Cowardly Lacky of Evil Bronze Osraebukath

Olive green slips over this young dragon's body, sneakily blending itself amongst the bronze so that no part of his hide lays untainted. Swirls of copper spring up from milky bronzed claws, making interesting curlicue designs as they trek up his hands and feet and continue until they've traveled the entire length of his arms and legs. It's here, along his sides and chest that a great battle wages and that sticky olivine chews away at the nearly flawless bronze until it disappears with nothing more than wistful tendrils desperately seeking out his back. He's rather squat, as if his front and hind legs were squished together and his midsection was stretched downwards. His tail is stubby and fat, while his head seems like it's slightly too big for his body. Tricky lines of onyx make it appear as if there are wrinkles across his muzzle and below his overly large faceted eyes. His wings are the only things that seem to truly fit his body, not long, not short, just average sails of wiggling tendrils of bronze and the ever constricting olive.

Egg Name and Description

Fiery Armageddon Egg
If there was chaos before, now this egg is in complete and utter disarray. The colors of the sky have intensified, more crimson, fuchsia, fiery yellow, and searing white all swirl around in a nearly dizzying way upon the top part of this egg's shell. The ground, while once a beautiful menagerie of browns and greens has been scorched by the great fireball only a second away from impact. Green trees are black and wilted, olive bushes nothing more than kindling to little fires. The world is coming to an end and nothing can save it. Those small, bright balls of blinding white have streaked ever closer to the fragile land below. More craters appear on the ground, set more trees ablaze, and smacking into the great mud pit that used to be a lake. Yet still the largest rock hangs ominously above it all, taunting all those that look upon it. Showing the final moments of this once beautiful world before it's forever changed in the most glorious bang of destruction.

Hatching Message

Fiery Armageddon Egg doesn't wiggle or give any indication that it was ready to hatch. One moment it was there, silent as ever, and the next moment there are eggshells spewed in every which direction. It's as if a bomb has exploded in the middle of the hatching grounds sending sand, goo, and shell all over. And all that is left in the destruction is a cowering hatchling in the little ditch of sand the exploding egg made.

Impression Message

« Hil? Is that you? » A rather high pitched voice enters your mind in the stark color of white. « You'll… protect me from them, won't you? All the others.. look! They're all staring at me! » He cowers behind you and tries to go between your legs, most likely tripping you up. « I'm Osraebukath, and you, my most wonderful rider, are my Hil. You will be my protector and I will worship you because you are perfect. » The white withdraws, slowly olive bleeds in, coloring his mindvoice as it draws you comfortably in and covers you in olive branches. « My Hil. You are mine. »


Frantic and Fearful of everything around it. It won't trust anyone and will shy away or even strike out against any candidate that touches it.

Growing Up: As a child the world will seem like a huge place that is scary as hell. He will shower you in endless praise for the most meaningless of tasks. « You're so great at cutting up my meat, Hil. You cut them in the most perfect little squares. » « Oh! You can tie your shoe so well! » Even if Hil's shoe has knots and kinks and is lopsided. But he will love you so endlessly that at first it might be something that takes some time to get used to. But that's just with you. Everyone else.. he will be judgmental. Not to them. He won't /ever/ say things to people's faces like his clutch-brother Tauth does, he doesn't have the guts. He'll just sit there and sulk about it with you and grumble quite a bit. He won't ever step up to anyone insulting him, he'll just take it and grumble to you. As I said, if people insult Hil he rises to the challenge but the instant it turns on him he cowers away. He'll do this even at this young age, but he will run at things you might think aren't scary or aren't that bad. He likes to grumble. About everything and anythingexcept for youthat's going on or about whomever.

As I was saying, Hil is perfect in his dragon's eye. Nothing he can do will ever be wrong no matter what silly or stupid thing Hilarion decides to say. If you make a mistake, he has an excuse for it, even if it is a far fetched one, he will always have an excuse for your lack of perfection in other people's eyes. And he will always care what other people think of you. If someone is making fun of Hil he will be there to back him up… that is until the person's sights turn on him, and then he's running hiding behind Hil like some sort of cowering puppy. It will be endlessly amusing when he's fully grown and still trying to hide behind his rider. While he is very much a wimp, he also has a soft heart and at times can be seen doing the most kind of things. It won't be often, and typically will be around no one else or just you.

Why: « You are perfect. When you touched my shell I knew that you were for me because you would protect me and make sure that I was always well. That's all I ever wanted as I cowered in my shell, someone to protect me from the evilness of the world. You are that protection Hil. You are also the oldest candidate and.. I dislike the young ones so you are perfect that way too! You are the man with hidden strength that no one else sees. But I assure you that I can indeed see it and I will always be on your side from this moment on. I will serve you and sometimes I might surprise you with a burst of my own bravery in protecting you. But I will be your sweet lifemate which you can.. for the most part.. depend upon. If you ever see me run and hide, know that it is not your fault, it is only that I fear those who are bigger than me, and most are. »


Lost in Wind and Fire
Osrae's mindvoice is one that at times can get downright annoying and at other times will be soft and soothing. When he gets scared the colors of his mind turn white and he sends pictures in black and white. Normally his mind is filled with withered olive leaflets which pile upon one another to hide himself at times and at others they pull away and reveal himself in bright bronzed-olivine, nearly green but metallic. He sounds a lot like Jaken does in the subtitled version—not the dubbed. Annoying, very annoying at times, and at others he seems almost sweet.


Fiery Armageddon Egg was based off of when the dinosaurs well.. ate it. To put it bluntly. ^-^ When a big meteor hit the earth and caused mass extinction. The fearfullness of the unknown is what I used to base the actual dragon off of. The hatchling theme was cartoon villains, but villain lackey's count too. Osraebukath's name came from two Japanese words: Osoreru (To Fear) and Buka (Subordinate). I tweaked the words a little because Osoreubukath looked a tad weird. He is based off of Jaken, as you know, Sesshoumaru's little lackey. Hilarion is Osraebukath's Sesshoumaru. Something to keep in mind.


Name Cowardly Lackey of Evil Bronze Osraebukath
Dam Gold Ararinth
Sire Bronze Temocheth
Created By Kae'rlyn
Impressee Hil (Hilarion)
Hatched March 31, 2005
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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