Shimmering Desert Sunset Bronze Xiaoth

Dragon Description

Flowing like a desert sand dune, sparkling in the amber gold of the decending ball life, the bronze of this tiny dragon's hide ripples with impossible glistening softness. Almost like liquid, each ripple, dark and light, rise and fall over slender flanks, flowing from the glowing star that illuminates his forehead with the kiss of sunlight's blessing, whirling over his form into the near blackness of his tail and wingtips. No move is wasted, no need for the embellisment of glory, his more rounded than angular head is held in proud nobility, but it is not arrogance. Slightly smaller in neck than some of his siblings, his body is as stocky as a brown, but the large black dusted feet with their obsidian talons are an indication that he indeed will be a huge creature when he grows into them. Wings tipped with a bright as gold wing spur rise behind him in graceful curves, baring themselves to the amber sunlight of life that flows down them into the darkness of the coming night that is the back of his wings. That darkness flows down into inky midnight that is the end of his tail, rippleing in highlights and shades of that amber-gold bronze of sand.

Egg Name and Description

Autumn Moon Egg

Hatching Message

Autumn Moon Egg rocks briefly, its smooth shell offering little more than a faint shiver in when compared with its siblings. Almost as though it has little to rush for, or perhaps it is a cunning plot.

Autumn Moon Egg shifts in silence, its smooth dark shell shifting until there is a glistening of briliant red-gold. That circle of bright against the darkest midnight shell is the rising of something vibrant. The Autumn moon. Perhaps a time of storms or of the death of summer, it is also older and wiser. The time has indeed come to step into the midst of this glorious assembly, to stake its claim on what will be its legacy. With a roar of breath, the first of so many escapes the bindings of its shell and steps into the darkness of the sands, shaking free the dampness of its skin.

Colorless Hatchling Name and Description

Shimmering Desert Sunset Hatchling

The lack of light in the hatching cavern offers little to set this shifting mass of shapes to order. As if made of the finest sands, the form of this hatchling flows with smooth motions that are not exactly grace, but close. No movement wasted, no effort spent in vanity. A faint flicker of light passes over the smooth hide, offering forth hints of amber and utter darkness. Rippling again into the shadows its large wings keep balance over its huge feet, moving in silent purpose that never seems to waver, whirling eyes staring forward, glowing in the darkness.

Impression Message

Mindvoice Name and Description


Personality (RP Tips)


Name Shimmering Desert Sunlight Bronze Xiaoth
Dam Gold Arolaeth
Sire Bronze Zaristh
Created By V'ncent
Impress To D'ce
Hatched 15 July 2000
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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