Nonsensical Battle Cry Gold Xhekuith

Dragon Description

The hide of this dragonet is reminiscient of a striking pallor that can only be compared to rays of fallen moonlight, defying all tawny shades in order to give her the look of honey coated ivory, the color deepening along her strongly defined muzzle as well as over the exceptional length of her delicate tail. Long, elegantly refined wings are given a tapered look, ending in drops of gold that splash across the wingtips and spread over the wings themselves, moon giving way to sunlight that gleams with purity over the sails. A faint blush of copper flows across wide, powerful shoulders that lead into stout, muscular limbs and forepaws awash with cream. Such a darker hue attempts to claim dominance over this deceptively fine-boned queen, warring with the paler shades on her tail only to mottle it and color the spade in entirety. Headknobs and neckridges are the pinnacle and greatest allotment of truly golden shades that are burnished to a heady luster, the same darker color leaving a trail of freckles down the center of her forehead, squarely between large eyes outlined in rich, speckled amber.

Egg Name and Description

Mighty Cerulean Justice Egg
Not a single spot of this shell is safe from the continuous wash of cerulean that dominates the surface of this egg. Not a single patch of specks, brushes of color, nor dashes to break the monotony that envelopes it… save for one brave small smudge of the warmest cream upon the apex of its shell. A sharp blemish existing strong against the outlandish hue. The only saving grace upon this ovoid form is the natural shadows which engulf the bottom and the glossy sheen that offers gentle reflections of all that passes before it. The shell of this mighty form is as smooth as glass should fingertips dare to brush across the shell of this gaudy egg.

Hatching Message

Mighty Cerulean Justice is no longer the silence serene ovoid upon the sands as it begins to wiggle and wobble along side it's shelled brethren. With each movement it drifts towards another egg close by, tilting over and striking! Whoops! You didn't see that, it was a figment of your imagination. Nothing more than an illusion to thwart the minds of evil. It's biding it's time, waiting in the shadows of the shell as it's plan begins to unfold…

The eggs surrounding are not safe from Mighty Cerulean as it trembles, creating a series of flowing fractures and one finely made crack from impact. Crack, a crack?! There cannot be a crack about this glorious shell! Not while there's a life cradled within it, safe from the world and all it's wrongs and deceit! It shall be fixed! When the time is right, now isn't the time. No, it's not the hour.

Oh! But the time must be now that we unfurl our hiding shells, sending the pieces and shards to scatter about in an explosion! She raises her head high as she lashes out upon the unfortunate direction of the blurry white things! A triumphant cry is sent out across the sands! No fear for this hatchling has arrived unscathed! Now, she must search for her partner in crime, her sidekick… Ooh, what's this? There's… THREE. Off this pale hatchling wanders to inspect the scene before her.

Impression Message

Just when you thought it was safe to linger among the rest of the white things, a cool wind begins to lightly blow before your face before picking up with intensity. « Ica! » A triumphant soprano declaring her bond echoes within your mind as pulses of the brightest, blinding cerulean dominate the edges of your vision. A feeling of overflowing pride and elation washes over you before ultimately overwhelmed by the feeling of hunger. « I am your Xhekuith! Together we shall prevail over the hardships and trials that come before us. Our first mission upon these sands… is to eat! Is there any food around here? »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Surreal Parody of Heroics
This dragon is far from quiet, she is high-spirited, frequently obtuse, and prone to quipping odd, dim remarks and "inspirational" speeches filled with bizarre metaphors as well as overly vocal when it comes to things of an exciting persuasion. Be it crooning for the sake of breaking silence or trumpeting in the oddest hours of the night to express how elated she is. She's loud and obnoxious, speaking over you when you try to speak or bespeak and taking things out of proportion. Her mindvoice brings the wind to your face and a cascade of those cerulean hues to dominate the edges of your vision with every word, every spoken syllable… Nothing will be left to defeat! « I will NOT be IGNORED, you scum! No not you, I don't know who you… there's something on your chin. »


The egg theme was comics and the dragons were based on characters featured within. Mighty Cerulean Justice Egg is based on The Tick: a series of comic books and an animated TV series created in 1986 by Ben Edlund, following the exploits of a blue-skinned muscular man named The Tick who fights crime in a place simply called "The City". He is an absurdist spoof of the superhero genre, originally found in an independent comic book series started in 1993, subsequently gaining popularity through an animated television series on the Fox Network. A video game and a live-action television series have also been based on the character. Both Dragon and Egg were made by Hil.

Personality (RP Tips)

Xhekuith is a fine one, a fine lady and a diplomat. No, not a diplomat, she is a fighter of justice and all that is fair in the weyr! If one of the other hatchlings bullies the other, rest assured that this champion will arise to thwart all evildoings! So long as it doesn't interrupt lunch hour, then she has no complaints. Should someone or a trio of someones… A Trio, yes, evil strikes in threes! Be it three socks instead of two, three cups of Klah in the mornings or three flits in a line, she will make sure all is right before her Ica. Her sidekick, though you're not an accountant but whose checking!

When those weyrling lessons begins, all will be in perfect order as the dragons will ultimately be herded in groups of three, the stones at her feet and the lessons. Those lessons, she doesn't want one, she wants a trio to compliment her workings. It's how this gold's brain works, it needs triple the excitement, triple the pleasure, triple the fun. Just not triple the drama otherwise there will be one angry Xhekuith, complete with trumpeting action! Batteries not included. She will never let you get distracted as anything your instructors share, she will retain it like a sponge and repeat it in her own glorious verse as if it were yesterday. Whether you like it or not, you will listen as her volume grows louder and louder when ignored. We will not be ignored!

Finally when she's full fledged and free, everyone and everything around her will be watched like an old woman spending ninety bucks in quarters. The blasphemy of it all! What evil! What villainy! Whenever someone does something wrong whether it be intentional or accidental, it would be announced to you in a heartbeat, even in the most inappropriate of times. It must not be kept secret, there shall be no plotting of any kind or evil afoot while she is here to reside over all for the protection of her humble abode. Though you are not even safe from her attentions come meal time and the silverware is rearranged, there will be no escape from « SPOOOOOON!! »

Social time will be an interesting event for both dragon and rider, she will be looming behind you with head held high as if the sky would fall should she move and tail swaying behind so no one can sneak up on her! Should anyone ever try to speak down to her precious rider, she will not be made to quiet so easily. « Odd? Let me tell you something about odd friend, we are not odd. We are Unique! We have a glow you cannot see! A heart as big as the moon— as warm as bathwater! We're on top of it all, friend. We don't have time to be charming and glamorous! To be your cookie cutter princesses! We know the score! Keep your vulgar remarks for we are a Refined Sandwich— no toppings necessary! »

Mating flights… The poor males that would be in pursuit of this 'heroine' through a battle of aerial summersaults and tricky maneuvers. The enemy shall not be allowed to capture her so quickly, she will keep them on the run in the sky and through the dense clouds until only one who seeks out her justice will prevail! There shall be mandatory snugglings of three males at the end, or she will be one unhappy queen. Why one? When she can have THREE! « We are not a HAREM?! We are a team out to fill hearts with love and AFFECTION! » Remember the thrill of it all on your life long journey with Xhekuith.


Name Nonsensical Battle Cry Gold Xhekuith
Dam Gold Avarinth
Sire Bronze Treasath
Created By Hil
Impress To Ica
Hatched May 20, 2007
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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