Enlightened Child of the Shadows Gold Pagnisath

Dragon Description

Enlightened Child of the Shadows Gold Pagnisath

A coat of rich sunflower covers the hide of this small gold. Whirling eyes are set in her face, wider than they ought to be. It gives her a certain air of curiosity. Her headknobs darken to goldenrod, paling as the line of her neck extends to the rest of her body. Her midsection is slightly plump, blanketed by a thin layer of baby fat. Trailing up her wings, the color of the 'sails become even brighter, turning into a pastel. The tips have been dipped in the same darkened hue that appears on her headknobs. Her coloring varies on her underside, paling to the lightest of yellows, metallic sheen nearly invisible. Her legs are colored with goldenrod, mirroring the hue of her 'spars. Sharp, ashen-colored claws can be seen, curling to the ground. Her body tapers as it reaches her tail, which matches the same bright hue of her midsection. There's a small kink at the end of her tail, which points towards the left.

Egg Name and Description

Floating Fowl Egg

A coat of bland yellow spreads across the shell of this oddly shaped egg. It seems round about the middle - more so than would be normal for such an ovoid - however, its main deformity is the bulge on the upper part of the shell. Circular in shape, it stands out from the rest of the egg because it is dyed with a deep orange. On either side of the shell, just next to the bulge, are two black dots. One might almost describe these dots as eyes. The rest of the shell is that smooth, dull yellow, with the exception of the very bottom, almost buried in the sand. There, one can see waves of blue, as if the egg were floating upon the water. The effect of this egg is, well…just ducky!


Floating Fowl Egg was inspired bya rubber ducky. Not too hard to guess, right? Pagnisath's name comes from saigner, French for 'to bleed'. It's pronounced PAH-nyuh-sath. There's a slight 'g' before the 'n', but it's almost unnoticeable. This is fitting, because Pagnisath herself is based upon Claudia, from Interview with the Vampire. I had to do a bit of modification, because she's not quite the sweetheart, but I had the idea and I didn't want to let it go. I really hope you enjoy her, and that she's what you're looking for. I had a blast making her. Congratulations. ~Natane~


Dam Gold Fenillanth
Sire Bronze Xiaoth
Created By Natane
Hatched 2003
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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