Stellar Beginnings Blue Zalnitakyth

Dragon Description

In the beginning there was darkness; a narrow pitch black snout glistens with the faintest touch of indigo over small nostrils, blending into whirling clouds of stardust upon this midnight form as they reach each bright eye of this young dragonet. Softer indigo drifts between neck ridges down over hind quarters, to the tip of a long and slender tail. Tips of tiny razors are set ablaze: electric blue tentrils wrap around each digit and sweep up lithe limbs, light escaping between the grasp of delicate milky talons. The finest feature upon this small dragonet are wings in great proportion to it's average form. Midnight wingsails are adorned with mottling of the same electric blue, covering over the darkness as though the stars are born from each sweep of of powerful wings. The finishing touch are three prominent stars that align across the belly of this beast, a belt of brilliant light.

Egg Name and Description

Fields of Blue Egg

Over a brilliant field of deep harper blue are sprigs of greenery decorated with a bounty of colors that seem to move in an unseen breeze upon the well rounded sides of this average sized egg. Blurred creamy splotches seem to be tiny flowers that give the idea of fluttering while tucked beneath delicate leaves are hidden treasures. Tiny minty green spheres are found here and there, giving hints to other better things still to be found. Shadows that play in odd places turn out to be burgandy and deep blue berries that beg to be plucked from their hiding spots and consumed. Towards the base of the shell rises the the shapes of graceful yellow and white winged butterflies that dance in joyous delight.

Hatching Message

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Fields of Blue Egg begins to tremble, vibrating any grains of sand free from it's shell before settling down once more.

CRACK MESSAGE: Fields of Blue Egg vibrates and begins to sway, dislodging itself from where it was nestled, tipping onto one side! Cracks spread across the surface of the shell. Help! I've fallen but I can't get up!

HATCH MESSAGE: Fields of Blue Egg rumbles once more before those cracks engulf the ovoid form, erupting into projectile shards of shell across the sands, revealing an egg-wet hatching with a piece of shell covering it's wings! The dragonet rumbles, he's a dragon! Not a ladybug!

Hatchling Name and Description

Fingerlickin' Good Hatchling

Poised and perfect on tiny little baby feet is this young dragonet. Everything seems to be in order: two feet, two wobbly fresh legs and an adorable slender tail and widdle dragon nose with bright new eyes. There's only one thing: The poor little one is looking a wee bit crispy? Sugary! Down to it's little dragon wings, there's not a speck of color under it all to give away if this little creature is done baking all the way through. One thing is for certain: this little one is seriously rocking fuchsia! It must be the color of the season.

Impression Message

The air grows cold and the edges of your vision are washed in darkness. Vibrations of a rich soprano voice echoes in your mind, bringing the glistening of twinkling stars to emerge through the dark with each ringing of his voice. « L'ei? » The heat of the sands are forgotten, distant and so far from your fingers reach as a pang of uncertainty and hunger finds it's way deep into your body. «Yes, my L'ei, I am your Zalnitakyth and because of you we can enter this new world together and find food. I'm so hungry! » The warmth of the sands slowly finds it's way back to your senses but the twinkling stars remain with every beat of his heart.

Mindvoice Name and Description

Prestige of Nature

The cosmos is where Zalnitakyth's world began and continues to begin anew. He will share this world with you and only you when he communicates: the edges of your vision is clouded in darkness, highlighted by the twinkling of distant starts and tinkling bells. Your skin will cool slightly but not uncomfortably so. Excitement brings swirls of indigo light distant galaxies that emerge with each word or surging emotions. Fear and anger is blinding, roaring static with solar flares of crimson and gold lashing out across your very eyes, a fair warning along with sudden heat that Zalnitakyth is definitely not pleased.


The inspiration for the dragon was a Tengu from D&D though they are fairly similar to the Japanese Tengu, which I drew some of the ideas from an anime called Tactics. I know it's sort of thrice removed, but I feel it works best for the ideas that you had in mind. Haruka is the "demon-eating tengu", and Kantarou is the one who freed him from his prison inside a sealed rock. Their relationship is give and take, much like yours and Zalnitakyth's will be. Haruka is very feminine looking in the anime, and the feathery wings aren't any help for keeping him from looking girly but he is vehemently protective of Kantarou - mostly because they have a master/servant relationship but that will not be the same with you and your blue. The girls all love Haruka, giving him presents and ditching Kantarou because he's not nearly as attractive. So, your blue is based after Haruka, the demon-eating tengu, who will be the love of as many greens and golds as he can curl his claws around their hearts. Since Tengu are often seen as being somewhat crow-like, I gave him a proclivity for collecting shiny things, and he /will/ get you out of your weyr often! I hope you enjoy him as much as I've enjoyed writing his personality. <3

Your dragon's name was derived from the three bright stars that create Orion's belt: Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. With a little play on lettering based on your suggestion of Z, we came up with Zalnitakyth. Your name may change but he'll be 'Zahl/Zal' enough for the both of you. Fields of Blue Egg was based off the plants necessary to create the perfect shade of Harper blue. Zalnitakyth's awesomeness was created by R'en and R'sian.

Personality (RP Tips)

"Where does memory end and imagination begin?" - Haruka

Have you ever seen such a energetic young blue? Hardly, for he can hardly hold still at any given point - talons tapping, tail swaying - it's like he dances to music that only he can hear. Despite the fact that he should sleep more, your Zalnitakyth can't seem to let /anything/ get missed during his first few weeks in the barracks. If he closes his eyes, the opportunity of a lifetime might just pass him by. You'll have a hard time convincing him that there is absolutely nothing to miss if he sleeps, and will have to just try and contain him to the barracks close to your bunk so that when he /does/ fall asleep - which is inevitable - you won't have far to drag him far. Luckily, he will /mostly/ grow out of that before hes too big to be dragged around the barracks. But, even as an adult, there will be a time or two that hes so caught up in something he ends up sleeping wherever he is. He will absolutely /adore/ being around his sisters, Fuerioth and Kelmaimenth, not that Obrinth and Marzoth aren't interesting - they're just much more masculine than him and he connects better to his female clutchmates.

His memory is as terrible as one would expect from a dragon, and he's nothing like Fuerioth with her seemingly twice-lived experience. However, this doesnt hold him back in the least. Where his memory ends, is right where his imagination starts and you'll find that your Zalnitakyth will often think up things that are just ridiculous. He'll be Fuerioth's co-conspirator when weyrling lessons start to get boring - the two creating secret plans to do things to Obrinth and Marzoth that they're bound not to enjoy. What happens when a whole wherry is put into a bucket of Marzoth's oil the night before? Well, you /may/ just find out. The limits are boundless to his imagination, and while Fuerioth may not always be game for his pranks, there will be the odd time she's bored out of her mind and she'll join in the fun. Just like Kelmaimenth, he will endeavor to have you keep his bunk spotless and make sure that you know he prefers it this way. How can he be respectable when there's a mess of clothes and supplies around him? Everything has a place, and should be in it.

"More than anything else, I want to protect you." - Kantarou

Do you think that you'll get to maintain your distance from others? Well, Zalnitakyth will have to do something about that. It starts in weyrlinghood, when he insists that you talk to your fellow weyrlings to find out more about them. « What does Reya like best? » He'll ask, thinking that you should do something nice for her, for her gold is his favorite conspirator. People should do something for their friends, so why shouldn't dragons? « You should ask S'dny about where he came from. He's probably got some interesting tales to tell. » And if any of the weyrling group seems unhappy - your Zalnitakyth will be the /first/ to notice. « Get T'ayne something from the kitchens, he looks like he could use something sweet to take his mind off of things. You should talk to him for a while, too. » He will insist. Your Zalnitakyth is the caretaker and diplomat of the group, and even if it's not what you /want/ to do, he will encourage you to start talking to others and open doors you've long thought closed and locked. This will not only be restricted to the weyrling class, although it will be at first. Once he's out in the weyr at large - be careful, your Zalnitakyth will be asking you to talk with new people. Everyone new is exciting, and his curiosity will get the better of him.

Lessons will bore Zalnitakyth immensely, how can any of /this/ be as interesting as something that's going on outside? His attention will lapse, first to see how the other dragonets are doing, then slowly to trying to make fun of the instructor, mimicking them and attempting to get his fellow classmates to chortle. Certainly, his head is often in the clouds and its never more apparent than when he's bored in class. Unfortunately, his lack of attention will assure that he's slow in his milestones unless you pressure him to try harder and work more on his exercises. Having such an easily distracted blue might be a handful to deal with when it comes to completing tasks.

"Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down." - Socrates

Your relationship with Zalnitakyth will be one of give and take, he will accept all facets of your personality, however you must also accept his. Your craft will not have to take a backseat to your relationship with him - he will be incredibly interested in everything you can teach him about the stars. His memory will not allow him to retain the information for long, however, and you may find yourself repeating stories to entertain your blue. He will want to try and shoot for those stars, flying as high as he can manage before seemingly being held aloft and drifting down so you can get a much closer view than from the ground - though your stargazer would have to be one that was easily portable. However, in exchange for his fellowship in this endeavor, he requests ever so politely that you go to bed at a decent hour so he can drag you around to ask questions to the weyr once in a while. More than anything, he will want to protect your dreams and aspirations.

Your Zalnitakyth will love to collect things that are shiny of all sorts and forms. Shiny metals, lenses, anything that'll sparkle when the daylight hits it in an interesting manner. He'll love reflective items, ones that in caves - if the light is just right - will give the imagery of stars against cavern walls. They are his favorite things, and if the chance arises, he would /love/ to have some colored glass hanging from your ledge so that the daylight can hit it and cause interesting patterns against the walls.

Once graduation is upon you, and you and your blue are let loose amongst the weyr - your Zalnitakyth will be so very interested in flirting with /every/ female he comes across, much to your embarrassment. It's almost as if the fact that you get your own weyr - or if you move into your weyrmates - it's like a dam has been let loose and he's suddenly interested in chasing every tail he can find. The fact that he gets along so very good with his sisters only goes to help his cause. It's like he's learned just what to say, just what to do, to get the affections of greens and even golds alike. He will have you oil his hide as often as possible, primping him so he looks just /so/ for the females. Golds are an impossible trophy, but surely a blue snuggled up with a gold would make any bronze or brown jealous, no?

Flights, oh, there's no question if your blue is going to chase or not. He will, every time he has the time and energy. He will put everything he has into the quest to get what he's after, and since he's such a social butterfly he will know just what to say to almost every single female in the weyr. This is one aspect where his memory isnt so fickle, he'll know which ones want flowery words, which prefer fat herdbeasts dropped at their feet, and which want nothing more than for him to leave them entirely alone. However, despite the fact he knows these things he will end up with disappointment more often than not with how often he chases. He'll return with empty talons and a heavy feeling of disappointment as he returns to your ledge seeking comfort in the form of food and attention. Really, he acts like such a girl sometimes, especially when disappointment looms over him like a shadow he can't shake from his starry hide.


Name Stellar Beginnings Blue Zalnitakyth
Dam Gold Ceresth
Sire Bronze Sindrieth
Created By R'en & R'sian
Impress To Zahleizjah
Hatched August 3, 2014
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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