Star of the Stage Gold Szetamirath

Dragon Description

There is no question as to the color that alights upon this dragon's hide - the pure, bright yellow hue of Rukbat's glow gathers across her broad shoulders, cloaking her solidly built form in light. Brightness continues to sweep over her oversized wings, leaving no spot for shadows to gather upon spar or sail, nor upon the ridges that are settled perfectly down her back. Rich, golden hues brighten her stomach, curling around each of her well-muscled limbs, dancing along her tail, before setting her ablaze in a perpetual spotlight, holding firmly to center stage. Only upon her blunt muzzle does her coloration waver even slightly from the rich yellows, as a touch of amber brushes between wide-set nostrils and over headknobs, like stage makeup carefully applied for a single purpose - to draw attention to those faceted eyes.

Egg Name and Description

Enlarge Your Egg
Not the biggest egg of the bunch, this generally pale peach ovoid is rather unremarkable - but not necessarily for lack of trying. Swirls of color here and there around the base of the egg make it hard to follow the curve of the shell - light pink and cream intermingling as they dance upwards. And with each passing spiral of color there is a brief moment of illusion - did that egg just.. throb?

Hatching Message

A throb - or at least a wobble that makes it appear as if it is a throb - causes the Enlarge Your Egg to move in the sands. But you can't tell, because its dark. ?

Enlarge Your Egg remains in the dark - that's where it belongs - and it is moving more now. Is that a crack of darkness against the blob of lighter shadows? ?

Enlarge Your Egg suddenly explodes, the shell falling away dramatically, the round, somewhat light shape disappearing into the shadows.

Hatchling Name and Description

Into the Spotlight Hatchling
Rather than a shadow in the light, there is a spot of light in the darkness - nothing definitive, but merely - less dark. Maybe there is the shape of wings, and there seems to be a head on a long neck. Is it larger than normal? Or, perhaps it is just the way what little light there is seems to cling to it rather than being absorbed. Regardless, there is no definition or answers to be found in this anti-shadow.

Impression Message

Sudden brightness stretches, filling even the corners of your mind with light as a rumble of music begins to sweep you up, before it dims into hues of gilded metals. Just as the orchestra hits a peak, there is another sound - a sweet, clear voice that is entirely too loud for the confines of your mind. « Jazhira! I have found you, and you have found me! We will take the stage by storm - Szetamirath and Jaz! They shall all be speaking about us before you know it! » And then, the orchestra hits a sudden sour note, music deflating. « But first, maybe a pre-show meal? »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Dramatic Style and Flair
From the very beginning, you will learn that Szetamirath has absolutely no issues with projecting - it is as if she was born for the stage. The world is her audience, and it will be an interesting experience teaching her that not necessarily every conversation needs to be had in such a way that it carries.

Her voice is clear, sweet, and despite the power behind it, oddly light - carrying easily on a wave of hushed, distant whispers, and the sound of a full orchestra, an ever present soundtrack to accompany her thoughts. Her mind is surrounded by a light perfume - though you may never be quite sure what exactly that scent is as it drifts so faintly across your mind.

Despite the brightness of her voice, and her hide, her mind tends towards the darker jewel tones - the rich burgundies and emeralds, reminiscent of the heavy fabrics of an old theater, gilded in metallic silvers and golds that catch the light when her emotions take on particular depth.


Congratulations on joining us here at Monaco Bay!

Everyone hates spam, but this cycle, there is plenty of it go go around! The egg theme this time was 'Spam email', and Enlarge Your Egg was based on exactly what you might expect - all those emails about remedies for your 'dysfunction'.

Thankfully, though, the personalities within the eggs are a little more family friendly, and are all based on the Myers-Briggs Personalities - And this egg in particular was ESFP - The Entertainer. There is plenty of information out there about personalities - and a lot of it has been incorporated into her RP tips so I won't bore you to death.

Her name started with 'Zitomira', which is a name with Slavic origins that means 'To Live Famously'. This seemed wholly appropriate, given her inspiration, and with a few tweaks to add some of your preferred aspects in, as well to give it a slightly more feminine feel to it - Szetamirath was formed.

Of course, everything here is just guidelines and suggestions - she is yours to tweak and mold as you go, and we all can't wait to see what you do.

(And MBW SearchCo)

Personality (RP Tips)

Spontaneous. Playful. Entertaining. Fashionable. Observant. Those are the traits you will most often find yourself trying to adjust to, as you and Szetamirath learn to find your places in each other's lives. However, those can also be described in a few other ways - Unfocused. Easily bored. Terrible at long term planning - which you will also need to learn how to compensate for.

From the very beginning, it is likely that you will have your hands full with Szetamirath - certainly, the attention will be on you due to her color, but that simply won't be enough for her. Monaco Bay is a stage, and she is the newest, brightest star. Whether it is at the hatching feast when she insists on proving just how much more coordinated she already is than her clutchsiblings, or throughout Weyrlinghood where she will consistently be the first to volunteer, all eyes should be on her - and of course, you. You are the only person she will share the stage with consistently without issue, but you will still have to learn your lines and ensure your performance is just as good as hers.

The real test, however, comes in that while she loves being the center of attention, she also is a spontaneous creature - prone to leaping at whatever exciting possibilities are presented to her - sometimes literally - and you may not know until any given moment exactly what your role opposite her is meant to be. As each week begins during weyrlinghood, she will be excited to see exactly what new, fun, exciting! Thing you will both be learning - though as the week continues and she masters (or doesn't) the skills at hand, her attention may begin to wander, and you may find that she is goaded into silly stunts "proving" that she is more capable - and has a better sense of drama and flair - than her clutchmates.

While you will never find your days boring with Szetamirath by your side, her spontaneity can have some real drawbacks. Without new opportunities, she will quickly become bored - and begin looking to make the excitement for herself. « What did you hear in the meeting? Bandits? Let's go find them! » Before you know it, she will have you bundled up and charging headlong into what could prove to be an extremely dangerous situation. She lives for the thrill, and when it doesn't appear naturally, she will attempt to force it into existence.

If you are going to be the center of attention - you will *both* need to look good. Thankfully, Szetamirath has an outstanding sense of aesthetic - and while your coin pouch will never be heavy thanks to her 'requests', you will at least never embarrass each other - or the Weyr in your new role. It will start early - almost as soon as you are settled in the barracks, there will be questions - loud questions - about what *exactly* she has to do to make a place look a little classier. Then, her attention will turn to your uniform - how exactly is she suppose to make *that* work. You may find yourself making alterations - and perhaps finding yourself at the end of a Weyrlingmaster's patience as your uniform pushes the boundaries of being, well, uniform. Once you have graduated to your own weyr - and own clothes - it will become anything but better. Now you have the freedom to decorate and dress exactly how you, or well, how Szetamirath, wants you to. Each new season will find you ordering new leathers - and straps - after all, you simply can't be season in *last* year's colors. While she will stick to actually dressing only you, she will be unable to refrain from her observations on others. « Jazhira, what did Reya do to her hair!? » As a weyrling, her tendency to loudly project may cause some interesting scenarios, and may give you a head start on learning diplomacy as you attempt to cover for her.

Always playing to the crowd, Szetamirath is certainly an observant creature - especially since she has you as an anchor to remind her of how things used to be. « Do you think Adaleth looks brighter than she did yesterday? » It is a habit that will likely pay off for you, as she is prone to noticing changes in those around you - dragon and human - that may betray something going on behind the scenes. Thankfully, she has the peop- er *dragon* - skills to engage others and try and suss out the source of the issue. She truly enjoys spending time with others, and rarely will you find her lurking somewhere by herself - instead she will be on clifftop with the other residents of the Weyr, enjoying the company.

While she has you to compensate for her terrible memory, you may find yourself constantly reminding her that not only is there a past, there is also a future. While many of her clutchmates are terrible with history, Szetamirath will have a hard time understanding how her actions in the present will affect things long term. As a weyrling it will be little things - « But Jazhira, I am *so* hungry still, please don't stop feeding me! » - that may have annoying consequences, but as she gets older, it will be as if the memories didn't stick at all - even with your mental repository to help - and you will find yourself fighting the same battles time and time again.

She enjoys spending time with those who are fun - while they are fun. Some of her favorites will be those on Search and Rescue after a storm or other incident, as she eagerly soaks up their stories and then pesters you for an opportunity to join them. However, just as quickly as she flocks to them for their excitement, if the source of new stories dries up, likely so will the friendship. She is an equal-opportunity friend, and you will rarely find that she has a favorite - of any sort - and she will likely never form any long term bonds with others - even those who happened to catch her in flight.

As flighty as she is, flights will likely prove to be interesting - Each time you will find yourself reminding her of the consequences of feeding rather than blooding. Each time you will find yourself absolutely confused as to if there is a 'favorite' amongst the males that will chase. Each time, the betting table at the Weyr will go wild because the long-odds bet is just as likely to win. Thankfully, though, flights are the best type of fun - A reminder to blood, and you will likely face little resistance to the suggestion, and then she will be off to the skies. Her flights will have the length and speed of a normal gold flight - but that simply wouldn't be entertaining on its own. Despite her size, she will try some of the stunts favored by her much smaller green sisters, with mixed success, which may play right into the hands of some of the craftier males.

On the Sands, you will find that she is one of the easiest golds at Monaco - relaxed and laid back, though ever attentive. Each and every one of her eggs will be consistently checked, rechecked, shifted, covered and uncovered to ensure that it is just right - a habit that may have some interesting 'consequences' while candidates are visiting her clutch - that egg over there, yes, that one you are touching - sorry, we need to move it just a little! She will be generally excited when the candidates come to visit, as well, as after a gentle reminder, she knows that they are going to be what is best for her offspring once they emerge from their shells. And once they do, she will continue to pay special interest to them - while her clutches are making their way through Weyrlinghood, you will often find her lingering around them, sharing words of encouragement and advice - and perhaps egging some of them into bolder actions.

Szetamirath lives for the present - and you will be her anchor to both the past and the future - good luck!


Name Star of the Stage Gold Szetamirath
Dam Gold Isanath
Sire Bronze Marzoth
Created By S'u
Impress To Jazhira
Hatched 10 December 2017
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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