Feisty Sky Blue Rath

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Hatching Message

Tan and Sand Egg rocks a bit in the sands.

Tan and Sand Egg sends a small shower of sand up as it jerks to one side.

Tan and Sand Egg cracks, spilling a Feisty Sky blue Dragonet to the sands. totally coming out of his shell head over heel, he straightens himself to standing. "Did I do that?" you can almost see him saying. His sky blue body shakes the sand off himself, as he looks over the crowd. Then he notices the robed figures. His wing, shaded darker than his body, trips him up again as he moves to look at the candidates.

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Name Feisty Sky Blue Rath
Dam Gold Tempeth
Sire Bronze Corinth
Created By
Impress To Alecki
Hatched April 1998
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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