Bumbling Fool of a Blue Rashneth

Dragon Description

Pure, undiluted navy coats the soft and supple hide of this medium sized blue dragon. A dusting of pale, blue dapples makes their way across the tip of his snout and extends just above his jaw before being swallowed up by the inky darkness that surrounds them. Although there is very little variation in his actual skin color, the play of light across his body creates dark purple shadows around his joints and accentuates various features depending on intensity and angle. Wingsails are brushed with a nearly black blue, as though the navy hue were condensed into a very small space. His wing membranes, however, are much lighter, the thin skin a pale cerulean, which becomes luminescent when held to the light, revealing veins and fingerprint-like whorls. His lithe tail is perhaps just a smidgen longer than the norm but is, nevertheless, carried easily, appearing not to be an obstacle in his movements. The lines of his lean body are easy and fluid, defining him with some measure of grace by appearance alone. His bejeweled eyes resemble his dam's, set apart and giving an impression of perpetual curiosity.

Egg Name and Description

Watery Wasteland Egg
A torrent of grey-blue rushes across the surface of the egg, washing clean all evidence of whatever base color the egg might have had. Splotches of brown and black are turned up instead of the pale creamy color that one would expect an egg to be. Towards the top of the egg the torrential rush of blue-grey churns into a grey froth topped with flecks of brown that lick at the egg's surface. In contrast to the violence implied in the coloration, the base of the egg is a murky cerulean, tainted by silt and mud, yet calm compared to the midsection and top of the egg.

Hatching Message

Watery Wasteland Egg quivers slightly and then rocks in place. First to the left it sways and then back towards the right. Still tilted to the right, it then tips, causing a small cascade of sand next to it before it stills.

Watery Wasteland Egg shudders violently before it stills. There's a faint pulsing of the egg as the hatchling inside pushes at the walls, then relaxes, only to push again. Intense efforts at breaking the stable structure do not go unrewarded - the shell gives and a crack splits along the axis of the egg.

Watery Wasteland Egg pulsates once more, the hatchling inside pushing against the wall for a few moments before it relents. Strength gathered, the occupant of this medium sized egg pushes one last time and then a portion of the egg is pushed off. Once 'freed' the limbs of the dragon wave wildly, and it's only a matter of time before the egg is tilted and the egg is broken further apart to release the young dragon from within.

Impression Message

Rising up from the heat of the sands is a faint rosy glow. The beginning of a mirage, or perhaps some indication dehydration? The glow deepens and then there is a sensation of damp warmth quite unlike that which rises upwards from the ground beneath your feet. A heavy weight presses against you, as though leaning into your mind. And then with a quiet pop there is something - someone - else there, heralded by a brisk breeze that wafts in a flowery perfumed scent reminiscant of a summer field. A giggle follows as musical as a clear stream of water tumbling over stones. « Maelliss, is it? » a musical male voice queries, laughter held back, but just barely. Who is this? Not a this, but he, the blue that stands before you. « Rashneth » he supplies, accompanying the reply with a sensation of hunger. « Might we adjorn? I am terribly empty. »

Mindvoice Name and Description

Bright Spheres of Glitter
Rashneth's mental touch is as light and airy as his mood is - nearly intangible, fleeting, and ever changing. The prismatic qualities of his mind continue to reflect and diffuse light in a sparkling array of colors, though he predominately favors the hues of sunrise - rich red golds, pale oranges, and light yellows. Accompanying his touch is often the light, flowery perfume of a summery day.

Mind Touches
Bright Spheres of Glitter bound across the landscape of your mind, seeking out the hills and valleys of your memory and thoughts. What can you show it of places and people? Carelessly the spheres drift about, radiating a gentle rose color. Playing with your senses, the scent of jungle flowers shortly after a brief rainfall permeates your thoughts - a powerful memory and sensation, for there certainly could not be flowers present in the barren hatching cavern.

Bright Spheres of Glitter coagulate briefly, fusing into a single large sphere that then spreads out, stretching itself thin across the broad expanse of your mind. What is this concept of space? Of beyond this egg shell that it senses from you? Suddenly the limit of the fused spheres is reached and the rose light turns briefly red, flashing before there is the sensation of shattering and chaos - a churning vision of red, rose, and brilliant flashes of light. Bubbling up beneath this brief scene of chaos is a hint of amusement.

Bright Spheres of Glitter pulsate briefly, though in varying hues of rose and carnation. The synch behind the movements rapidly fades into another scene of chaos, although peaceful and less frenetic than the previous series of sensations. Slowly though the glittery orbs wink out and with a single bubbling thought of brilliant pink, there is nothing but the hint of something slumbering within that egg.


The theme for the eggs was natural disasters. This egg was based on a flood - the sort of torrential flood that occurs when a dam breaks or there is a drastic change in a river's path, not the sort that gently accumulates after months of rain. Mind voices were based on tarot cards, and yours is based on the Fool - careless, bumbling, and more or less happy in actions and blunderings. I thought that a similar personality would suit you and your tastes well, so your hatchling is also (loosely) based on the Fool. Some modifications have been made to create a dragon that I think would compliment Maelliss well, though how you end up playing Rashneth is entirely up to you. The name Rashneth was inspired by "Bashshar," and Arabic name meaning "bringer of many glad tidings."

Personality (RP Tips)

For the first few months of growing up, Rashneth will be a typical baby. Like the others, he will be curious about everything and have an insatiable thirst for information. But unlike the others, answers to his questions will be met with wild speculations and flights of fantasy. He is a daydreamer and these qualities manifest themselves in a somewhat inventive nature. Too bad his inventions are always far from practical. Rashneth also has a love for adventure and fun. Given the choice between participating in lessons, doing sweeps, or working in some manner he would much rather be off exploring, pondering, or indulging in play. His play is just that - play. Harmless in intent, far from mischievous, and participated in for pure pleasure. He is a hedonist in many ways and will need to be encouraged to not indulge in these tendencies and keep this easily distracted dragon on track.

In many ways, Rashneth's flights of fantasy and fascination in things is akin to Maelliss' quest for knowledge of a different sort. He will encourage these forays into the exploration of crystals, alternative methods of healing, and other such fascinating fields of study. Rashneth may even, to some degree, deepen your knowledge and understanding by asking imploring questions. Between the two of you, deep and philosophical questions may often be discussed - though don't expect Rashneth to understand things later. Dragons are cursed with short memories. However, just as you may sometimes need to pull Rashneth out of his own daydreams, he too may do the same for you. Think of it as a sort of mutual looking out for the other lest you get into trouble.


Name Bumbling Fool of a Blue Rashneth
Dam Gold Pagnisath
Sire Bronze Osraebukath
Created By
Impress To Maelliss
Hatched September 9, 2006
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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