Bronze Orionth

Dragon Description

This large bronze dragon is a deep, almost black, colour in the shadows but get him in the sunlight and he'll prove he's a bronze as his hide glimmers with a healthy orangey bronze. Even in shadow, though, the bronze is speckled with pale silvery-white spots which shimmer like stars in the night sky. This creature seems to be of two sides, in the shadow he's a star-flecked sky but in the sunlight he glimmers like a firey sun shining down upon the world. His form is large but slender, hinting to speed and maneuverability while whiplike tail slashes through the air like a sharp knife. Headknobs and eyeridges are speckled an almost grayish bronze, washing over like a galaxies swilring about them. His large wings, though marred by various pale scars, still show signs of a glorious strength which will come in handy whilst flying. Legs, the scrawniest part of the beast, are a bit thin for his size and colour, but they've never failed him yet, besides, who needs to walk when you can fly. Those dark legs are tipped with gleamingly white talons, sharp and long.
Orionth is equipped with a set of flight straps of a black or dark gray shade. They blend nicely into his hide, nothing but the glimmering silver buckles really sticking out. The straps have been padded so as not to mar his lovely black-bronze hide. attached to the straps are a couple of saddlebags and what looks like a strap for hanging some sort of weapon.

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Name Bronze
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Impress To J'yn
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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