Flickering Faerie Lights Green Zeyth

Dragon Description

Shadows shroud a delicate form, forest green enfolded in midnight mystery. As muscles shift beneath the velvet hide, lights shimmer in a sultry dance, colors swirling through the dark embrace. Delicate head, perched cockily atop a slender, swanish neck, is encircled by a ring of lighter green, small blue specks picked out amongst the leafy crown. Moonlight-kissed ridges skim merrily along her neck and back, sliding to a halt just above the base of her tail. Wings spring from shoulders, light and gay, starlight-speckled spars providing the frame for a most unique set of sails. Like stained glass, they sparkle with a million colors, greens and blues and purples mingled together to form swirls and twists along the thin skin, casting multi-hued patterns along her body and offering a sprightly glee to her dainty form.

Egg Name and Description

Million Shades of Light Egg

Hatching Message

Million Shades of Light Egg is not doing much. Maybe a little wiggle here, but nothing too strenuous. Gotta keep those energy reserves up for the big moment. But unfortunately that the big moment is not this moment, so for this moment, it's going to just sit there.

The first hint of a line that might possibly be a crack shows on the shell of Million Shades of Light Egg after a tentative shudder. Oh no, can't be falling apart now. It's almost time. Almost…but not quite. Patience is a virtue you know.

Million Shades of Light Egg can deny it no longer. The time has arrived, and there's no way it's going to do a sloppy job. Moving wildly around now, nearly hopping right off the sands, more cracks and even some flakes of shell float to the sand below. With one final wobble, it explodes in a hail of shell parts, that trickle down to powder the wet hide of Flickering Faerie Lights Green Hatchling.

Hatchling Name and Description

Impression Message

Flickering Faerie Lights Green Hatchling sits quietly amidst the dust that was once her home, glittering quietly in the light. Before long, however, she takes first one step, then another, until she's almost dancing free from the remains of her former home, its embrace already forgotten in her joy to be in this bright new world. Eyes focused on the flowing white shapes around her, she chimes softly and hurries towards them, curious to see what they're about.

Flickering Faerie Lights Green Hatchling hears something glorious and slews around, sand spraying from her claws as she literally climbs over her own tail to find that wonderful sound. Chiming again, her soft voice like bells, she waddles quickly across the grounds, converging on her brother and a pair of Candidates. With a pump of her back legs, she pounces, landing in front of Aesri. The source of the pretty sounds, found it!

Mindvoice Name and Description


Personality (RP Tips)


Name Zeyth
Dam Talisyth
Sire Zsuzsath
Created By
Impress To Sri (Aesri)
Hatched 11 December 2005
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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