Unlikely Adventurer Brown Perrinth

Dragon Description

The dark hue of dried poppy pods is settled squarely on a wide back while similarly colored drifts effortlessly cascade down, over bulky shoulders, wisps brushed by a breeze licking along his sides, touching his belly with a light brushing. The lighter hues of a river sandbar sweep along the underside of his body, flecked with the darker coloring, but obstructing poppy brown from spreading further along his barrel chest to the tip of the thick tail. The sandbar struggles against the drifting poppy on his limbs, hues intermingling on almost awkwardly muscular appendages. Wings, almost overly large for his body, stretch out, sails fading to the shade of weak klah as they gain distance from his core. This same pale klah coloring dusts the end of his short, blunt snout, speckling it from nostrils to faceted eyes, though flattened headknobs are free from the blemishes.


Name Unlikely Adventurer Brown Perrinth
Dam Gold Pagnisath
Sire Bronze Aevisaanth
Created By
Impress To R'nel
Hatched May 28, 2005
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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