Light by Moonlight Midnight Blue Tekheleth

Dragon Description

Shrouded by darkness this blue one is, like a deepening blue masking the light as it covers this dragon's form like a cloak. He seems caressed by moonlight as across his head knobs, skipping with delicate touches across his neck ridges, trailing from peak to peak to the finial of his tail there seems to be an ethereal glow. Lithely built, the blue collects in the hollows of finely wrought shoulders before pooling into the sleek curves of his forearms and haunches. His delicate seeming wings carry the same dark blue colour as the rest of him but each bone that supports those wings seem to glow with a touch of moonlight giving it an almost skeletal appearance. Lighter cobalt provides a bright decoration across the fine boning of his muzzle to be picked up in a scattering of star kept blues across his hide and finally polishing to bright gleaming perfection the sharp angled crescents of his talons.

Egg Name and Description

Hidden Glimpse of Dawn Egg
At first, this egg seems to boast no special pattern or hue to make it stand out among the rest - simply keeping to a seemingly perfect, untouched and pure off-white and smooth shell. Only a keen eye and, perhaps, some luck, would show that there is indeed more to it then it seems. Along one side, a ghostly rosy hue peeks through, gradually sliding down to the bottom of the egg's shell and spreading outwards as it goes. Closer to the bottom, the rose becomes more of a diluted pink with highlights hinting at traces of hidden oranges and yellows among the more dominate off-white hues that still hold strong.

Hatching Message

Hidden Glimpse of Dawn Egg starts to rock in its little nest of sand, a shiver of excitement as it begins its journey towards release.

Hidden Glimpse of Dawn Egg continues to quiver, the motion slowly shaking it from its little nest before it finally rolls from its mound onto its side as cracks start to streak like lightning over the egg's surface.

Hidden Glimpse of Dawn Egg suddenly stops quivering as a bit of shell of slowly tapped along a crack, until it falls away showing a little the end of dark muzzle. There is a pause before along another crack a shiny talon pushes through. Again a moment's breath of pause before the egg starts quivering in earnest as the dragonet starts to force its way out. Egg shells fall apart at the seams before standing in their midst is the slimy form of a Lit by Moonlight Midnight Blue Hatchling.

Impression Message

A rod of electricity seems to enter your mind, filling it with bright light. The light swirls about your mind at a dizzying kaleidoscope of electric blues and vibrant greens, thoughts not focusing for a moment until suddenly the motion stops «You are not without family J'chi, I will be at your side forever» The voice is a deep bass that resounds around your mind with little sparks of electricity. «Families feed each other right?» comes a lower more plaintive reply as the dragon tilts his head at you.

Mindvoice Name and Description

Electrified Heartbeat
Moving to some hidden, personal, beat, this egg's mind gives of the first impression of being alive and full of energy in it's own way. Electric blues and vibrant greens stream by in dizzying trails that jump or pulse to some unknown stimulant. Sounds range from deep bass to a higher tone that isn't unpleasant. Images will flicker to the time of the beat, be it fast or slow. This one is all about thrills, excitement and action, but balancing that is a feel of common sense.


Your dragon is based off the spirited little Barn swallow, a lively little fellow in both action and colour. He will be your friend and confidant, your guide and family. Minddesc and Egg by G'rism. Dragon and RPtips by L'ya (with some help from R'by) Colouring based on both the swallow and Tekhelet from this I wanted to capture both the dark and the white of the mantle as it seems it is the primary use for the dye.

Personality (RP Tips)

As a youngling he will be hard to keep up with, always wanting to be on the move and full of excitement about everything. Flitting this way and that as he learns the world around him. He may well get himself in awkward situations with that curiosity but some innate sense of common sense will often help him find his way out again…most of the time. He will constantly want to experience the thrills of life, seek out excitement and action in everything but even that is tempered with some sense of also wanting to find the boundary to that exploration and not exceeding it.
Eventually as he matures the sense of adventure will wane, but not his sense of excitement and amusement in all things, as his level of common sense grows. Despite his constant need for movement and excitement he has a gentle nature one that comes out often when he sees hurt or pain around him especially with you. A growing fascination will be in insects, enjoying watching them fly their patterns or crawling on the ground. Once he begins to hunt, he will prefer the challenge of hunting on the wing now from the ground. Wherries being his favourite meal, though coming in a glide on a herd beast will also provide him the challenge he seeks.
His first attempts at flying will be nothing to brag about, his seemingly frail wings and under muscled frame making this task harder than others, but once he matures and learns the skill it will be that above all that will mark him above others. An Aerialist in the air. Why fly straight when you can perform a loopdloop in there? It will be partly this artistry in flying that will make him throw himself into Mating flights. What greater flight could there be then the one to secure a mate? It will be hard pressed to draw his attention from a glowing green if one is nearby.
Above all he is yours and may mature in different ways from here on out, what is written is just a guideline to his personality.


Name Light by Moonlight Midnight Blue Tekheleth
Dam Gold Pagnisath
Sire Bronze Osraebukath
Created By G'rism and L'ya
Impress To Jochi
Hatched February 8, 2008
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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