Master of the Grounds Bronze Selvath

Dragon Description

Strength and speed reside in a build of massed muscle and sinew that forms this confident bronze. The best description of him can be summed up in one word: Big. He is long in length as well as broad through the chest and shoulders, and he rests upon bulky, hard haunches. His neck is thick and heavy, containing within it roping muscles which bulge as he arches a solid square-jawed head. High sloping ridges march down the line of his neck to melt away as the spread of his wings takes command. The bones of his spars are unusually large, supporting an immense canvas of main and secondary sails. The ridges reappear as his tail branches from his trunk, all completely in proportion and thus just a hair on the thick side. His coloration is simply deep, freshly forged bronze and contains no particular patterning or secondary coloring. Yet, when the light fires up his metallic luster, he glimmers with the fleeting subtle tones of his coloration. There is no rhythm to if the highlights flash in reds or greens or golds. They shift seamlessly from one to the next just as the rainbow chases across an oil slick. As the sunlight races across the dark bronze base, it creates a fiery display which can only be called handsome

Egg Name and Description

Of Leather and Lace Egg

Hatching Message

Under the steadily increasing strain from within, the Of Leather and Lace egg continues its twitching, jumping dance. A slow spread of cracks works down the near end as the lace and leather begin to unwind themselves. First come the flashes of white where the shell is forced outwards, then the hints of a greenish brownish tipped muzzle doing the pushing. A final glimpse of talon shows as the cracking egg is peeled back to reveal a bronze hatchling curled on its back. He spills out of the shell onto his side in the sands with a squawk.

Hatchling Name and Description

Impression Message

Mindvoice Name and Description


Personality (RP Tips)


Name Master of the Grounds Bronze Selvath
Dam Gold Fenillanth
Sire Bronze Xiaoth
Created By Katlyn
Impress To F'ley
Hatched 12 September 2004
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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