No Need to Harper About Brown Obrinth

Dragon Description

Redwood flows over the head of this dragon until it reaches crested ridges. There the hue darkens again until it is almost a murky brown that swirls over his eyes like an unfurled ribbon. Amber brown returns in the curvature of his rather long neck and lightens at the front of his sturdy chest. Powerful muscled legs are tinted a mixture of amber brown and umber, causing the muscles to be more defined than might be normal in a dragon while blackened talons curve at the end of his toes, deadly under the right conditions. Wing spars have been dipped in the same dark hue as the swirl about his eyes, but it is in his sails that all the colors come together. A fine polished sheen coats the most of the dragon's rather large and powerful body, causing his hide to shine in the right sort of light. He is rather big for a dragon of his color and, though abnormally large, he isn't as stocky as most browns tend to be. Instead, this dragon is more rounded, especially about his large, barreled chest and his powerful hips.

Egg Name and Description

Lesson in Uniformity Egg

Sharp white flows down the front of this egg which is perfectly shaped in every fashion. From the top of the small cone towards its tip to the slight bulge about its center, it stands as testiment to all the other eggs on how one should appear. The egg is totally white except for darker creases towards its center and a row of smaller circles that follow a line down the front of the egg, reminding one of buttons on a shirt.

Hatching Message

WOBBLE: Lesson in Uniformity Egg refuses to budge, even wiggle. No, it keeps watch silently over the sands, as if attempting to guard the other eggs as they hatch. It has a duty to do, after all!
CRACK: Lesson in Uniformity Egg gives the slightest visual of shifting on the sands, as if attempting to get comfortable and shift its weight. It's still watching, it will guard the others and set a precidence to the other eggs.
HATCH: Lesson in Uniformity Egg seems to spontaniously explode from the inside out and the wind suddenly picks up to speckle the newly hatched dragon with a fine layer of colored sand, obscuring its color from view.

Hatchling Name and Description

Must I Master My Color Too Hatchling

From the top of its large head to the the tip of the long tail, this dragon has been coated in a fine layer of purple-tinted sand. The sand clings to the hide almost like a second skin and give it an almost pinkish sheen. Specks of pink flicker down along the barrelled chest and appear once again along the spine as if someone wasn't quite sure how a dragon should be colored. Its strong and toned legs have been dappled with specks of sand that coat down to the tips of the talons where black lethal edges scrape the earth. Sand-ladened wings drag against the ground, causing them to be dappled with an assortment of colours causing this hatchling's colour to be a mystery.

Impression Message

Suddenly darkness claims your vision and you seem to be in a void with no way up or down. That is until a faint melody whisk you to the safety of a library and the warmth of a hearth. «You are safe now, I have you, S'el.» Your vision slowly returns and the whirling eyes of a dragon are staring at you with warmth and adoration. «I told you that you were destined for greatness. I am Obrinth, and together the world will not be able to hold us down. First, however, I require food.»

Mindvoice Name and Description

Master of Music

A vast library full of endless possibilities, where greatness is lying at your fingertips is the heart of Obrinth's mind. For that is just his outlook on life, always seeking information so that he can achieve anything he sets his mind to. Music is at the forefront of his mind, and while it may not be a powerful complicated symphony that leaves one's jaw dropping, it's always easy to remember and you just might find that his music gets stuck in your head and leaves you humming for days. Whenever he is speaking with a loved one, especially you, he'll bring up an image of a hearth gently blazing with the warmness and relaxing nature of a burning fire.


S'el, I am so happy to have been able to write your dragon! Our themes for these eggs were two sets of themes. For the GoldXBronze egg themes we did plants and places of Pern and the eggs themselves were based on D&D. For the GoldxBrown clutch the egg descs had to be white in color and were based on the people of Pern! Your particular egg and dragon was written entirely by myself and I based the egg on a white uniformed shirt. As for your dragon, he's totally and completely The Masterharper of Pern himself, Robinton, and his desc is based off of a double bass. I hope you have fun with him, and remember he is YOUR dragon now, so feel free to play him however you want :D -Chiasheep

Personality (RP Tips)

From the moment Obrinth stepped out of his shell, he knew he was destined for greatness, and there was only one person in the world whom he knew would help him achieve that greatness, you, S'el. You are his, and he is yours, and that is all that is needed to know from this moment onward.

Once both you and your Obrinth stop sleeping, eating, and relieving yourselves all the time and actually find time for yourselves, you will find that he is a very curious and very wise dragon. He's going to be pestering you for all sorts of answers and he will not be satisfied until he has the answers. «S'el, I must ask again, what is the reason that there isn't any more thread? Surely life wasn't all that horrible with it?» Obrinth will more than likely take it upon himself to solve the world's greatest mysteries, even if he never exactly achieves those mysteries. He is very interested in the human and dragon inter-relationship, and he will more than likely speak to more than one person in the weyr as a sort of experimentation. Just what could he accomplish by seeking out other company?

Not that he isn't interested in you, of course, you are everything to him and he will always come back to you to bounce ideas off of you. «S'el, I just talked to this holder girl, and it seems to me that sometimes some minds are more receptive to our voices, what do you think that means? Could it be a link of some sorts?» He's always coming up with new ideas to justify his newest experimentation. He will be especially interested in computers and will want you to try and find out whatever information you can on them, and if the information is not there, then of course he will want to look through books. «S'el, the information is out there, we just need to look for it. I just know it has to be in this next book!» When the two of you are allowed to go between, he will insist on going to Landing to find AIVAS. «S'el, we must go to Landing. Think of what we could find there, all the world's greatest mysteries could be solved there, I just know it. We must find a way to activate AIVAS again.»

That brings him to his other love, and he'll probably obsess over it more than his obsession with knowledge: music. He'll want to spend lots and lots of time at the harper hall, and when he's not there, he'll attempt to nudge you to get him an instrument. «S'el! A bassoon! We have yet to add a bassoon to our collection, you must get it. Think of all the music that we could make with a bassoon!» You will soon find your weyr full of instruments if you allow his hoarding. And he will insist that you learn how to play them as well. «No, no, not like that S'el. I'm sure you press that other key, there. I watched a harper play the other day. It goes like this!»

But above everything else, Obrinth is a very gentle but sturdy soul. He is a good mediator, and he will probably be the one to smooth over any hurt feelings after a scuffle. Obrinth is also one never to lose his cool over any matter. «Fuerioth, I am very much aware of how I must do a thing. I do not need you to tell me this.» He's going to be there to reassure you, to push you forward, to make sure that you achieve greatness along with him. «S'el, I just know if you push yourself a little harder you could easily make wingleader.» But of course, he will only push you as hard as you wish to be pushed. You are the leader in the relationship, after all, he is just there to help you achieve whatever it is you wish to achieve. «We could be anything, S'el, so let's make sure that whatever it is, we are great at it. » After all, with Obrinth at your side, the world is at your fingertips.


Dragon Name No Need to Harper About Brown Obrinth
Dame Gold Pyrith
Sire Brown Tebinth
Created By Chi
Impress To Sigel
Hatched Aug 3, 2014
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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