Agile Amalgamated Blue Taigeth

Dragon Description

Egg Name and Description

Iridescent Nightscape Egg
Perfect blackness, marred by not even a tiny speck of any other color, not white nor any shade or hue of blue or green like many other eggs. Though large enough, the imposing visage of the total blackness atop the sands makes it appear all the much bigger, dwarfing the smaller egg resting by it. Taking a prominent position near the center of the clutch and its guardian dam, it seems to be constantly in shadow, or perhaps it absorbs all of the light around it to create its own area of shadow… but one thing is certain, any light is rare to be found reflected off its matte black surface. But just the barest flashes of sunlight, here and then gone, sends the unique pattern hidden on this egg flaring to life then back to darkness: an iridescent sheen, like oil, coats its dark shell, totally invisible except for in the rare case of direct light flashed across it at just the right angle.

Hatching Message

A sharp crack echoes throughout the cavern as gleaming shards of egg shell - from the Iridescent Nightscape Egg? - are sent flying everywhere, followed by the harsh sound of claws scrabbling against the remaining egg. A glistening dark nose, followed quickly enough by the rest of a bony, harsh body can barely be seen tumbling free in the weak light to land with a thud in the sand. For barely a breath of time, the angular body lies still, then with a flurry of motion its up and off, a dangerous shadow stalking around in darkness.

Colorless Hatchling Name and Description

Agile Emaciated Hatchling
Dark shadows, grey and black and every shade imaginable in between seek to hide this little hatchling from view. And yet, its basic shape is still visible - scrawny, yes, and blade-thin, it looks like something out of a nightmare, perhaps, some monstrous dark creature out to get those whiterobes standing in the light. The only color revealed are the glowing red eyes that seem to see everything and everyone at once, and the flash of silver-black of razor-sharp talons. Its movements possess some amount of grace, and are certainly very quick as it doesn't shamble or lumber but rather lopes towards the light, yet still seems to remain burried in shadow.

Hatchling Name and Description

Agile Amalgamated Blue Hatchling
Streaks and slashes of blue, some dark and some light, but all vibrant, seem to shift and bunch with each movement of this angular little blue. Bright cerulean cuts across shades of dark navy, which in turn streak across dashes of cobalt in a dizzying array of colors and patterns never before seen by man or beast. Long of body and short of limb, he seems to be made up of all angular planes and sharp edges, from the clean, straight line of his jaw to the saw-toothed ridges that extend down his stiffly-held tail. Not an ounce of fat is visible beneath the wildly hued hide, not one soft curve or rounded muscle to be found, probably due more to inherited slenderness than egg-starvation, for even inky black talons are narrow and sharply honed to a knife edge, jutting out sharply from the tips of slender, deft claws. And yet, the broad, well-sized wings folded tightly to his back seem to be a different story all together: solid cornflower in shading, the membranes are thick and opaque, and wingspars are long and show the promise of exceptional muscle growth to mate his agility on the ground with superb ability in the air as he grows.

Impression Message

Agile Amalgamated Blue Hatchling turns in his dash towards the candidates, sending sand flying everywhere as he scrabbles for a grip in the loose sand. Silvery claws flash as he bounds on all fours, pale wings half-extended in its eagerness. Head goes down as it makes a VTOL line towards Shaiona, ramming into her back in its eagerness.

Mindvoice Name and Description

Sharp, precise silver filaments of flame define Taigeth's mind. At first touch, his mind appears to be a tangle of cold fire, yet there's always an order to his thoughts, a very precise feeling, and he always seems to know just what he's doing. The feel of his mind depends on his mood - anger is expressed with bright flashes of silver and a sting of filaments as they wrap around their victim's mind with razor sharp intent, while calmer emotions are accompanied by a more subdued glow and cool, clear flames wrapping around your consciousness. Curiosity, too, is embodied in the rapid ever-shifting, ever-changing feel of the flames against you, always poking and prodding and delving down to find more fodder for his ravenous intelligence.

Personality (RP Tips)

One word to sum up Taigeth would probably be… curious. Yes, he's ever curious, about this or that, be it from « Why is Hollanth sunning alone today? » to « I wonder what's just a *little* further out in the ocean.. ». And a curiosity like his is not one to be denied. But unfortunately, he's not the subtlest dragon in the Weyr, or the most diplomatic. Taigeth much prefers the straight and narrow, cutting directly to the chase to find out what it is he wants to know, no matter who might be offended. Adventerous, yes, just so long as its something of interest to him or you. With his fearlessness, he'll probably be the first one to explore the commons cavern, or to venture up into the air for his first flight.

Flying. Ah yes, with his slight build and excellent wing structure, he's going to be a natural at flying. In fact, when coupled with his inherent curiosity, its a good thing for Taigeth that he truly is a splendid flyer, for he could end up landing himself into trouble with his precociousness. Flying alone, just the two of you together, suits him just fine, for its simply not in him to be a social creature - others just don't understand him the way you do, aren't as able to overlook his flaws and appreciate Taigeth for who he is. And he'll be more than sure to explain to you after Zillahth's rider demands to know why Taigeth was pestering her green with endless questions about the reason why the moons don't look as big tonight, that everything is alright because he *is* Taigeth, and he's allowed.

Relationships. When it comes time for that inevitable point in every blue's life, that of his first green flight, you can be sure Taigeth will be one of the first males blooding, since it is a new experience. If he catches, he won't be the dragon to declare that he is the best, for he hasn't got the ego for declaring himself the top, but you can bet he'll be all the more eager to chase again for the delight of the experience. He's got a good memory (all the better to remember his favorite places to hide things) but that doesn't mean he'll want to stick around whatever female he catches for too long: he much prefers the solitude of his life with you. Should you choose to weyrmate, he won't stand in your way, but might never become more than just tolerant of your weyrmate's dragon unless he truly works at it. For Taigeth, there can be nobody above you, Shaiona, not a green, not another human, nobody.

Other Quirks. Taigeth is possessed of a rather dry sense of humor, and he won't be one to think of clever jokes. He *is* very clever and quick, but not.. slapstick funny. He's got absolutely no sense in color schemes, but likes bright, shiny thing, especially jewel tones - be prepares to wear lots of gaudy jewelery if he has his way, and to make some *really* fancy riding straps. Not exactly impeccably neat, if you don't remind him, he'd probably never bother.

Growing Up

Your Taigeth will probably never be the most attractive blue, or the strongest, or even the most agile, but one thing he just miht be if he works at it is one of the fastest. His oversized wings, while making him more cumbersome in the air will prove very beneficial when flying. Much like his dam, too, no matter how much you feed him - and he *will* have an incredible appetite, out eating many a brown or even bronze - he'll never seem to put on any weight. Always will he have those sharp, angular planes and an egg-starved look, no matter how old he grows or how in shape he gets. One of the smaller blues from the clutch, he won't be one of those to be picked on, not with those talons of his that seem to hone themselves to razor-points, of which he is not the least bit shy to use should he sense some sort of slight against you or himself. While not stocky, his bones are most certainly not the avian light of several of his sisters; slender, yes, but built strong and somewhere in the middling range of weight. In contrast with the sharp lines of his body, his voice is surprisingly light, almost a childish alto, and very melodic - when he wants to use it.


Your Taigeth chose you for good reason, yes. Even while in the egg, he was constantly probing for something, for an equal, with that limitless curiousity of his, and in you he found it. Though certainly he couldn't remember much from that early time, nevertheless he remembered that crucial, important aspect - Shaiona seemed to fit with him. And then, out on the sands, who knows how he found you in the chaos of wind and darkness, but perhaps it was the residue of the flame he was so careful to leave behind that led him to you.


Name Blue Taigeth
Dam Gold Arolaeth
Sire Bronze Zaristh
Created By Syra
Impress To Sh'ai (Shaiona)
Hatched July 15, 2000
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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