Piety is the Key Blue Svodamirth

Plummy indigo hide is patterned with a subtle mist of blue gray, fogging over much of the intensity of the base shade. He's of athletically slender build, limbs sinuous and body agile. Shoulders and haunches are gracefully wider, giving him a more steady stance without unbalancing his proportions. His talons are a dark midnight blue, splotches of a similar color haphazardly placed across his wing spars. Midnight threading trickles down from the wing bones to lace out over lighter blueberry sails. The ridges down his spine have a subtly redder tone, as does the hide about his eyes. His muzzle is faintly angular, balancing out elongated head knobs. The blushing blue is also of note across his stomach.

Egg Name and Description

The Synthesis of Life Egg
The pale cream casing of this average sized, if slightly bulging at the equator, ovoid isn't as plain as it may appear. While from a distance it is easily considered plain, ordinary and even dull, the real interest is on closer inspection. Tiny bumps like toad skin ripple across the surface of the egg, each one tinged with subtle droplets of color. Topaz. Granite. Aqua. Violet. Crimson. Discrete washes delicately overlain in long braids, twisting in no easily discerned pattern. The winding chains, as it turns out, are all linked together, one long ribbon twining from apex to base, tipped with a vivid pinpoint of fleshy peach at both ends.

Hatching Message

The Synthesis of Life Egg has no more time for saucy dance moves. It breaks into gooey bits as the hatchling inside finally breaks free into the world, revealing to all the Piety is the Key Blue Hatchling who has waited so long to make his entrance.

Impression Message

The heat of the sands is somehow lifted from you in a split second by the soothing reprieve of a refreshing breeze. «D'ion.» A baritone whisper in the wind. When the voice chimes again it's accompanied by a whirl of purples and yellows, clouding your vision and encasing you in a surreal half-reality. «I am Svodamirth, my D'ion. I have very high hopes for our union.» As quickly as it all came tumbling in, it recedes, leaving a feeling of accomplishment… and hunger. «But first I must eat.»


Svodamirth will always be drawn to the simple beauty found in nature. The easiest way to accommodate this unrelenting trait will be to share the joy of the vineyards with him. He has a much calmer disposition in the warmer months, winters making him short tempered and easily irritated. As a new weyrling he won't be interested in much outside napping and getting know you more in-depth. Luckily this will distract him through much of the iciness but don't count on him not to notice and grumble about it later. When lessons become more frequent he'll focus on them as his special thing to do, interested in all the workings of flight and formations. New useful information will always be treated like a special affair and he'll expect you to act accordingly.

Once spring comes to the region he'll be noticeably more pliant in things he expressed annoyance or frustration with before. It's hard for him to find anything to grumble about so long as he has the opportunity to enjoy nature for a few moments. Keeping him too busy to take those precious moments to bask and relax can have ill effects on his attitude as well.

When he gets old enough to chase in mating flights he'll find his natural dexterity to be an asset though he's not as anxious to chase and catch as he could be. Often it's a mere matter of mood and whether or not he 'feels driven' to chase, whatever he means by that.

In adulthood he'll be less likely to be upended by his seasonal doldrums but it's to be certain that cranky morning are more frequent the deeper the snow. He'll be attracted to anything that makes you smile, provided of course, there's a view to be had. «Picnics. Vineyard tours. Women -like- the view. It's not all about my personal preference for the outdoors. This is solid advice here.» He always seems to have advice to add to whatever situation, especially those he has no experience in. And the advice is rarely helpful. «How is asking yourself what you really want out of life bad advice?» When you're being asked a direct question about the progress on your wing exercises. «Oh. … well. Forget I said anything then.»

Why Gadeion? There's a saying that cleanliness is next to godliness. At the very least showing pride in your appearance shows pride in yourself. Svodamirth caught this carefully underwritten sense of self assurance and was drawn to it as a distortion of his own attentions to certain factors of his environment. Someone who understands what it means to do something not because it should be done, but rather must be done for reasons inexplicable. Intangible principle.


Svodamirth's mind is normally a colorful, serene place. Rich violets and pastel yellows ripple through the fabric of your mind like leaves on a refreshing breeze with his earnest baritone. Often you'll find your mind awash with spring greens and the scents of a well tended vegetable garden for seemingly no reason at all when he spies something that gives him pleasure. All happiness aside, when he finds himself in a dejected or in a more brusque mood the greens will turn to dry browns, the leaves becoming dark orange and dull red in a more biting, chilly wind.


The egg theme was science. The hatchling theme was scientists. Svodamirth (Svo-Da-Mirth) was based off Gregor Mendel, the geneticist. His name was derived from the mayor of Brno(or Brunn), Moravia (part of the Czech Republic) birth city of Gregor Mendel, Dr. Richard Svoboda. The Synthesis of Life Egg was based off molecular biology. Both egg and dragon were created by P'aolo.


Name Piety is the Key Blue Svodamirth
Dam Gold Solarith
Sire Bronze Knephyth
Created By P'aolo
Impressee D'ion (Gadeion)
Hatched August 6, 2006
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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