Freshly Picked Herb Green Sidonieth

Dragon Description

Cool spearmint green frames a slender muzzle, slipping up her face to define narrow eyeridges. Her eyes are overly large, giving her a look of permanent surprise at her surroundings. Mint gives way to a deeper sweet basil shade that arcs over headknobs and down her neck, flaring out over her daintily muscled chest. Spindly wings threaten to overtake her small body, the fragile sails are splashed with glossy bay green, though the very edges hold the faintest touch of cinnamon brown. The same muted mint of her muzzle runs down her lean legs, each toe tipped in a sharp talon of matte black. Heavily muscled haunches are stained the bright green of cilantro, with only the slightest hint of thyme slithering down into her short tail before pooling into a grey-green mess at the spade shaped tip.

Egg Name and Description

Garishly All A Sparkle Egg

Hatching Message

Garishly All A Sparkle Egg twitches slightly in it's sandy hole, then stills. Not yet.

Garishly All A Sparkle Egg wiggles and jiggles in it's sandy spot, little flakes of shell cracking off and dropping to the ground. With a final heave, a nose pokes through and the rest of the once garish egg falls away to reveal a not-so-garish hatchling in it's place.

Hatchling Name and Description

Impression Message

Freshly Picked Herb Green Hatchling staggers upright, shaking her head and eyeing the shapes before her blearily. With a pitiful croon, she lurches towards a group of candidates with surprising speed. Choo, choo, coming through. A male from Igen just manages out of her way as she barrels by, wuffling at each white thing as she goes. Nope, nope, nope. Where is what she's looking for?

Freshly Picked Herb Green Hatchling skids to a halt before Finley, regarding the candidate for a long while, head cocked to the side. Moments pass, and she finally moves on. No, no, not quite right. Several others are considered, but nothing quite seems to fit. At least not until she hears a certain voice that sends her zooming off as fast as her little legs will carry her. That's it, that's the one!

Freshly Picked Herb Green Hatchling warbles as she bounces in front of her chosen one, lashing her tail to get his attention. Hey! Don't blow me off, buddy! With one quick motion, she grabs the hem of Xander's robe in her jaws and tugs, just enough to jiggle the candidate around, her eyes searching his. You're mine now, and you'll like it!

Mindvoice Name and Description


Personality (RP Tips)


Name Sidonieth
Dam ffcc00|Fenillanth##
Sire Xiaoth
Created By Gwen
Impress To X'nder (Xander)
Hatched 12 September 2004
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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