tony Stark


Gregarious. Reckless. Smart. All of these would be apt descriptors for the dragon that now is the most important part of your life. She is a spitfire and isn’t about to let anyone forget it, and you both are now set upon an incredible adventure that will leave you both changed forever, and likely the rest of the weyr as well.

When she is newly hatched her main focus will be on learning. The world is a big place and she will want to take part in as much of it as she is able as early as she is able. She has an curiosity that is unmatched, and is likely a trait that she will carry with her for the rest of her life.

It should also be noted that a dragon with this much energy will need to be fed often, really often. She’ll burn through her calories very quickly, especially once she begins to take to the air and really work her muscles. In the early days you’ll likely find yourself pigging out as well. It should also be noted that when she is tired she crashes hard, and is dead to the world until that energy level is replenished. This is likely something that will follow her into adulthood or until she learns to pace herself a bit.

I just can’t wait to be king – Simba


Perhaps not a king. Certainly a princess though. This little lady knows that she has a lot to offer and sees no reason why she shouldn’t be in charge of as many things as possible…her clutchsiblings, her training…her life. Your life Red. All of it. All the things!

I…HATE…magic. – Tony Stark


When she is newly hatched she will quickly become aware that there are things in this world that she doesn’t understand and that will drive her crazy. She will want to learn about everything all at once. She will be a good student in lessons and will view it as essential information as she puts the pieces of the puzzle together. Still there will be times when she encounters things that she just can’t understand. As she grows she will learn how to grow past what she doesn’t know, but it will be hard at first.

Do you think it’s brains are still in there? – Nala


Along with an insatiable desire to know things there will come an overwhelming need to see and experience the world. While other young hatchlings might be content to hear stories about the larger world this green will want to get out there and lay her own two eyes upon it. It is entirely possible that she will be the first in her clutch to be out and about, even if she can’t get very far. Red will likely have to hold her back, if she can, lest this young green find herself falling asleep suddenly while on her way.

Textbook narcissism… Agreed. – Tony Stark


To say that this little lady has a high opinion of herself would be a great understatement. She has it all…looks, smarts, and a will to do the impossible…and she knows it. This could bring her into conflict with her siblings and other dragons she might meet. Red will probably have to keep tight rein on this while she is young lest the inherent narcissism in her makeup blossom and grow.

I told you I don’t want to join your super secret boy band – Tony Stark


Zhimbarceth does not always play well with others. One of the side effects of her belief in her own amazingness will be the desire to go it alone sometimes when she could benefit from the assistance of others. There may be times during weyrlinghood where she will fall flat on her face because she couldn’t or wouldn’t accept the help that was offered to her. As she grows she will grow to see the benefits of working with others, but even then it might be something that will always be second nature to her, rather than her first choice.

Is it better to be feared or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both? – Tony Stark


Zhimbarceth is always right and when she is wrong…she is still right. This green lady is strong willed, and has a habit of getting what she wants by any means necessary. The weyr can be thankful that she usually has its best interests in her heart. If the weyr is presented with a threat of any kind you can bet that she will be there standing between the weyr and danger. Her small size won’t stop her. She may not be physically strong, but she will find other ways to show others that she is worthy of respect and perhaps a bit of fear.

They say that the best weapon is the one that you never have to fire. I respectfully disagree! I prefer… the weapon you have to fire once. That's how Dad did it, that's how America does it…and it's worked out pretty well so far. – Tony Stark


Any dragon that finds him or herself raising her ire had best be warned, Zhimbarceth is a dragon willing to take things to the edge. Limits – What are those? Surely they apply to lesser dragons. Her concept of a ‘proportionate response’ might be a bit out of whack. She’s a shock and awe type of gal and the weyr will soon know it. Those who are first to discover this will likely be her clutchsiblings, but the weyrlingmasters staff will quickly catch on.

No. You’re in a relationship with me. You’re never going to be ok. – Tony Stark to Pepper


No one that gets to know Zimbarceth will be unaffected by her strong personality, whether for the better or for the worst. Your dragon will have a strong effect on those around her and that is where you come in Red, you may need to hold her back from making some of those snappy comebacks, or she may quickly find herself alone and friendless and that is a very bad place for a dragon like her to be.

I’ve put it behind me Scar – Simba


Because Zhimbarceth is so outspoken and sure of her own place in the universe it’s likely that from early on in her life she will make mistakes. How she reacts to those mistakes will come to define her as a character. Will she be able to take responsibility for her actions and accept the consequences, or will she be stubborn and decide to double down and increase the risk? She has the potential to rise from the ashes a better dragon, but with those self-destructive tendencies it would be just as easy to fall deeper into the abyss, and develop some very bad habits along the way.

Depression could be something that she periodically finds herself dealing with. That is where it will be important for her to develop coping mechanisms and friendships early on that will help pull her out of that state when she finds herself there.


Zhimbarceth is small. Let me repeat that again. She. Is. Tiny. But that doesn’t mean that she is weak or somehow defective. This little lady has a great deal to offer the weyr and she intends on showing it!


Because she is so small she will be able to turn on a dime in the air. She’ll be able to pull off tricks that only a select few others could ever hope to achieve. Will this contribute to her arrogance…most likely. She’ll be a really quick flier, but she’ll lack the stamina of some of her clutchsiblings. When she begins to lose power it’s best to coax her back to the ground and refuel on some herdbeast. Maybe take five and get a nap in. Gotta keep that life support system going! There will probably be many times when she is learning that she will crash, but she isn’t the type to let that worry her too much.


In addition to having good flight skills she will be a creature of grace. Once she gets her moves down pat. Sure in the beginning she might stumble and bumble along, but once this girl grows up a bit she’ll have it all figured out. She’ll quickly discover that being pretty is an asset. It may mean that sometimes you can get others to do what you want just by asking. She’ll be good with any envy this causes because hey…she’s awesome.



There’s a calm surrender to the rush of day, when the heat of a rolling wind can’t be turned away. – Can You Feel The Love Tonight

While many greens take to the sky early in their lives Zhimbarceth will likely be a late bloomer. She’ll hold off that rolling wind as long as she can before she decides that now is the right time, because it will be her that decides and not merely biology. She’ll make sure that she is ready and that you are ready for what is to come.

An enchanted moment, and it sees me through. – Can You Feel The Love Tonight


When the enchanted moment comes she will take to the sky with a vigor. She will dart here and there and give her suitors the chase of their lives. She won’t have the stamina of a gold, of course, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be one wild and crazy chase. She’ll likely want that first flight to be perfect and might even have the dragon she wants to win picked out long before the flight takes place.

It’s enough for this restless warrior just to be with you. – Can You Feel The Love Tonight


In her youth she will have many flights of fancy, but as she grows older she will yearn for something deeper, and something more. She will be on the lookout for that special somedragon. That dragon, be he bronze, brown or blue, will be the dragon that she will consistently fly back too again and again. He reasoning for this will likely be straightforward…she likes him. Hopefully the rider will be someone that Red can stomach as well.

Stealing through, this night’s uncertainties love is where we are! – Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Whatever adventures love brings you both be assured that Zhimbarceth will never lose sight of her first and deepest love…Red!


What was it that Zhimbarceth saw in Red that caught her eye? As the pair grow up together little bits and pieces of why will become evident though most will be lost to time. The workings of dragons are mysterious and it’s not clearly understood. Why? May never be answered, but what is assured is an incredible adventure in front of you both. Red will be pushed to grow by her driven green, and the green will be tempered by Red’s steadying hand.


Name Zhimbarceth
Dam Tzvayath
Sire Draukaith
Created By S'dny
Impress To Red (Rheidte)
Hatched May 24, 2015
Monaco Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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