Pure Imagination Bronze Sebraith

Dragon Description

Pure Imagination Bronze

As if he were made purely of shadow and light, Sebraith’s coloring is as playful of an enigma as the rest of him. Contrasting ribbons of bronze and gold twist and turn across the length of this modestly sized bronze from his muzzle down to the very tip of his elongated tail. Whirlpools of color swirl around the muzzle before continuing their coppery dance to his neck. Each neckride is a different shade, shadow and light playing from his neckrides to across his broad, strong back until the color fades away to nearly a dull brown upon reaching the onset of his tail. There the color darkens once more so that it nearly stands out as a separate color altogether from the rest of his body. Darker bronze than anywhere else impregnate the whole length of the tail with one single exception in that a simple slash of coloring along the middle of the tail appears in the shade of dark gold. It’s a ragged mark that if seen at just the right angle appears to be a bolt of lightning. Broad wings spread out nicely with the swirls of bronzed coloring blending in perfectly. When opened fully one can see within the patterns of colors another pattern of a lightning bolt upon the right wingsail. Smaller in stature for a bronze, Sebraith carries his lean and lanky form with dignity and grace becoming of a bronze dragon.

Egg Name and Description

Excitingly Delightful and Jubilant Ecstatic Egg

Hot pinks, fluorescent greens, blazing purples, vibrant yellows and bright white swirl in happy colors dancing a conga along the hardening mottled shell. Perhaps one of the brightest eggs being warmed upon the weyr sands, it’s certainly one of the smallest. Where it lacks in size it makes up for in happy colors. If eggs could dance this one certainly would shimmy and shake to the unheard music. Quite often small tremors ripple across the colorful shell for the occupant inside is eager to escape these small confines. Slashes of pink make outer rings with green, purple, yellow, and white continuing respectively until they all merge into a large splash of neon blue at the very center of the egg. This pattern duplicates through the entire shell until your eyes cross from the crazy explosion of colors.

Hatching Message

Excitingly Delightful and Jubilant Ecstatic Egg will be contained no longer and bursts free to expose a wet, wing tangled hatchling.

Hatchling Name and Description

Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker

Gangly and lanky, the lean dragonette that arrives from the shell is wet and quite awkward in its movements. Impossible to tell the gender, coloring is out of the question for it is covered so much in the egg goo that one simply can’t tell. Dim lighting may reveal the darker wings as they are extended outwards but the tail that thrashes against the sand is quite bright. Only time will tell exactly whom this hatchling is.

Impression Message

Immediately the whole hatching grounds around you shimmer as before when you laid your hand upon the Jubilant egg. Again there is the feeling of reality becoming a drawing as only you and one other seem to be real. The bronze before you…Sebraith. You know his name even before his first words are spoken into your mind. « M’aj! I knew I would I would find you! Together, Sebraith and M’aj /finally/.» a bond forms quickly with the knowledge that your life has officially changed now and forever. Your stomach growls suddenly for no matter how long it has been since you’ve eaten now suddenly you are simply starving. « Can we eat now? » Sebraith’s words echo your ravenous desire, making you wonder if these hunger pains are yours or his. From now on you are inseperable with this one!

Mindvoice Name and Description

Energetic Flash of Radiance

No matter the mood or situation that Sebraith is in there will always be a crackle of lightning lurking within his words. When upset for any reason the boom of thunder will follow the lightning burst and his emotions will explode within a flash of light from the lightning strike. It is not the feel of lightning alone that colors his mindvoice for always there are bright colors dancing cheerfully along. Hot pinks, fluorescent greens, blazing purples, vibrant yellows and bright white appear either separately or together as if they were taken straight from the brightly colored egg that housed him for so long. Regardless of a bit of shell was retrieved from the sands after there will always be the memory of that egg every time you speak with Sebraith.


The theme this year was food in entertainment. The egg was inspired by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, in specific the Pure Imagination song and scene in which they enter the chocolate room.


Sebraith is a play on two names. Barak ( Bapak) is a green form of Hebrew Baraq which means Flask of Lightning. In the bible, this is the name of a commander of the Israelites. Raiden is the Japanese myth name of a god of thunder, meaning lightning and thunder. This is just one way I incorporated the element of lightning into Sebraith. You’ll also find it makes up the base of his mind voice. Lastly it also appears within his description. Sebraith’s inspiration is a mix of two individuals. Willy Wonka himself from the movie ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ is the first and perhaps main influence. Mixed in to balance the eccentric side, I used Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. In your suggestions for personality you mentioned politics and Tyrion plays that Game with the best of them. I do believe the two personalities merge to make a strong-willed Bronze for you though not one that is downright mean. Just merely one who is just right for the way he is. He’ll never be downright cutthroat and he’ll always go out of his way to defend the little people. He’ll always do things his own way. Of course you are free to twist your own take into Sebraith as anything written here are merely suggestions. Being only my second dragon made from top to bottom I truly hope you enjoy this unique dragon, his personality and of course weyrlinghood!——

Personality (RP Tips)

If there is ever just one defining moment that you would describe as being the one to change everything in your life, certainly meeting Sebraith would be the one. Your life before this time may seem hazy upon reflection. Almost as if you were walking amongst the clouds and now you’re feet are firmly upon the ground. To be never alone again would be an understatement for it truly is hard to block out Sebraith from your thoughts. From the moment his mind touches yours he wishes to know what you are doing, feeling, thinking and knowing. Surely your knowledge is so vast and so wise that you /must/ teach him /everything/. For him there was never any other choice, no indecision. When /you/ touched his shell he felt your presence and had time to plot ways in which to seek you out on those hatching sands. Darkness meant nothing to him for he had only to find the bright spark that was you. Never again will you be alone, for Sebraith is uniquely made and your lifes path led you to this place at just the right time.

Privacy may be a thing of the past unless you can convince him the need for yours and others privacy. In his youth he’ll be very vocal and very loud with his thoughts and his emotions. Woe to the poor non riders or even your fellow weyrlings for when he speaks to you there won’t be a ‘private’ channel for the two of you for many months to come. /Everyone/ will hear exactly what he is saying to you or to Lamnixzth, or even Marzoth. There’s also a certain…shall we say stubbornness about Sebraith as well whenever he doesn’t wish to answer a question. /His/ privacy in certain matters are indeed important to him and if he doesn’t wish to answer a question he’ll simply ignore it or deflect it.

—I’m a trifle deaf in this ear. Speak a little louder next time. ~Willy Wonka

Never mean intentionally though sometimes his words do hurt without realizing the fact, Sebraith often blurts out his thoughts too quickly. He’ll merely say what is on his mind for any specific situation and not pause to consider in what manner his words will be taken. The truth is always better but hopefully in time he’ll learn discretion. For it will be your job to teach him that the world is not always black and white and that sometimes there are indeed ‘grey’ areas. He’ll need to learn the concept of a little white lie in order to not alienate everyone around him. « Naturally Marzoth can’t catch a Queen for it takes more than physical skill to win the attentions of a Queen. True mental skill will often triumph over any bulk that simply can not maneuver properly. »

Keeping a secret will be a skill learned in time.

« Verlanth broke that table with his tail when he was jumping! » Sebraith won’t realize that Verlanth told him not to tell anyone that he was the one that broke the table. When asked though he’ll simply blurt out what happened. However he is extremely loyal to his family no matter how many squabbles they may get into. A disagreement with Zhimbarceth last week will be forgotten this week as he jumps into defend her against an older dragon who may be taunting the green for her small size.

For Sebraith there is no one true way in which to attend a lesson. Naturally some things must be done by watching first but truly that does seem almost like a waste of time for young Sebraith. He’d much rather do do do when he’s young! Exercise will come naturally and he’ll have no patience to wait for any AWLM to show the proper way to stretch or exercise. The result may not be good and during early weyrlinghood he may be one to end up many a time with the dragonhealers for improperly stretching and wind up with a mild sprain. As he grows thought and does have several minor injuries he will slowly learn patience when it comes to /that/ lesson. However when new lessons are introduced it is likely the whole procedure will most likely happen all over again. With age will come patience but he’ll never really fully learn not to run headlong into a new task.

—Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you. ~Tyrion Lannister.

Sebraith will never, ever, feel this his smaller size is a hinderance. From the get go he’ll know that he’s destined to be a smaller bronze but he’ll never let that fact stop him from doing anything he wants to do.

—A mind needs books like a sword needs a wetstone. ~Tyrion Lannister.

While Sebraith can’t exactly read the message is the same. He’ll learn in his own way but he’ll want to learn it all. Once he settles comfortably into his lesson he’ll realize that he needs to know every aspect of what he’s doing. Why does he have to do that part? What is the reason for doing it that way? So many questions he’ll pose. He’ll need to know different ways to do things. Size will not matter to him and he’ll ensure that his small size doesn’t matter to anyone else around him either. In this perhaps he’ll bond fairly closely with Zhimbarceth. He’s also a bit of a trickster when it comes to his physical abilities. How many times will he trick others by pretending that sprain he obtained last week is actually healed?


While Sebraith will naturally love everything that you love in the long run he certainly has his own set of adorations and likes. Exploration is just one key to really opening up Sebraith. Whether it be the skies and the stars above or the depths of the oceans he’ll want to go everywhere he can. The more unfamiliar the territory is the better. The stranger ways to get there the better!

Willy Wonka: This is the great glass Wonkavator.
Grandpa Joe: It's an elevator.
Willy Wonka: No, it's a Wonkavator. An elevator can only go up and down, but the Wonkavator can go sideways, and slantways, and longways, and backways…
Charlie Bucket: And frontways?
Willy Wonka: …and squareways, and front ways, and any other ways that you can think of. It can take you to any room in the whole factory just by pressing one of these buttons. Any of these buttons. Just press a button, and *zing*! You're off.

Anything and everything can be a friend to Sebraith. Dolphins in the depths of the water he’ll want to meet and befriend. Flying wherries over the island he’ll want to chase after and befriend. At first. Then he’ll learn he’s a taste for wherry and perhaps they are indeed better off as meals and not friends. Invite someone you really like to scratch at his headknobs and they’ll be his friend for life. Young ones of any species are always welcome around him. He’ll always defend those who can’t defend themselves though do watch out for sometimes his perception of someone who has been ‘wronged’ in his eyes may lead to a few awkward moments. It will always be family first for him and from the very beginning he’ll be protective of his smaller sister, Zhimbarceth. As for children of your own not only will he look forward to seeing tiny humans in his dwelling but he’ll often play matchmaker with you. « This one! This one should share our home with us to make small versions of you!» could and will be said to any female that he assumes you may like. His memory is short and long, atypical of a dragon in some ways yet not so much in other ways. Sometimes instinct is what reminds him what he should do, other times it is mere repetition and yet still at other times he simply will not remember how to do something no matter how many times he has been told.

He is indeed a natural protector and will no doubt grow to be a strong leader. In his mind you and he will rise within the ranks towards Wingleader or higher as a natural occurrence. It is simply a matter of time before it happens. There will be no dissuading him that you may not want any leadership positions. For him it will simply happen. In some ways he will know how to play The Game better than yourself for he is a bronze and if you ask him Bronzes Always get Respect. He’ll face anything head on, even a battle of wits for he knows he has the cunning and the smarts as well as natural born wits to win these battles.

”I’m not questioning your honor. I’m denying it’s existence.” ~Lord Tyrion

With all this in mind one may come to the conclusion that Sebraith is always a serious dagon but nothing could be further from the truth. For all that he likes to learn, explore and be the defender of those who can’t, he too likes a well timed prank. A perfectly placed punch line at the end of a joke. With his family he shares minor quirks with all of them in some way or another. He gets along greatly with Verlanth, the dragon who never seems to age, and between his wit and Verlanth’s child-like ways these two can easily get into some minor troubles that will make weyrlinghood for both M’aj and Wilough an interesting time!

Sebraith loves to rhyme his words. Not all the time but there are times when the mood strikes him and regardless if it is in the middle of a lecture, a lesson…anytime he feels like it he’ll ensure every time he talks the words rhyme in time. « Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker! » will be quite funny to him and even though he may not know the meaning he’ll love the saying. Music is another passion of his so much so that he’ll want very much so to make the Harper Hall a weekly visit to hear singing. In his mind he has somehow came to the conclusion that all harpers do is sing and he makes a perfect audience for them for he’ll never grow weary of listening to them.

Food for Sebraith is always going to be a great love. He’ll want to eat not only when he’s hungry but when he’s bored, or upset, or angry or just…..because! In time he’ll develop an odd fascination that will be found curious by anyone you talk to about it. Sebraith loves bugs! In his food. It’s not that he loves them in a way he wishes to keep them as pets but he likes them included in his diet. Perhaps this is something that is discovered over time as he grows or perhaps right away from the first time he is fed right off the hatching grounds.

FLIGHTS: Sebraith loves to chase greens. Sebraith /adores/ chasing greens. When it comes to the chase Sebraith would like to think he is born to catch multitudes of greens. He does have a commitment issue however when it comes to greens for in a way he views their flights as mere practice for the more important ones, Gold Flights. When it comes to Golds, they are indeed few and far between enough that yes he’ll chase at any opportunity, for Golds he will give the royal treatment. Most interactions with golds will have him being quite proper, nearly stilted, at first until he gradually becomes more comfortable around them. Respect will always be given immediately though it is easily lost if the Gold isn’t nice. He’ll be long in cracking a joke with a Queen, if ever. This is not to say he won’t find love in a green ( or even possibly a Gold) for over time there could be someone out there to thaw his heart and he’ll fall for them quite hard.

”I loved a maid fair as summer, with sunlight in her hair.” ~Tyiron Lannister

In conclusion this is Sebraith in a nutshell. To some he may a complex individual but never to you for he’s your perfect mate. A balance to you as well as an even match. Enjoy this carefully crafted Bronze, M’aj, and remember to seize the day every day for a new adventure with your lifemate!



Name Sebraith
Dam Tzavayth
Sire Draukaith
Created By Vanessa
Impress To Mackaje (M'aj)
Hatched May 24, 2015
Monaco Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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