Second Star to the Right Blue Verlanth

Dragon Description

Deepest cobalt slinks across the hide of this diminutive dragon, enfolding his sleek form in the darkness of midnight. Ripples of indigo coat almost all of his body, broken only where nebulous clouds of darkest purple touch his underbelly, and smokey grey tips his talons and tail. Darkness brightens where his wings meet his shoulders, spars paling to sky blue at the very tips of the fingerbones. His wings are where the majority of his brightness lies, entire constellations scattered across the sails in tiny sparkling pinpricks of sapphire.

Egg Name and Description

Use Your Imagination Egg
This egg is, frankly, egg shaped — rounded at one end, pointed at the other, nothing special, just an egg. Consider instead its colouration. Across the shell cauliflower dances with coconut, and trails of marshmallow flirt with meringue. A cresting of whipped cream flows into just a hint of salt, while sugary sparkles seem incongruous when placed next to peeled potato, brie, and garlic. Let's be honest here… it's white, but it /could/ be those other things. Maybe. If you squint.

Hatching Message

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Use Your Imagination Egg stirs slightly. A single hiccup shaking away some of the sand that surrounds it and keeps it safe from harm.
CRACK MESSAGE: Use Your Imagination Egg hiccups again and again, each bounce sending dark cracks scurrying across the white surface.
HATCH MESSAGE: Use Your Imagination Egg sags inwards on one side, the shell barely holding together as a talon pokes through. In a heartbeat the shell is gone, its former occupant stealing off quietly into the shadows.

Hatchling Name and Description

Just a Detached Shadow
Nebulous shadows edge a dark shape on the sands, distorting and twisting it so that it is hard to tell what is the cause. Is it a dragon, or the shadow of one, or merely a trick of the mind?

Impression Message

Did you perhaps knock your head as you were pounced? The world certainly seems to have shifted somewhat, or maybe it just got darker. Faint laughter reaches your ears. Another of the candidates? Any attempt to move makes your head swim and your vision sparkle. « To live will be an awfully big adventure. » In the darkness of your mind images begin to form, childish drawings of a brown haired stick figure riding on a massive blue… well it's probably a dragon. Suddenly your vision clears and he's there, fidgeting before you, and in a breath you know his name, as if you always knew it but just needed reminding. Verlanth. « Would you like an adventure now, or would you like to have your tea first? »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Scent of a Thousand Summers
Combine the bright sounds of pan pipes with the even brighter primary colours that children love, and you've found Verlanth's mind. When he speaks it's rapid and full of emotion, and he tends to make physical motions, punctuating his thoughts with slaps of his tail or neck wriggles. Bursts of primary colours accent his words, like a fingerpainting being created for added emphasis. When he is joyful - which is nearly all the time - his voice carries a fresh scent like a warm summer breeze. When he's upset, it crackles, the colours turning dull and lifeless, with a smell of scorching heat.


The theme for this year's clutch was 'Food in Entertainment' and Verlanth's egg was based on the imagination feast from the movie 'Hook' where Peter Banning first begins to learn to play again. Verlanth himself is based on Peter Pan, his name coming from 'Neverland', but where he goes from this inspiration is up to you. Will he stay Peter Pan forever, or will he grow up and be a little more Peter Banning?

As always this inspiration is made entirely of play-doh and can be squished and moulded as you see fit.

Welcome to weyrlinghood!


Personality (RP Tips)

"Forget them, Wendy. Forget them all. Come with me where you'll never, never have to worry about grown up things again." — J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Did you ever picture yourself being a mother at sixteen? Unfortunately, dear Wilough, that is exactly what you have been 'lucky' enough to become. That sleek blue companion of yours has the mind, and manners, of a perpetual child and the only guarantee that he comes with is that things are never going to be dull.

Though small and slim Verlanth seems to have a habit of knocking everything, and anything, over — his head diving into someone else's things while his tail knocks over an oil barrel. Again. Even worse he doesn't seem to really care about it. His attitude appears to be that if his head fits the rest of him should as well and if things are knocked over then they just shouldn't have been in his way in the first place. Sadly along with this carefree attitude comes a side order of mischief. Other people's belongings? His to investigate. To take. To break? Faranth forbid you should ever chastise him for it because it will very quickly become apparent that he is a world-class sulker and the tantrums he can throw on occasion as are loud as they are annoying. Perhaps luckily his memory is very short, even for a dragon, and pretty soon he'll be running off to get into some more trouble and causing you yet another headache.

He seems to make up for his lack of memory with an over-abundance of imagination. Elaborate stories, lies, and fantasies are his stock in trade, and he'll happily regale people with more and more outlandish tales of his exploits — for he always has to be the hero in them no matter who they're really about. Should he ever be questioned about details in these tales he may be willing to give the odd concession that maybe someone else helped a little, but in general he'll find some way to work the correction into his tale and just keep on going.

"I don't want to go to school and learn solemn things." — J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Weyrlinghood is going to be a terrible time for you, for many reasons. Classes… you can pretty much write them off. His attention will wander a lot and it will be a near impossibility to get him to stay still. Being left standing with a blindfold on, while he wanders off to do his own thing, will never help your mind bonding exercises. Games and playing are his favourite things and any time they're suggested to help with bonding or even just muscle strengthening he'll be the first to offer to take the lead.

At least you have one advantage in that he seems to be able to fly without much consideration of how it's done — the more he thinks about it the less he can actually do it. You will have to be careful to keep him grounded the first few months of his life — as pretty as the bright specks on his wings are they can tear easily when he's very young, though will strengthen as he ages.

Even from first moment of Impression his mental projections will be an issue, something you may have to take extra dreaded lessons to learn to cope with. While his mental speech is perfectly clear any images that he relays are given his own special touch, tending to come across as children's drawings rather than any true image, and while it may be amusing to have a stick figure with a big head for a weyrlingmaster it will definitely make things difficult when it comes to betweening. Surely as he ages his talents will expand but at least initially his mental landscape has green grass, blue sky, and trees that look like lolipops.

He'll be a very late chaser, if at all, and the whole concept of mating flights just seems odd to him. It's a game of tag, but not, and he has no fear of getting himself hurt in the stampede after a fleeing green. While there may be hints that he likes a certain green, he doesn't always understand enough to take it to the next level. Can love be taught?

"Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting." — J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

As his clutchsiblings age and move on to other things they'll have less time to play with him, and he'll naturally gravitate towards the young of the weyr. There'll always be a bond with the others, and he may even express sadness that they've grown up, and he'll always be on the lookout for someone to jump the waves with him, to play tag, or hide and seek. When he does persuade one of his siblings to play it is an occasion to be crowed about, of absolute joy, and there will always be a sadness when those happy times end.

"Wendy, one girl is more use than twenty boys." — J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Childish, self-centred, and fearlessly cocky Verlanth is only a beginning. He chose you as his 'mother' because he thinks you're perfect. Will he ever grow up? Well that's in the next chapter of life and you will help him write it.


Name Second Star to the Right Blue Verlanth
Dam Gold Tzavayth
Sire Bronze Draukaith
Created By Aliona
Impress To Wilough
Hatched May 24, 2015
Monaco Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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