Searching out the Truth Green Verenath

Dragon Description

Born from the jungle canopy, the deep green hues cling, casting the majority of her sleek, strong form into shadow, creating the perfect prowler. Gathering in force at the edge of her snubbed, blocky muzzle, jungle hues burst forth, erupting over stunted headknobs, enveloping the short structures in darkness, continuing their takeover of her well-muscled neck. Only at her wide shoulders does resistance first begin to appear, as streaks of sunlight filter through the canopy, settling yellow hues in stripes across her form, stripes that curve around her barrel-list chest, pooling along the center line of her belly, bright like a jungle clearing amongst the darkness of the woods. And yet, the brightness cannot penetrate far; layers of green - fern and hunter, forest and spring vie for dominance along her sides, continuing along her short, thick tail and short, well-formed limbs, anchored in the dark mahogany of her talons. The same leafy hues cling to oversized wingsails, darker spars like thick branches for support, only the trailing edge of the sail showing a bit of light, as sunlight attempts to burn its way through.

Egg Name and Description

I'm Not a Snowman Dangit! Egg
Oh Blistering cold with frigid white encase this rather unique seeming egg. No gloss touches any angle, though shadows play havoc giving the shell the appearance of being three speres instead of one. A circle of darkness rest upon the top beneath a swirl of paper like bits. Softened by a fog or perhaps a sweeping blizzard of shimmering flecks are coal dark markings that give a blank stare paired with a lopsided grin. In the center of it all is a glowing splash of orange, lighting the way through the cold.

Hatching Message

I'm not a Snowman Dangit! Egg shifts just slightly, pushing the fog around it into fluffy curls. The motions of this egg send a little sand sliding away from it's base, and then a sudden stillness.

Pop! Crack! Snap! I'm Not a Snowman Dangit! Egg is suddenly wracked by a whirlwind of motion from within. The shell becomes littered with cracks and fissures, breaking apart the splotches of color that are spattered here and there. Then once more there is a sudden stillness, not a single hint of motion stirs the ovid.

The time has come for I'm not a Snowman Dangit! Egg as it does for all eggs at this stage of the game. Frenzied motions within the shell have chunks of white falling away, giving more and more freedom to the hatchling within. Yes! FREEDOM! One more final burst of motion and the shell falls away leaving a cloaked hatchling standing there instead.

Hatchling Name and Description

Swirls of Mystery Hatchling
Through the depths of fog and steam there is so much that is hidden about this hatchling as it begins its first unsteady steps. A hint of silver flashes upon a neck that seems crooked perhaps, while shadows play over over paws to make them seem unshapely and vastly uneven. Wings flicker and flash, stirring the fog but giving no hint as to what color lies there. As to overall size of this hatchling, ones guess is as good as any other as it shifts and moves within the clouds that cover the sands to keep all on their toes.

Impression Message

The sounds of the forest invade your thoughts, surround you in its cooling touch. Far gone is the heat of the sands. In this moment you know you are no longer alone, you feel it in the prickling that rises on the back of your neck. Something tugs at you, drawing your thoughts towards a new pair of eyes that look at you with pure and unadulterated adoration. « Tevla! » Your name bursts into your mind with such excitement, « I solved the mystery that this fog kept hidden and I found you. » A tugging of your thoughts, and the name that comes with the soft Alto voice is known to you as if you have always known it. Verenath! « Yes, me and you. A team to solve that which needs to be debunked or proven true. » Slowly you return to the sands, a bumping against your midsection reminds you that she is there. «Verenath and Tevla solvers of Mysteries….but first my belly it hurts….food please. »

Mindvoice Name and Description

A Fight for Survival
A true seeker of the truth is this green, this being that choose you. When a mystery comes her way she has to get to the bottom of it, to debunk it as being fake or to solve it for the truth. She's a fighter for what she believes in, a defender of those she cares about and that which she claims as home. Her voice is a soft to moderate alto depending on her mood. The sounds of the forest are always in her mind, the soft rush of the winds when she's happy along with the songs of the birds, the crashing of falling trees, wild calls of the animals when she's upset. The colors of her mind vary so much it's hard to pin down just what hue goes with what emotion but as you grow and learn together you will be able to pin down just what is going on in her mind by the colors that flicker about with any of her



Now that I have that out of the way….Tevla I have to admit that I had a blast creating your dragon from start to finish. You asked for a dragon based on the show Mythe Busters, though the egg she is coming from is based on the show 'The 100'. I used bits of the Characters Clarke Griffin, Octavia Blake, Raven Reyes, and Abigail Griffin as a base for her personality. These strong ladies are all about surviving as well as solving the problems that arise for them to face day in and day out, I also tried to mix in as much of your show as I could as well.

Her desc is based on the forest in which 'The 100' is based in, it was written by Nadina and edited by S'u to make it more of what you asked for. Her personality slipped right from my brain and into her after a day of binge watching the show.

The Name Verenath comes from the latin name Verena which means Truth. I chose this name for the way it flows as well as the fact that it relates directly back to the dragons inspiration.

Once again Congratulations on your impression here at Monaco Bay Weyr, I do hope you enjoy your new Green Lady.

Please know that everything I wrote in her RPTips is just ideas, thoughts, and an overall starting place but you are free to play her in any way you wish.

Personality (RP Tips)

Curiosity is typical of all growing hatchlings, but young Verenath is more than simply curious. The need to know things is a hot and growing fire within her, one that you will often fight hard to temper. It fuels her everything your green lady does, this desire to seek out every mystery and make them her own to solve. Tied to this urge to discover is also an unshakable confidence that will lead her, more often then not, into areas where she should not be. But don't for one moment think that Verenath is foolhardy or willing to overlook your safety or her own. This quest to unearth secrets gives her determination but she will listen to your good counsel to a point. She will only tolerate postponing her explorations and will expect that you will return to hunt down the answers she seeks once all your other responsibilities have been seen to.

All young dragons will excel at one thing or another as they grow and change, Verenath will excel at stalking and taking down her prey from the very first hunt. Small and quick, she's better at hunting from the ground then in the air and makes fast work of getting the beast she wants without causing the herd to bolt in terror. She's not one that will make you share in her experiences in the pens, no she would rather have you checking out things that she has ferreted out and now needs to find the answers too.

Experience and age will balance Verenath's questing tendencies with wisdom and a knack for seeing to the heart of matters at hand. While she will never give up her love of collecting secrets and mysteries, she will learn that sometimes it's better to share those secrets rather then hoard them for just the two of you. Don't expect her to prance about tossing mysteries to those who haven't earned them though. Those who have a need for her wisdom will have to prove themselves worthy in some way, shape or form before she will deem them worthy. She'll also begin to show a more nuturing side with you as she becomes more mature, displaying less impatience when you have things you must see to and more encouragement for those pursuits or people that you find interesting.

With her powerful build, Verenath will prove to be a challenge for her suitors by combining speed with stamina superior to most greens her size. Her proddiness will manifest itself in a return of her youthful curiousity, its intensity focused on those males who happen to catch her eye. She'll want to know everything about them, every secret thought, every hidden impulse. This will be her way of deciding which of them is worthy of her company, a sort of test before she rises. And when she finally does take to the skies, she will lead them on a dizzying chase that will insure that only the best remain at the end. Verenath will never be caught; she will always choose the one who will mate with her.


Name Searching out the Truth Green Verenath
Dam Gold Isanath
Sire Bronze Marzoth
Created By Nadina (with S'u edits)
Impress To Tevla
Hatched 01 April 2016
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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