Unexpectedly Complex Bronze Straketh

Dragon Description

Egg Name and Description

Eldritch Mists Egg
Murky grey fog encircles this small, oddly shaped egg, drowning it in colorless pigment seeming to glisten wetly in certain lights. More oblong than most, its very shape seems off, not-quite-right, /different/. That feeling of difference is emphasized in the almost seen shapes veiled by the mist. At first glance, they suggest familiar shapes: perhaps this one might be the outline of a person, that one a dragon, or perhaps a shipfish. But upon closer inspection, the darker grey shadows suggest something a little /off/. Should a dragon have fins like a fish? Or a wherry such a long tail?


Eldritch Mists Egg bursts asunder, leaving the occupant inside to deal with wriggling out of the heavy, thick membranes that trap it. But before anyone needs to step in, the dragonets head emerges, revealing a lighter bronze muzzle and two bright, whirling red eyes.

Hatchling Name and Description

Unexpectedly Complex Bronze Hatchling

This lean, sprightly looking bronze is a fairly medium color, with a lighter back that blends into a more shadowy, dustier tone on his belly and feet that makes it appear as if he'd been sitting in dirt. The pronounced ridges of his back are ligher still, with a tinge of pale yellow as if they'd been polished up so often that some of the color has come off as well. His headknobs match the paleness of his 'ridges, as do his wingsails between his darker spars. His head has a more reddish tinge, especially when viewed head-on, especially with the distinctly ruddy blaze that goes down his face from the crown of his head to the tip of his muzzle. His tail reverses the effect, and has a distinctly more green cast, as if he'd hidden in the shade of the jungle and some of that sun-dappled viridian shadow had stained his trailing limbs. Considered altogether, his coloration makes him shimmer as he moves about, his motions filled with a certain grace and confidence (or is that arrogance?) that makes up for any lack of size.

Impression Message

Oh, the flutter and brush of mind against soul against mind. It's so /familiar/ to you. So very familiar, and even homey in a way. Something you remember so well, and something HE remembers too. It's one of the first dim memories he really has (in as much as dragons HAVE memories). But he's treasured it all this time. You. You were the one he learned from. You were the promise of an end to that endless journey, the destination and the reward all at once! « I REMEMBER you! I'm Straketh! » And after a pause, he considers it, « And I think I need a bath. » Explosions seem to go off in the depths of your mind, flaring in all colors of the rainbow to match the beautifully whirling jeweled eyes staring up at you in celebration of this, the most momentous of homecomings.

Mindvoice Name and Description

Carefully Controlled Explosions

A little deeper than you would first expect, his mind voice for you is always warm, reassuring and comforting — more as if he were always sharing some intimate secret between you both. When questioning you with youthful curiosity his mindvoice sounds higher to your inner ear. It has a calming effect when you feel stressed, supportive when you are challenged, calm when everything seems hectic, and matter-of-fact when things don't make sense. Straketh may not always be right but he has the best intentions for you and for everyone else! He demonstrates this with the calm but firm tonality of his voice that some might well mistake for arrogance and bravado, especially his bronze brother and golden sister. When he's excited, his mind flares to life with with the brightness of burning magnesium — and, when he's annoyed, it's got some of that horrible smell, too. His voice sparks like fireworks across a dark sky, brightly colored, a different pattern for every mood; sometimes the smoke sweeps in and obscures all the colors, and sometimes one is burned by an errant spark, and sometimes there are even terrible, frightening booms. Yet, through it all, his mind remains a place of remarkable, familiar beauty.


This dragon is like a box filled with surprises, contradictions, and contrariness. He's small, compact, but with a bright, focused outlook on life, and a can-do attitude. He will regularly accomplish more than is expected of him by someone who does not know him because of his slight size (smaller than some browns) and somewhat antiauthoritarian (dare we say class-clownish) behavior. But being underestimated or dismissed by others does not dissuade him. He is an eager fellow, willing to get up and help whenever necessary. Though brave (or foolhardy), he's also prone to rush in before considering the further harm he may cause. He has a strong urge to be helpful, and while he likes things to be 'right', he is not nearly so picky about things being done 'the right way'. Frankly, too many rules and regulations not only get in his way, they annoy him mightily — unless he made up the rule and/or regulation. Why not just take a shortcut, if the result's the same? After all, he's supremely confident in his ability to do the right thing, and failure doesn't even appear as an option on his radar.

He takes most things matter of factly, or even in a laid back sort of way, depending on how he views the situation meshing with his total acceptance of his superior abilities, but expects everyone else to take what he does with a grain of salt (there's more than a smidge of rapscallion in him!). He can also be very much the "Party Guy" who will get along with everybody and especially has an eye for the Green Winged Ladies. That's right, he wants to flirt with the gals, unabashedly showing off for them with his dazzling flying abilities. On the wing he is agile, quick and can pull off maneuvers that other bronzes will not be able to execute. He's going to need really strong flying straps and a rider with a steady stomach who can keep up with him. When it comes to flights, he will be a surprising force to reckon with…or at least he'll think so.

He's also surprisingly curious and covetous of 'things'. Just as he likes his creature comforts, he also likes objects that catch his eye, and will be unashamed about adding them to his collection, like rocks, shells, pieces of driftwood with interesting shapes or your shirts or socks. He will sort them by colors. Red seems to be his favorite. He will have those things in their own pile. So if you get a red shirt and lose it, check with him.


Straketh can also be a real conundrum. Despite the fact that he seems to believe that rules don't necessarily apply to him, he believes in a place for everything, and everything in its place, (almost to seem contrary, given his 'fly in your face attitude' about his actions) and when he is young this will leap out with his extreme desire to be sure the area around his couch is orderly. Yes. ORDERLY. Now, his sense of order might confuse even his new-found rider, at first, but there's method to his madness. And when he discovers that you too, have a not-so-understood orderly side, he will be overjoyed. Because what could be MORE like putting the world back to rights than bringing health and wholeness back to a living thing? He will also be VERY curious about things. Like…why you can fix some things and some things you can't. After all, you make a herdbeast NOT alive by cutting it apart, so why can't you make it alive by sewing it back together? This could result in some humorous situations for you while Straketh is young! Explaining death to the young bronze could be moving, confusing, or downright frustrating.

RP Tips

Straketh is not just a creature dedicated to order (as he sees it) and opposed to disorderliness (of his things…he loves a good, raucous party!) He LOVES his creature comforts. Nothing makes him happier than a good bath, and a proper oiling, and a nice long nap in HIS bed. With you right next to him, if possible. If that's not possible, he'll still do his best to make sure that you take care of yourself properly. How can you help others if you don't help yourself? « I've thought of a rule for this. It is a very simple rule, and even a green should remember it. I call it the Five-Two-One rule. You sleep at least five hours a day, you have two real meals, and you have one bath. Every day. And you will be healthy and properly attended to. I would have added oiling, but I notice that humans do not care for too much oil, or they get all greasy. What do you think? »


Egg by Syra. Dragon by S'dan, Syra, and Ur'con. The egg theme for this clutch was trials and adversities. The egg was inspired by the instinctive terror in the horrors from the HP Lovecraft mythos (particularly: The Shadow Over Innsmouth). The dragon was inspired by a synthesis of the mind touches (Sam Gamgee longing for the comforts of the Shire) and Robert Downey, Jr's portrayal of Tony Stark in 'Iron Man'.


Name Straketh
Dam Gold Arolaeth
Sire Bronze Fenrith
Created By Syra, Ur'con, S'dan
Impress To Theron
Hatched February 11, 2012
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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