Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly Blue Box Tuulikkith

Dragon Description

Inky hues are liberally splashed over the hide of this diminutive blue dragon, rendering him almost black even in the brightest of lights, and emphasising the hawk-like tilt of his muzzle. His form is unusual, his tail making up easily half of his length, perhaps to counterbalance his overly puffy chest and scrawny legs. All changes when viewed from the front, however, as a patch of paleness sweeps down from powerful shoulders and vanishes along the lines of his underbelly. This same anomaly appears once again at the base of his spine - a single white patch where body becomes tail. His wings are where his true colour appears, the oily blues and greens of the sails shifting and swirling depending on how the light hits him and the faintest hint of white once more appearing to tip the very ends of his wingbones.

Egg Name and Description

Scenic Sunrise Egg
A wild landscape of colors encompass the large egg. Running rampant through the wild foliage colors race to create such an illusion perhaps better placed within a painting. Rays of golden yellow fuse; melding with streaks of oranges, pinks and even a hint of amethyst hidden away within the clouds. As your eye travels downwards pale blue mountainous shapes emerge from the golden light to reveal their pointy, snow covered peaks. Young, budding green leaves cover the brown skeleton like trees at the base of the mountains. Flying high above the tree line are small shapes, perhaps birds enjoying the beautiful morning. As your eyes travel to the base of the egg the picture continues in its beautiful, vibrant colors to bring forth bright, happy colorful flowers also budding new to bring beautiful life to the egg that holds a brand new life.


Hatching Message

Scenic Sunsrise Egg wobbles from side to side erratically in such a way it threatens the eggs around it.

Scenic Sunrise Egg's side line with tiny fissures along the length.

Scenic Sunrise Egg finally bursts out with bits of eggs flying every which way. A fog misted shape emerges making it nearly impossible to tell color at all for the moment. A long creeeeeeel escapes the hatchling once they are completely free from the imprisoning shell.

Hatchling Name and Description

Tried To Catch Fog but I….Mist!! Hatchling
Blurred by the foggy conditions it is virtually impossible to see what color this hatchling might be. Green? Blue? Wait, a hint of black is seen. With no black dragons around surely that can't be the color. As the hatchling moves across the sands more hints of colors appear though only to confuse cause surely that was a bronze wingtip or perhaps a bit of brown peeking through the foggy conditions? There's no clear way to tell!

Impression Message

For a fleeting moment your view changes completely as you see yourself standing on the Sands in your white candidates robe. It's a distorted view from shorter down as well as through faucetted eyes. Within a blink though then its gone and you are standing within the circular room once more. Only this time the presence unseen before is now before you in the pale blue form of…. « I am Tuulikkith. What's your name? » the briefest of pauses. « Right! It's Sh'y of course. Let's go on an adventure! » « I am so hungry though ». It's hard to tell how long or short of a time frame you've been away from the sands when suddenly you land back and there's a blue muzzle in your midriff and an empty pit for a stomach.

Mindvoice Name and Description

Burning at the Center of Time
Much like the ever changing weather of the seasons you have the ever changing moods/reflections of Tuuli's voice. To the unknown presence upon his thoughts his emotions swirl coldly around much like the winter winds upon a frozen lake. Slowly though he'll warm up to those he meets, his tone taking on the warmer yet still slightly chilled winds of a spring breeze in the early evening. Summer warmth of course is solely for his Sh'y for whom else can he share his inner most thoughts without fear of judgement. Racing through his swirly thoughts is the gentle tones of the magpie in a gentle 'Pica pica' undercurrent throughout all his speech.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Monaco! I was so excited for the chance to create your blue dragon. I love to do blends based off the theme as well as what the person asks for and he's a blend of several things. The Eurpoean magpie which is mostly in his desc, as well as storms lurking in several places in his personality/mind voice. The rest of him is all Dr. Who the 10th Doctor to be exact. He is written by myself with assistance from Aliona in the desc. He does have a touch of girly side to him woven through out such as his love of baths and getting pampered daily. Tuulikkith is a Finnish Myth name with the meaning of a forest goddess, composed of the word 'tuuli' which means wind and a diminutive suffix, hence 'Little Wind'. His mindvoice is based off of weather from each season, winter, spring, summer and the chittering of a magpie. Also the theme for the eggs in this clutch were the 4 seasons/weather in them and the dragons themselves were tv shows that ran at least 4 seasons. Tuuli's egg was specifically the sunrise in spring and of course the tv show was Dr. Who.

Personality (RP Tips)

Tuulikkith may take a bit of convincing that he needs you as a partner for life. Naturally he knows it in a instinctive level otherwise he would have never impressed to you however after that moment upon entering the barracks he'll assume otherwise. His natural instinct is to be alone for growing up is clearly a dangerous undertaking that he must take along. Of course over time he'll come to realize he does need you as much as you need him. Initially this need will come in the shape of food, oil and scritches. And of course bath time for if there is ever an interesting quirk in his personality it is that he adores being pampered. Food, bath, oiling will eventually become the order that it must be done in with NO EXCEPTIONS! None. Zero. If he eats then after that be must bath for even as he grows up he'll always be a messy eater. Nothing you can do will stop this fact for his food will get flung far and wide. To him the bloodier the better. May as well simply get used to it. Oh sure you can /try/ to change him but he'll only manage a day or so before he is back to his old habits. Never fear though for he'll thoroughly enjoy being pampered by you ( or anyone else willing to; to be honest). A long, scalding hot bath when he can partake followed by a leisurely oiling. Be sure to get every single inch of his hide. This will make you appreciate having a slightly smaller blue!

Everything Tuuli does is simply an adventure to him. Exercises! He'll be so busy trying to ensure the others are doing it right you'll have to constantly remind him to do his /own/ exercises! Lecture lessons has him interjecting questions at a constant pace though to be honest his questions are never dull. He has an unusual habit of dissecting the lesson completely and asking questions far above what you'd think from his 'age level'. There won't be many simple questions from him rather he'll progress straight into the most difficult ones you can think of.

"I'm burning up the sun just to say goodbye"

It's /hard/ for Tuulikkith to say goodbye. Oh he knows he'll never have to say it to /you/ but those few people who have made a serious impact on his life he'll never want to let them go. His first green dragon caught may be a good one for him to hold on to as a 'first crush'. Others he'll grow close to in any adventures he has for he'll naturally invoke many, many adventures with his fellow weyrlings growing up. Sleep is for the weak and he'll try to spend as little time possible doing such a boring, unneeded requirement when there is so much to do! He'll be a bad influence on fellow weyrlings, trying to lull Haeyaneth or Verenath trying to draw them into some wild scheme of his. He naturally be drawn to the ladies of the clutch as his 'companions' for the day for there's a hint of femininity within Tuuli. Not much but just enough of a hint that he'll fit in perfectly with the girls.

"That's what I am: just a traveler. Imagine it. No tax, no bills, no boss. Just the open sky."

No where on Pern will Tuulikkith be more comfortable than in the air. Always wanting to be up there flying you will be hard pressed to contain his excitement for the sport of flying for when he's old enough too. Once he gets the idea into his head to go /up/, he'll be inconceivable to stay on the ground. Be prepared for a barrage of minor injuries as he presses himself too hard to be ready to fly. You'll have to convince him how he is actually hindering himself but it'll take a lot of convincing so good luck there! In the air he's more mobile and agile than he can ever be on the ground. It's not that he's a clumsy dragon, at least no more than any hatchling trying to grow into their body, It's just that he was born to be airborne. For him flying will be the easiest lesson to absorb for he has such a natural instinctiveness when it comes to flight. Air thermals and air currents are a breeze for him to see and manipulate. His ability to turn on a wingtip is nearly uncanny. His confidence is overwhelming though and certainly will lead to many a disaster as he is overconfident in some aspects.

"People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff."

It's hard for Tuulikkith to grasp the concept of consequences for his actions because it seems he's always thinking three steps ahead. In a way he doesn't believe time is linear for he is always thinking both so far ahead and also so far behind. His dragon memory may be short but he'll have flashes of memory of the past and what happened at any given time. His best memory trick is to associate a memory with either a scent or with food eaten that day or perhaps even the color of the shirt you wore at the time. He's also thinking ahead into what he thinks will happen. Often times he's wrong. Okay, most of the time he's wrong but he doesn't let that stop him.

So far we've touched on how Tuulkkith /is/ but there is a deeper side of this smaller blue. Standoffish may be the first impression but loyalty lies deep within him. Truly he's convivial, projecting a frivolous front but when you scratch the surface you will find a fiercely protective dragon that will stand up to anyone no matter their size. He has a healthy respect for authority of course though his antics in class really isn't meant to be disruptive it just happens that way!

When it comes to Flights Tuulikkith is an enthusiastic chaser. The way he goes after the green though will really vary on who exactly he is chasing. If it is a local green he'll usually just go straight for the chase with little words to woe her. However if you are out at a strange weyr and get caught there with a rising green he'll be all romantic and chose flowery words to try to woe her and gain an advantage being an out of weyr chaser. Should he win he'll woe her for as long as she'll put up with it. Should he lose he'll mope about for days upset that he could have done the whole flight in a different manner.

After weyrlinghood the only natural place for Tuulikkith will to be is some sort of Search and Rescue most likely for his love of flying extends to /all/ kinds of weather. In fact it'll likely be harder to get him out of the air when it is raining. The worse the weather the more he'll want you to suit up and go out for a flight with him. It doesn't matter where he will want to go anywhere as long as it is out of the weyr and in the air. It might behoove you to learn to eat in the saddle so to speak for he'll want to fly for candlemarks at a time!


Name Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly Blue Box Tuulikkith
Dam Gold Isanath
Sire Bronze Marzoth
Created By Vanessa ( with Aliona desc help)
Impress To Sh'y (Shay)
Hatched 01 April 2016
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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