Distant Dreams Nominous Fog Green Shaseith

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Fog curls up around Shaseith's delicate muzzle, wafting over her eyeridges and swirling about verdant headknobs, giving a strangely intriguing pallor to this dainty green. The pale hue wends its way down over her slender neck, teasing over rocky ridges that have the slightest traces of gray and brown to them, as if they were mossy rocks admist a misty forest. Tendrils wrap their way out over her unusually large wingspan, twining with the verdant vines that wrap around her sails, setting off the silvery 'spars. Despite her massive wingspan and strong shoulders, the rest of her form is dainty, her body lean, even down to her well-muscled hindquarters. Her tail tapers off, her body long and lean, ending abruptly in an emerald gem, the only part of her seemingly untouched by the mysterious fog that wraps around her verdant exterior to shroud this noble beast in a cloud of dreamy mist.

Egg Name and Description

A Road Diverged in a Yellow Wood
Autumnal woods, glorious in their vibrant colors of lemon and gold, shelter a pastoral dirt road. It winds playfully down the length of the egg shell, just to divide as it seems to round the corner. One path is well traversed, the dirt beaten into a firm solid mass and spreading wide across the shell end. The other barely seems to fit between the tree trunks, covered in a lush green grass beckons in a way the traveled road can not.

Mind Touch 1
On Spritely Wings rushes into your mind, immediately seeking for memories of flight, wind, and great heights. Clifftops? Large drops? Diving? Dancing? Spinning? What have you done to feel truly alive? How about a double inside out loop? Oh it promises to be such fun! Bright pinks, blues, oranges, yellows and browns crash around your mind, a sweet melody fluttering around in the back of your awareness. There is a promise of adventure against the whistling winds. Are you worthy? Are you ready for the trials that will surely come, with this adventure called life?

Mind Touch 2
On Spritely Wings is troubled by darkness. The mind within shudders and shivers at some tension- whether your own or foreshadowed, is unclear. Be that as it may… can you handle the danger? What is your deepest secret, your guiltiest pleasure? This being will find it, insistent in its search of your past, present, and hopes for the future. Colorful tendrils become more and more vivid as the search continues. Time will tell if you'll come through for this future dragon, and just imagine if you did. Oh, the danger and dancing that the two of you will enjoy!

Mind Touch 3
On Spritely Wings finally begin to calm, receding yet leaving you with a sense of glee and readiness. The adventures will come. There is a sense of apology for troubling you with darkness. But oh, everything will work out! Shooting stars flicker across your mind, promising a wonderful future even as the colorful tendrils and dim melody fade, fade, fade away.

Wobble Message
A Road Diverged in a Yellow Wood Egg hasn't moved much during the entire hatching, though now it seems to come alive with vitality, strong contractions rippling against its middle.

Crack Message
The storm strengthens as A Road Diverged in a Yellow Wood Egg changes from ripples to shaking. The yellow woods whip in the winds with each rolling contraction. Finally the wood cracks with the sharp *snap* of a breaking tree. One crack quickly spreads into two.

Hatch Message
A Road Diverged in a Yellow Wood Egg rattles beneath the power of the storm about it, quivering..shaking, almost as though in fear and yet if one was close enough, they might hear the sharp tapping of the occupant within. Bits of shell drift off down one side of the egg, a series of cracks running down the other. It seems this one's path has been chosen, and despite the clap of thunder that sends a shock of brown shooting out from the egg, it doesn't pause. Soon, the walls binding the dragonet crumble, leaving a green in their wake.

Hatching Message

Oh tongue give sound to joy and sing,
Of hope and promise on dragon wing.
The blackest night must end in dawn,
The sun dispel the dreamer's fear.

On the prowl, a brush of cool fog, a drop of rain, this young green slowly removes herself from her shell. Broad shoulders and heavy wings make these first few movements of her life rather difficult, as the storm's water pours down upon her. Eyes blink, the facets being tested for the first time as she searches for the one that will help her peer through the storm. Hide is a mixture of shadow and brilliance and hard to define beneath the storm's fury.

Hatchling Name and Description

Distant Dreams Nominous Fog Green Hatchling
Original Unknown

Hatchling Message 1

Distant Dreams Nominous Fog Green Dragonet steps away from her shell and stretches out her wings languidly. Ever so slowly does she peer about the sands, eyes a jaunty red peer. Its wet, hot, steamy, and not so pleasant, and there are a bunch of white…thingies off in the near distance. Confused, she starts towards one candidate in particular, nose sniffing.

Hatchling Message 2

Distant Dreams Nominous Fog Green Dragonet turns towards the commotion over at the more distant part of the sands (from her at least). The green lets out a worried warble as she sniffs at the air, the fog obscuring most of her vision. With a sudden creel, the dreamy hatchling starts off in Lixsiey's direction, wings waving wildly and paws awkwardly wobbling on the wet sands. Caladith warbles, shifting her head about immediately to regard Lixsiey and the hatchling. However, before too much concern can come from the gold, who's eyes already start to tinge with red, the lad who came to the green's assistance lets out a hushed phrase. "Keparth…its okay sweetie. Come on, shhh. We'll get you set right and fed." H'min carefully helps the dragonet off of and away from Lixsiey. The Weyrlingmaster hurries out to aid the harassed pair away from the sands.

Hatchling Message 3

Distant Dreams Nominous Fog Green Dragonet is going to fun into Lixsiey too, yes? No. This green slows her rushed steps as the candidate takes a few steps back. Just enough time to think things over, her gaze shifts instead to another near the trampled boy.

External Impression Message

The time has come at long last for this Numinous Fog green to find her place in life. The search is over. She's known who was her's from the very beginning, really. She just wanted to get a good look at all these interesting white-clad folks before she narrowed in on her One. Which would explain why she's on the wrong side of the hatching grounds. With an unlady-like squawk the dragonet turns, wings picking off the ground and giving a weak shake to rid her of the water-log. Eyes of crimson flare to lock on her chosen, and she rushes across the sands now with nary a stop or a stutter. So hasty, in fact, that she nearly skids into Aliran, sliding across damp sand in effort to stop herself.

Internal Impression Message

Wait for it…wait for it…why has the world gone so dull and gray about you? Veiled in shadow that even the rain no longer damages your senses? The heat is as nothing and everything about you seems muted and less vibrant. What has happened? Did you fall asleep? It..does almost seem like a dream has embraced you, warm and cooling at the same time, impossible to define.

« This is how it was before, A'ran »

All the questions that had slowly been rising within your thoughts instantly vanish, and you understand where that alluring voice came from. Yet, that does not make this moment any less wonderful, as the entire world floods with life once more. Only now, the colors are different, more attractive.

« This is how it is now that we are One. »

Powerful sensations wash away all worry and fear, all nervousness and uncertainty. Love's kind embrace holds you close, joy echoed by overwhelming satisfaction and approval for who you are now and who you have always been. She is here, your heart's bliss, your comrade and champion.

« Did you ever doubt that I, Shaseith, would find you? Of course, now that we are together… would you please find me something to eat? »

Your stomach rumbles loudly, or was that your new lifemate's? Its so hard to tell the difference now.

Personality (RP tips)


Light and alluring, her voice is a soft soprano wrapped in cool silky mist. It pulls at one, bringing a strange combination of mystery and joy with just the faintest hint of mischief. The colors of her thoughts are pastels leaning often to blues and grays, though sunnier colors can occur. Her thoughts are often veiled with a wispy, cloud-like feel making it difficult to pin any specific thought down without her intending you to hear. Anger and lust can seem a thunderstorm, turning the foggy thoughts to rumbling storm clouds.


Hatching Log


Name Distant Dreams Nominous Fog Green Dragonet
Dam Gold Caladith
Sire Brown Airosyth
Created By Unknown
Impressee A'ran
Hatched April 1, 2002
Monaco Bay Weyr - PernWorld MUSH
Southern Weyr - Rukbat MUSH
Impression Log

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