Lost in the Deluge Green Phiaroth

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Appearance -

A seeming rush of cloudy water, darkened by earth and travel stains the hide of this green dragon. From that first brush, against her narrow muzzle and then back to her headknobs, it darkens her pale green hide with tinges of dusty browns, mudding her color slightly as it slides down her lithe neck. That same deepened green travels along from her slender shoulders to pool in little eddies along her slim flanks and lightly muscled forearms and haunches. Flashes of brighter hues pick up along her neckridges to where those trail down her body to along the steady streamlined length of her tail, leaving it water splashed and decorated with droplets. Nearer to pure green are her wings, with their lavish spread of pooled water that trails along her wingsails, from her leading edges to her ailerons. Bare ripples seem to flow, lapping at sturdy darker wingspars before falling off into a flooded deluge of water at the edge.
About Phiaroth's shoulders rest a set of standard issue weyrling straps. Dyed a nondescript grey, they seem to have seen better days but are only intended for use until the young dragon stops growing so rapidly.
Phiaroth is 3 Turns, 6 months, and 20 days, with a length of 22.56 meters, and a wingspan of 37.60 meters.

The mind of Phiaroth -

Solemn and rather quiet, this egg tends to hang back rather than push its feelings forward. Indifferent to many things, it has perfected a method of waiting, for just the right moment until it is time for it to get what it wants. Incredibly patient, it is willing to wait eons for what it expects to come to pass, and only turn a tolerably amused eye on what it doesn't expect. It also carries a feeling of dryness, of everything being sucked away by the wind and heat until the seasons change with an instant and the watery flood arrives.
Phiaroth serenely unconcerned, placidly patient as it waits for all things to change. Dusty dry browns and the warmth of the summers heat as it stays still in seeming repose and hesitant to do much more than merely listen in with a vague sense of amusement and a thin laughter that carries on the wind.
Phiaroth hasn't moved or seemingly even changed its rather tolerant view of what may come. Ultimately rather indifferent to the touch you've brought, it instead focuses on the problems it faces in the journey forward, waiting for just the right set of conditions for it to change, and move forward now into the unexpected.
Phiaroth brushes once more against your mind, quiet as it simply stays near. Never pushy, it chooses instead to just wait, with a patience that tends toward the never ending to see what might come. What will change and what will not, even as the seasons slide throughout the turn, rolling from winter into spring.
Phiaroth is still waiting, a feeling of dryness and incredible desert and the heat of a baking sun. Then slowly that is submerged, drowning under the deluge of water as everything changes within the hour and leaves the mind behind only amused and rather pragmatic about the changes. What changes, change?

She meets you that first time with an implacable strength of will, your Phiaroth and that remains a constant in her life. She doesnt screech or wail about what she wants done, or in her refusals for something else. It is merely a digging in of her purpose that stays her for the course she chooses, and a disregard for anything else.

She's merely stubborn as a small hatchling though, with a disregard for anyone but you and for those rules unless you can explain why they are necessary. What part of her, needs to follow anything, unless she deems it so. Or unless you ask.

She's not the quickest of her clutchmates to master subjects, but she'll never be the last either, instead settling somewhere in the middle and if she hides sometimes what she is capable of well, no one ever shows all their secrets. « Lilini, it wouldnt be safe for them to know everything that we do, or that we can do. Just trust me on this. »

She is also a very patient dragon, your Phiaroth. Willing to wait turns for her plans to come to a close and never one to rush into anything. Just as her stubbornness is a flaw, so to the unwillingness to rush into anything with sort of hurry can be a problem. « Let me think about it first, Lilini. Then I will know if its something we should be doing. Give me an hour, a day, a week. » This is her listed timeframe before she decides on a problem.

You're a tempering influence on Phiaroth, as she grows and as both of you learn to balance each other as a pair, you anchor her in the here and now, where she might drift off, never counting the days and she provides the stubbornness to push you into what is good for you. Either your lessons, your life and into anything that you might need a push toward.

Despite her pragmatic attitudes, your Phairoth is very much a lady in all that she says and does, from her first bumbling steps in flight, to when she has you aboard that first time. She'll be all that is graceful and rather delicate. Hidden strength, rather than brute force. She'll remain the same when she goes up in her mating flights as well, coolly pragmatic and every inch of her a lady. She'll only choose the gentleman that best fits her needs, and woe betide those that try and don't fit her criteria.

Her voice is a rather soft soprano, quiet as it brushes against your mind and never unpleasant, no matter what temper she may be in.

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