Rusty Mottled Brown Quamirth

What catches one's eye is not the coloration of this brown, but instead his unusual if rather bulky build. He rides low to the ground, on limbs that seem to be a quarter to half the length of a normal dragon, the width of his limbs growing as if his legs were compacted, all four limbs hosting a set of sharp dark-red-wine talons. His long body is not sleek or slim, but it is not by any means pudgy either. Instead a solid mass lacking dainty definition tapers into a thick yet normal-length tail and proportional wings, though even those seem to be a bit more angular instead of delicately curved. His triangular head is also rather stout and compacted, leaving him with a very short but bulky muzzle. Color is more of an afterthought upon his hide, spilling across it in random splotches of color. Toasted caramel looks to be the very underlying color of it all, although no one would be able to tell since the splatters of color are so randomized it looks like a painter threw buckets of paint at a canvas and wrapped it around the dragon. Everything from a golden tawny brown, to rusty red and even something akin to dulled bronze splash across him haphazardly. The membrane of his wings holds far less rust, but instead looks like a mud bath, the browns splashing across in darker tones closer to his body, and fading to dried mud farther away.

Egg Name and Description

Mysterious Vines Egg

Chubby could describe the form of this egg. It is not a circle by any means, but neither is it proportioned as an egg should be. Weight has been put on towards the middle and top, lending it a much more rounded shape. The bottom of the egg is swathed in an earthy-dirt brown and a deeper bark-brown can be seen in a short but hefty cylinder shape before it disppears into a forest of green. Vines seem to seep up, out and downwards from the apex of the egg, thin doe-brown lines spreading across the smooth shell as elegantly slim leaves of grass-green sprout from both sides of the thin brown lines, always pointing downwards in their direction. The mass of green almost hides everything of that bark-brown cylinder that was seen at the bottom of the egg, minus a peek here and there.

Hatching Message

Mysterious Vines Egg suddenly goes into something akin to a seizure. Erratic and wild movements shimmy the egg across a small expanse of black volanic sand, accompanied by noises that sound like the hatchling is smashing its head against the inside of the shell before the wall finally gives way, crumpling to the sands, revealing the hatchling inside - save for the chunk of shell stuck ontop of its rump.

Impression Message

The familiar noise of a cascading waterfall flows into your mind in a frenzy, the slick and colorful oils that skim the top of the water, rusty reds shimmering along with glimmer of yellow until the mass of swirling colors is only tinged with the rusty reds, but becomes a rainbow spectrum of blues and greens. « You are Kharzan?» Uneasiness. « No. You are /Kh'zan/. » Relief. Joy. « I am Quamirth. I… » The oils swirl in confusion, the orange/yellows starting to dominate once more as they work your way into your mind unobtrusively. « I itch. This shell, it doesn't come off! » The wail sounds in your head, reds now overpowering as the swirling turns into a maelstrom of reds, oranges and yellows. « I itch, I hunger! » Your own stomach is starting to rumble in sympathy. « Help me become un-itchy? And full! Most importantly full! »


Welcome to Eastern Weyr, Kh'zan! Put your reading glasses on and prepare for spam.

In his early years Quamirth (Kind of like "Wha?" But with a Q instead, followed by "Mirth") will be at his most dangerous without realizing it. I will babble because Quamirth's personality is a bit of an obscure thing to peg down.

Now, I say he is obscure because he can be entirely vicious if cornered into being volatile but from day-to-day standards he has a rather energetic personality. Salamander-like inquisitiveness might end up getting him into more trouble than he's willing to deal with, so for that 'fight' he'll drop his pride and concede. Curiousness will see him peeking over your shoulder as you tinker with your gadgets, asking what certain parts do, and if he could maybe help some how. He feels little qualms about ruffling through a person's - or dragon's - mind for a scrap of information he feels he needs to perform his duty. And I say duty and not task, because he'll not stoop to such an invasive level to complete a prank. He does maintain his sense of duty to you, and even the Weyr. But while he's civilized and pleasant day-to-day, there are times where instinct reigns and he'll turn vicious without a second thought. His grown mass will rival a small bronze's and mark him as a force to be reckoned with. You will likely have to bring him back to his inquisitive, civilized mind. He might not return on his own.

Now, like I mentioned in his credits, he's based off of the Hellbender Salamander, which is not inherently bad, but it tends to get the name of being so because of the slight toxin its skin excretes. Quamirth will get that name, because if you let him assist you in anything he'll accidentally rip whatever it is clear to shreds. Or parts. « … Is it not supposed to look like that, Kh'zan? No? I'm sorry. I'm reallyreally sorry! » Mostly this is because the poor dragon doesn't know his own strength as of yet. If he ever gets into a scuffle with another dragon, it'll likely take him a few tries to learn he may want to ball his fist-of-talons before marring the other dragon with lasting scars. He just really doesn't know what he's capable of! However this does not keep Quamirth from being a very curious, inquisitive and even energetic dragon. One might even describe him as a smart practical joker. If one of the other Weyrlings get on his nerves they could very well have some mischievious little joke played on them, which won't lead directly back to him or you (or at least he hopes it won't. You may have to provide a controlling force to help keep him in hand!) During Weyrlinghood, he'll seem like a very gluttonous dragon. He'll put away more than his fellow browns, and possibly more than any save Amarante's Theiath. But he won't ever. Ever. Be pudgy. His metabolism is simply too high and he enjoys both flying and swimming to an extreme since his unusual build marks him as downright awkward on the ground.

So, moving onto that topic, which will help you in classes and lessons! For the lectures Quamirth will sit patiently - for the most part - and listen intently to the instructor of the lesson. However when they're learning to fly, and to between you'll be very hard pressed to hold back his natural (and extreme) enthusiasm. If you're not actually careful, he could seriously injure himself with his eagerness. You'll have to harp on him to do his daily exercises and not to just jump straight into the sky. Because of his bulky yet long form, he'll have an ungainly walk and will have to work that much harder to keep up with others on the ground. His limbs simply aren't that long! However, when in the air awkwardness will turn to a form of grace. Hairpin turns may not be up his alley, but he'll be one of the best acrobats of his size class. Quamirth will also find an extreme joy in swimming - more specifically diving - once you're allowed onto the beach. He can hold his breath for an unnaturally long time before his dragon-lungs start to burn. And in the water is when his movements will most resemble the Salamander he's based after. While many dragons have to paddle and use wings to help, he'll just sort of … go without much effort. Graduation might find you either in the Crafting wing, or in the Search and Rescue wing.

I won't go into what I picture Quamirth would be like grown up, or even in mating flights because that's really up to you to decide, Kh'zan, by how you play him in Weyrlinghood. Will he grow out of his mischievious ways or settle into them more? Will his sense of duty grow or diminish? Will he be an instinctual predator during flights? (Size wise, with Wiz approval, you could compete for Gold.) I can only tell you one thing that will be an absolute however: He will bellow at you mentally until you take a break when its needed. He can discern that fine line where you'll be fine and when you won't. And if you pass that "won't" line, he'll be on your case until you give in. You are his rider. You are the one thing he will never let get hurt. You are also the one thing that will likely send him into a blind rage IF you get hurt. I'm sorry. What was that stereotype about browns being emotionally solid and dependable? ;)


This mind is one not easily described. A sort of white noise accompanies the touch of this mind at all times. Mostly it is kept to a dull roar - like when you submerge yourself in still water - though when anger or high emotions are provoked, the noise can change to a deafening level of water rushing around your ears. Accompanying the sound of roaring water is what appears to be oils and undilutable substances flowing upon a small body of churning water. At its most sedate the oils are of brown variations from one side of the scale to the other, but again if strong emotions are provoked, the colors will become vibrant and painful to the mind's eye.

The personality itself is a bit hard to peg down, for one has to think like a Salamander. It has an innate sense of curiousity which always borders upon a prankster and mischieviousness. However, it knows enough to know when to drop its tail and live to regenerate it another day - in this case, it knows when to drop an arguement even if it means forsaking pride for a day. But do not think that this salamander-like mind is easily taken advantage of. Within the mind of this dragon is a bite that one should think twice about provoking.


Credits for the creation of the Egg go to Jheina. The egg (Mysterious Vines) was based off of the Willow Tree. ( To Jheina the Weeping Willow is a mysterious tree because it inspires a sadness as well as happiness and finds it to be an ageless tree. Credits for creation of the Hatchling also go to Jheina. The hatchling (Rusty Mottled Brown) was based off of Salamanders, though more specifically the Hellbender Salamander ( The Hellbender in itself is not an evil or inherintly bad creature. Its skin excreets a toxin which isn't deadly should it bite you, but if you touch its skin, you'd want to wash your hands before touching your eyes!


Name Rusty Mottled Brown Quamirth
Dam Gold Elisith
Sire Bronze Redwalth
Created By Jheina
Impressee Kh'zan (Kharzan)
Hatched October 12, 2008
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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