Just Blendin' In Green Zeleth

Dragon Description

Emerald green wraps around this dragon, coating it near evenly from tail to head. It's only around the mouth that the color seems to fade, melting into a bright chartreuse. The lighter tone accents this dragon's gigantic maw and disproportionately large head. Everything from the neck forward seems almost a bit too big for this creature's slender body to carry, but yet it does. Prominent eye ridges are embedded with tiny bumps that seem to re-create the look of human eyebrows without the actual utility. Bulging eyes swirl brightly, and combined with its naturally upturned mouth, this female seems to be constantly smiling. Perhaps the most unique feature of this darling green is her tail. It tapers quite beautifully, but rather than laying straight, the last few feet curl in upon themselves to make a rather adorable swirl.

Egg Name and Description

Pure of Heart Egg
Smooth. Elliptical. Near perfection. This ovoid is the complete opposite of it's twin, the Bleeding Heart Egg. Pastel pinks whisk across the surface, embracing the being within. The colors seem increasingly saturated as one looks from the top down, until they have faded into a pale lavender. Behind this array of gentle shades are rare streaks of dark brown, dispersed seemingly at random over the egg's surface. The single spark of vibrance this canvas boasts is a circlet of pure silver at its apex.

Hatching Message

Pure of Heart Egg gives a little hop of excitement, knocking into the Bleeding Heart Egg before rocking back to its usual spot.

Pure of Heart Egg leaps once more, this time forward before falling over and causing hundreds of cracks to form across the surface of it's shell.

Pure of Heart Egg begins to roll forward down a small slope in the sands. There's a mad scratching sound from the inside before pieces of shell are suddenly flying everywhere and leaving no evidence of what prison once chained the small creature that has finally broken free.

Hatchling Name and Description

I Seal With a Kiss Hatchling
Bits of eggshell cling to this creatures slight form. It's disproportionately large head seems difficult to lift at first, but after quite a few tries the hatchling does manage to do so. Incredibly slender arms and legs lead to much larger paws that give it strength. The dragonet can't quite claim to have any muscles, but its back arches strongly to tell of well-hidden strength. Perhaps more prominent than even the size of its head, mouth, or feet are the size of this dragon's eyes, which stare out curiously towards the candidates.
Just Blendin' In Green Hatchling

Impression Message

The heat of the sands melts away completely and you're transported into a world of color. Swathes of pink and purple surround you, lifting you up as if you're in a bed of clouds. « YOU! I found you! I knew everything would change! » Rather than seeing a rather large head being pushed into your stomach, you feel it, and the warmth that accompanies it. Your mind starts to clear and as the sounds of reality return you hear a small croon coming from the tiny dragonet in front of you. « Everything is different now K'lar, everything….now that I have you. » A tail wraps around your legs, tugging you towards where she /thinks/ food is and a single name reverberates in your head. « Zeleth. »

Mindvoice Name and Description

See the Light
Zeleth's mind is a bright, cheerful place more often than not, full of vibrant colors and elaborate designs. Her mind tends to be home to various hues of pink - from carnation to cotton candy, bright flamingo and paler amaranth, though from time to time ribbons of lavender twist their way through her thoughts. Floating along with the feminine hues is a soft floral touch, sweet hyacinths and roses, a brush against your mind like a garden in bloom, gently cushioning her airy voice.

When she is in a good mood, her mind has a musical lilt to it, rising and falling to some unheard accompaniment, touches of gold swirling around her mind, highlighting the pinks and brightening up your connection with her. When she begins to get excited - whether it is over a new activity, or because she is beginning to get antsy - be prepared for her mind to become a canvas of creativity - colorful swirls and paintings, every color of the rainbow crowding in, trying to find a space to call its own while the scents of spring build as well, and the rhythm of her voice increases to breakneck speeds.

However, when something frightens her, be prepared - the color will seem to fade away, leaving muted shadows cloaking her mind, her voice will lack its usual musical notes - but once you fix it, you will find color beginning to creep into her mind once more - and she knows you will always be able to fix it.


Congrats and welcome to candidacy K'lar! The theme for this clutch was Bedtime Stories and yours was based on Rapunzel, specifically the version from Tangled. Your dragon's desc is specifically based on Pascal, who I find absolutely adorable and her personality on Rapunzel. We're glad to have you on board and hope that you'll enjoy your time during weyrlinghood!

And remember, all of the RP tips are just that///tips! Zeleth is yours now and we hope that you enjoy her as much as we enjoyed working on this sweet little green.

<3 Reya and S'u!

Personality (RP Tips)

Zeleth will always bring excitement, curiosity, and joy to your life. She will never forget her time in the darkness of that egg, and because of that she will admire life all the more. Now, that doesn't mean her memory is good. In fact, her memory is TERRIBLE. No matter how many turns you live in one place she'll always need you, or perhaps a flit, to help guide her around. « Wait…which…wait, the beach is THAT way right? » Unfortunately, she's also quite impulsive and before you or anyone else might have the chance to answer, she'll likely shoot off in that direction anyways.

Zeleth is also a dragon that will drag you on adventures. She will absolutely /love/ exploring new places and she certainly doesn't planning on doing it alone. A Weyr will always be her home, but there are so many places in the world and she wants to see (and experience) EVERYTHING. She's quite the little daredevil and will encourage you to partake in such activities. Cliff diving? Sounds great! Swimming in the open ocean? Sounds fantastic! Flying in a storm? It MUST be tried!

Zeleth will enjoy the outdoors, but it's at night when she'll truly desire to be outside. The starts are a wonder to her and she'll never quite lose her awe when it comes to the constellations. In fact, she'll insist that you guys make several trips to the Yokohama so that the two of you may enjoy star gazing together.

FOOD. Food will be all important for Zeleth. Sure dragons are supposed to eat meat, but humans have so much more variety. She'll usually insist that you bring an extra plate of morsels just for her. That sentiment will also include drinks (yes, alcoholic ones too). And should you let her get drunk it'll be hard to catch. There's no doubt she'll take off running across the beach never to be seen again. Well, at least not for the next hour or so!

Personality wise, Zeleth is just as bubbly as she was in her egg. It's quite difficult to make her angry or sad, but when she is it's certainly noticeable. Not that it ever lasts very long. She also won't let K'lar stay in a bad mood for very long. She'll try every antic possible to cheer him up, and if it doesn't work….well she WILL keep trying. As annoying as it may be she WON'T stop until K'lar is feeling better.

When the dreaded PRODDINESS comes about, Zeleth won't be as irritable or angry as other females. In fact, she'll be just as pleasant as usual….just very flirtatious. She'll enjoy flirting with the males and flaunting her dragon-assets in front of them. There will be an almost EXCESSIVE amount of parading around right before her flight and she'll enjoy every minute of it. Though Zeleth is a small green, she'll fly surprisingly long and far, pushing herself to the limits because she enjoys the chase so much. She'll particularly enjoy bantering with the males who chase her.


Name Just Blendin' In Green Zeleth
Dam Gold Fuerioth
Sire Bronze Sindrieth
Created By Reya and S'u
Impress To K'lar (Kellanar)
Hatched 18 February 2017
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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