Life's Too Short Green Ryneveth

Dragon Description

Elegant of form, a master's creation is brought to life in this statuesque green dragon, an artist's intricate dream of a jade statuette reimagined as flesh and bone. Faint hints of aquamarine appear along finely chiseled eyeridges, a light blush that teases the edges, accentuating each curve, elongating her delicate features and lending an aristocratic air to the tilt of her head. A long, slender, neck fades seamlessly into powerful shoulders freckled with malachite, that same intense colour taking control as it sweeps down finely muscled legs to dominate shapely feet tipped with alabaster, curling around her limbs and brushing back upwards over the lean lines of her belly, and chest. The vibrant malachite hues mingle with jade along her back, brushing along ridges painstakingly carved down her back, each uniform and perfect. Amongst the greens of her back, a smattering of light appears, shimmering flecks of mica settling over fragile-looking wings, and swirling and dancing along her back and serpentine tail. All is not perfect, however, as a thin, practically black line runs the length of her underbelly, cutting along the masterpiece of her form, a single flaw for all to see.

Egg Name and Description

From A Catalogue Egg
Faint traceries of grey scribe their way over this otherwise plain white eggshell, coating it in patterns reminiscent of the most delicate lace. Great swirls mimic flowers and love hearts, each fading into the next in one seamless single line-drawn pattern seemingly with no end or beginning. Close scrutiny of the egg reveals, however, a secondary patterning underneath this lacy decoration — a series of ovals, eggs within eggs within eggs, each smaller than the last until they vanish into nothingness.

Hatching Message

From a Catalogue Egg twitches slightly, elongating for a moment as if someone had grabbed its tip and was trying to tear it in two.

From a Catalogue Egg moves again, a single crack appearing around the midline and widening with every passing second.

From a Catalogue Egg gives a hiccup, the eggshell briefly splitting into two perfect halves, but not quite long enough for anything to be seen inside. Another twitch follows, then another. Then, all at once, the top simply falls off and a dragon bounds off into the darkness.

Hatchling Name and Description

Perfect Match Hatchling
It's definitely dragon shaped, but the shadowy darkness does a good job of making sure that all other detail is obscured. It seems big… And small. Thin and thick. Long and short. All at the same time, which must be impossible. Yet there it is.

Impression Message

The lights are back! But now they're green. No, red. No… blue? It's almost dizzying, this sudden display of colour that splashes across your mind, but there's something more. An undercurrent of love that makes it all more bearable. « Jiasle! » A swirl of excitement nearly knocks you from your feet, or perhaps that was the little green hatchling that is now trying her best to climb you so that she can stare into your eyes. « Ryneveth! » Thus claimed your newfound friend bounds off a little distance, looking back at you over her shoulder. « Come on, Jia! We can go and play now! It's going to be such an adventure! »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Expression of Life
Ryneveth's voice is a warm, honeyed, alto - rich in tone but also rich in colour. Her artistic side comes out in her mind touches, each thought shared with elaborate splashes of colour. Her visualisations are likewise enhanced - brightened and made all the more perfect just through her sheer exuberance at being alive.%r%rTimes of passion are soaked in deep reds, tiredness in rich velvety blues, contentment in buttery yellows and occasional greens, but it's anger that has the most impact. Those surges of emotion are monochrome, dulled and blunted, with an acrid scent that can become almost overpowering and a very clipped, precise choice of words.


The eggs may not have been green but the whole clutch came with a side order of Spam. Email spam that is. Your Ryneveth's egg was based on the Russian Brides mails that were 'popular', or at the very least filled inboxes, for a while.

As for Ryneveth herself, she was based on the the Myers-Briggs ISFP personality also known as the Adventurer, (, with her name coming from a little tweaking of the Dutch word for Adventure (Eventyr).

As with all dragons she is made entirely from clay for you to mould and shape as you see fit.

Welcome to Monaco!

Ali & S'u

Personality (RP Tips)

Everyone needs a friend that will call and say "Get dressed, we're going on an Adventure!"

Perhaps it would have been easier if Ryneveth had stayed in her egg, after all it was possibly easier to understand her reluctance to share herself with people while she was still in there. Now that she's here it's obvious that that's just one factor of her personality that will need to be dealt with. While she is quick to love, and loves hard, even from an early age it's very difficult to get to the core of her. To see just exactly who she is.

Strangely it is this love and emotion that fuels almost every part of her being, and no matter how much she might focus on others she can often be very hurt by the simplest of criticism depending on her mood at the time. If she hears it often enough it almost becomes gospel in her mind, a truth to both frustrate and embarrass her, something that she will very much look to you for support and reassurance on.

While young her impulsiveness and playfulness could well be endearing, but as she ages it will only lessen slightly and you will often find her pushing against plans and rules and wanting to do her own thing no matter how dangerous it may well end up being. Sledding in the mountains? Sure! She'll do it on her belly. Diving really close to a fire to help douse it? Absolutely! Stunt flying? Sign her up! She'll push constantly against the strict schedule and rules of weyrlinghood, and latterly in a wing situation, fighting for her own independence almost from the word go. Boxing her in is a guaranteed way of causing a sudden explosion of anger - an almost completely opposite flip of her otherwise charming personality.

But it's not all bad! The patterns that she can perform in the sky are something of beauty, and often she'll be found flying just for the fun of it. To her it's the ultimate freedom, the only things that constrain her are her own wings, not stupid rules. If she wants to fly over the ocean and dip one wing in, you can bet she'll do it. Sometimes she might even tell you she's going to do it before it actually happens. Eventually you'll be able to foretell an impending loop the loop before you're upside down, but at least in the beginning you might want to carry a sick bag just in case.

For all she won't let people see the real inner core of herself, she is surprisingly good at finding the inner workings of others - something that will make her an excellent Search dragon in the future. She'll often be found playing mediator, picking upon some undercurrent of tension or emotion that others may well have missed, and doing her best to smooth things over.

As a result, friends are something that will never be in short supply for her. It may take them a while to crack through her metaphorical shell, but without the restriction of rules and plans she can find herself in a happy place that others will also be swept up into in a whirlwind of spontaneous fun. Each of those personal connections will be poked and prodded and possibly even tested to destruction if she's not careful. She is very much a do-er, and anyone wishing to be a close friend had better be careful with telling her how to live her life. Things staying the same can get boring, and boring is not acceptable in her mind, anyone that tells her otherwise is welcome to go do their own thing just as she will be… over there.

Flights will be one huge explosion of the passions that usually run so deep. Instead of the happy-go-lucky girl you know she will turn into something much more sultry, and sulky, and something of a headache for you. If one male isn't paying her enough attention, well she'll just move onto the next, even if he's still right there. And Faranth help any of them that try to make her make any sort of commitment to them, even short term. She demands their attention, but needs them to keep their distance. Loves them all, but hates them all at the same time. It'll almost be a relief when she finally rises and all the tension is finally released. While some of her mates may well go on to become friends, there's no guarantee that after the first joys of mating have passed that she won't realise she's picked someone utterly unsuitable and make a very quick exit.

Joyful, loving, and spontaneous, your Ryneveth will bring excitement to every life she touches. But like her hide there's one 'flaw' that will be seen from time to time. She is also something of an introvert. For all her outgoing behaviour and big ideas she will need to retreat at times, to recentre herself, to be alone, and recharge her batteries. It's then that you will see her at her truest, and it's only ever you that will get to be close enough to be there in her quietest times. The very definition of love.


Name Life's Too Short Green Ryneveth
Dam Gold Isanath
Sire Bronze Marzoth
Created By Aliona & S'u
Impress To Jiasle
Hatched 10 December 2017
Monaco Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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